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Real Boomerang for Kids 5-14 - It Works For Sale

 Real Boomerang for Kids 5-14 - It Works

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Real Boomerang for Kids 5-14 - It Works :

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Real Boomerang for Kids 5-14 - It Works! Product Description Great choice for kids aged 6 - 15 years old
Sturdy polypropylene construction
24 page "How to Throw Boomerangs" pocket booklet included.
Easy-to-throw with accurate flight
For light to moderate winds only.
Custom-made for and Boomerangs in Australia, this unbreakable, co-polymer polypropylene boomerang is a popular choice. An easily thrown sports model, it works well for ages 5 through 12. While not a hand-crafted boomerang like others offered by , it is particularly long-lasting. It is intended for kids, tfore needs to be small and light enough for young arms. Please note that many kids 5-8 years old may well not have the arm strength needed to throw and catch any boomerang beyond indoor foam models like the Funfly or Roomarang. This model is intended for outdoor use though and is light enough for most young arms to have some success with. It is small for a reason and yes it really does come back when thrown properly! This tough boomerang comes with a free, 24-page "How to Throw a Boomerang" pocket manual. **Right-Handers Only!** You can see this boomerang in action on our youtube channel at boomerangsdotcom ( identified as a "hornet").
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