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Information from On A Way To A Smile:Tifa, On A Way To A Smile:Denzel, and Before Crisis was taken from secondary sources that were unofficially translated.

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Aeris Gainsborough [HERO]

(Aliases: Aeris (NA), Aerith (JP))
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The mysterious and happy-go-lucky daughter of a Cetra and a human seems almost too good to be true for Cloud... and it soon turns out that she is. Aeris's tragic history is cut all too short by Sephiroth, who makes sure she doesn't get in the way of his plan... Her magical powers are admired by all, and even she doesn't understand most of the things she feels. (See also Character:Tactics, External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts, Jobs:White Mage)

[AC] Show Images Aeris is still dead. But her presence is felt by those around her. Her life force is prominently present in lifestream, and she seems to have the ability to influence its path.

Argento Show Images
[DoC] A character that only appears in multiplayer mode in JP version. Originally a Tsviet, she only watches and instructs the simulation, never fighting, but always keeping a sword by her side. She wears an eyepatch over one eye

Azul the Cerulean
[BC] An individual selected by the Turks as a potential candidate for SOLDIER. He is later taken to Deepground.

[DoC] Show Images One of the five Tsviets. A hulking, hairy brute with blue hair, yellow eyes, and a gigantic machine gun. His beastlike personfication is compounded by the fact that he can turn into a giant horned animal similar to a Behemoth. He lives for battle and has absolutely no loyalties to anyone but Weiss.

Barret Wallace [HERO]
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The dark-skinned leader of AVALANCHE is a trash-talkin', go-get-'em type of leader. The gun-arm he got grafted onto him makes him a powerful force in battle. He harbors deep hatred towards Shinra for needlessly torching his town, North Corel. He cares deeply for his daughter Marlene. (See also Jobs:Gunner)

[AC] Show Images Since the Meteor incident, Barret has been searching for an alternative fuel source. He just strikes oil when he gets the call from the others to stop the children of Sephiroth.

[DoC] Show Images Barret, along with Cloud and Tifa, act as part of the ground assault on the Midgar Mako reactors.

Big Bro Show Images
[FF7] A cross-dressing macho guy who owns the gym in Wall Market, and apparently people compete in squats competitions to receive his wigs as prizes. Don't ask me...

Biggs Show Images
[FF7] The karate dude in AVALANCHE, he's a real decent guy. Too bad he kicks the bucket.

Bugah, Elder Show Images
[FF7] One of the two wise men in Cosmo Canyon. Him and Hargo make up Bugenhagen's name.

Bugenhagen Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Bugenhagen (NA), Buugen Hagen (JP)) Good old Bugen is the resident wise man, although it's unnerving to hear him go "Ho Ho Hoo!" about everything. He has kind of a weird sense of humour. He's Red XIII's grandfather, which raises a lot of questions, let me tell you. He enjoys both nature and machinery, an anomaly in RPGs.

Cait Sith [HERO]
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images This cute little guy is described as a "Toysaurus". He's a toy cat riding a giant Mog. (See also Species:Moogle page for an explanation). He starts out talking normally, but at the end of the game degenerates into Scottish drawl. He uses a megaphone in battle to command his Mog to attack. When the team meets him at Gold Saucer, he specializes in telling fortunes. In reality, he's controlled by Reeve, head of the Shinra Urban Development Section. The nature of how he's being controlled is still a mystery. Sometimes the cat shows he can move and act independently of Reeve, showing that he's not directly controlled by him. Other times Reeve can speak directly through him. He originally joined Cloud to spy for Shinra, but he joins him later when he realizes the evil nature of President Shinra and his intentions. The first Cait Sith is destroyed halfway through the game, but immediately replaced by Cait Sith No. 2. (See also Summon:Stray and Monster:Coeurl, Jobs:Gambler))

[AC] Show Images Cait Sith does appear in FF7:AC, but nothing about what he's done in two years is known. He is likely still controlled by Reeve, but seems to have lost his puppet mog and now rides Red XIII. For some odd reason he now has a Scottish accent.

