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Great Spartan Warrior Foam Battle 300 Costume Sword For Sale

Great Spartan Warrior Foam Battle  300 Costume Sword

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Great Spartan Warrior Foam Battle 300 Costume Sword :

Enjoy hours of Live Action Roll Play with our Great Spartan Warrior Foam Battle Sword. It is totally safe and secure for children and a great item for Cosplay or conventions. It features a durable heavy duty polyurethane foam construction with a 10 mm inner core. The 25.50 inch blade is made from durable foam with a gray and black finish while the handle sports a black and brown finish. To add more fun to your game, add the Spartan Historical Stage Prop Foam Shield LARP for unstoppable fun today. This sword will make an excellent finishing touch to a Spartan costume.Specifications:
Overall Length: 33.50 Inches
Blade Length: 25.50 Inches
Handle Length: 8 Inches
Inner Core: 10 mm
Outer Material: Polyurethane Foam
Features: Silver, Black, Brown Lacquer Finish

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