[DoC] Show Images Reeve continues to use Cait Sith robots as a tool, disguise, and companion. Between Meteorfall and the present, Reeve has lost Cait Sith nos. 2 through 4, probably through similar means as shown in the beginning of the game, where Cait puts on a "Reeve suit" which is promptly assassinated by a Deepground soldier. The real Reeve and the Cait Sith in the suit stay unharmed. The player controls Cait for a short segment in the game until number 5 gets consumed in darkness in an attempt at infiltrating Deepground HQ. During this segment, Cait Sith has pitiful attacks and HP, being more useful as a covert stealth op. Later, Cait Sith No. 6 introduces himself aboard the Shera.

Chaos Show Images
[DoC] In the original FF7, this was simply Vincent's final Limit Break. However, in DoC we learn more about what Chaos really is, that he is a sentient xenoform of the Planet. According to an ancient Cetran tablet, Chaos is "soul wrought of terra corrupt" and "Omega's squire to the lofty heavens". This indicates that Chaos is a harbinger of lifestream and its job is to "scourge the world of all things living, sending them back to the Lifestream" for Omega. When Omega makes its journey to the stars, Chaos is left to remain with the dying planet. The Planet also created a "Protomateria" meant to control Chaos and prolong awaking Omega. Lucrecia finds a way to create Chaos through Vincent using the "Chaos gene"; along with the Protomatria, she finds an "impure" materia fountain which apparently is meant to be the source of Chaos. She also implants the Protomateria in him to help him control it. In the end, it is through Chaos that Vincent stops Omega, returning both to the Planet. (NOTE: Chaos is the final boss in FF1 and is the true nature of the Earl Tyrant in FF: Unlimited.

Chocobo Bill Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Chocobo Bill (NA), Gurin (JP)) This guy runs the Chocobo Farm.

Choco Billy Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Choco Billy (NA), Guringurin (JP)) Bill Jr. takes care of the chocobo stables.

Chocobo Sage Show Images
[FF7] A strange purple old man who lives in a secluded hut, he knows everything there is to know about special chocobos... that is, if he can remember it, durnit...

Chole Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Chole (NA), Kurin (JP)) Choco Billy's sister knows everything about the individual chocobos that there is to know. She also can remember the Chocobo Sage's illucid remarks.

Cid Highwind [HERO]
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images A rough, crusty middle-aged aviator. His dream was always to go into space, but thanks to a bit of extra spot-checking by his underling Shera, who put herself in danger to make sure the launch went through, he ended up scrapping the whole project. He never really forgave her. His technological prowess, like all Cids, is unmatched. He can pilot anything. He uses a spear in battle and he's never without a cigarette, or a long string of cuss words. (See also External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts, Jobs:Dragoon)

[AC] Show Images He's kept busy piloting a new airship, the Shera, and helps Cloud out several times.

[DoC] Show Images He picks Vincent up in the Shera en route to Midgar, and heads the air attack on Deepground HQ. Apparently they've found a whole fleet of airships like the Shera, even though they have no idea how they operate! We find he has married Shera, and he's been able to cut down on the cussing, although we do see him lighting up a cigarette again.

Cloud Strife [HERO]
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The very dedicated hero of FF7 (although to what, he's not always entirely sure). He sports a wacked hairdo and a purple SOLDIER outfit. He likes using big swords. He starts out being kind of a loner, but for some reason all the ladies find him sexy and he comes out of his shell a bit. He's bent on a) destroying Sephiroth and b) finding out just who the hell he is. He also makes a surprise appearance as a playable character in Tactics, after finishing a complicated optional sequence of events. (See also Character:Tactics, External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts, External Crossovers: Ehrgeiz, Jobs:Fighter)

[AC] Show Images Since the Meteor incident two years ago, Cloud steadily separated himself from his friends, up to the point where he hasn't seen any of them for two years. No doubt his guilt over his action (or inaction) over Aeris's death has caused his estrangement, for whom he obviously still carries a torch. With his motorcycle Fenrir, he runs a delivery service with Tifa, from whom he receives his orders via cellphone. His pattern is broken when he receives a call from Rufus Shinra, and makes contact with the children of Sephiroth. He also has a new sword, called "First Tsurugi" or "First Sword", which he can split into two separate swords and reform to make one really long one.

[DoC] Show Images Cloud, along with Barret and Tifa, participate in the ground assault on the Midgar Mako reactors, using his trusty motorcycle, Fenrir. He also takes on Rosso the Crimson, giving Vincent some time to sneak into the Shinra building.

Mr. Coates Show Images
[FF7] The caretaker of a sort for the Corel Prison. He sees who goes up to the Chocobo Races and who stays down.

Don Corneo Show Images
[FF7] I think Don is his first name, because he doesn't quite strike you as a Godfather type of guy. He loves cigars and women (getting a good picture yet?) He likes asking people inane questions and then dropping them down into sewers. I think the Corneo part comes from the word "carnal".

Denzel Show Images
[AC] Denzel is one of the orphans taken care of by Cloud and Tifa. His parents were killed when the Sector 7 plate collapsed.

Dio Show Images
[FF7] The mesomorphic owner of the Gold Saucer, who just loves a good fight and collects tons of rare oddities. He's a nice guy when he's not throwing you into dungeons for killing eight or so people.

Mayor Domino Show Images
[FF7] The token mayor under Shinra's claw, he's actually starting to get a bit fed up with his joke of a job.

Dyne Show Images
[FF7] Barret's onetime friend and now-time enemy, he also has a gun grafted onto his arm. After Shinra torched North Corel, killing his wife Myrna as well as (he believed) his daughter Marlene, he went fairly crazy. He ends up jumping off a cliff. He was the Boss of the Corel Prison till then.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The newbie Turk, she really looks out of place with her blond mop and a black suit. She's very opinionated and sort of naive. She tries to do the best she can, which is amusing to her superiors.

[AC] Show Images Elena shows up briefly, still part of the Turks.

Elfe Show Images
[BC] The leader of the first incarnation of AVALANCHE, but is suprisingly quiet and non-charasmatic. She wields a katana superbly, but is gradually getting weaker because of a summon materia - Zirconiade - implanted in her body by Hojo. Only Aerith and Fuhito are aware of this, though, and Fuhito uses the materia to summon an imcomplete form of Zirconiade, removing the materia. Eventually, she is found to be Felicia, the daughter of Verdot.

Elmyra Gainsborough Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Elmyra (NA), Elmina (JP)) Aeris's foster mother, she adopted her when she found her real mother, Ifalna, dying in the Midgar train station. She's cared for her as her own ever since then, but is afraid that her powers may get her into trouble. She cares for Marlene while Barret's out fighting.

Ester Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Ester (NA), Esuto (JP)) The chocobo racing guru, she takes a liking to Cloud and guides him through his first few races. She looks kinda weird, though.

Fuhito Show Images
[BC] The brains behind Avalanche, responsible for their strategic warfare and battle plans, as well as being knowledgable in science. However he proves his treachery by not only trying to destroy Shinra, but the world as well, by drawing out Zirconiade to kill all life on Planet. This will remove all life on it, and allow it to regenerate. He has no tolerance for failure, as proved by killing one of his subordinates for losing a battle with the Turks.

G Show Images
[DoC] A sort of "hidden" character, one that will show up more in Crisis Core. A series of collectibles called "G Reports" indicate that there were two members of Shinra's legion of SOLDIERs, one was "S" (Sephiroth). The other has had all his records erased, save for one letter - "G". The reports also say he was a prototype for Sephiroth - note that all depictions of Sephiroth with a wing have it on his right side, G's is on his left (and white). Years ago a First Class SOLDIER was given a top secret mission to pursue a man named G. Other information shows that Deepground used to be a medical facility for SOLDIERs, but evolved into a laboratory for unnatural experiments, leading to the creation of Deepground and the Tsviets. The person responsible for this is G. The last report indicates that soldiers branded with epithets of color are the hellspawn of G. These are likely the Tsviets, who all are named after colors. If all the G Reports are collected, a secret scene at the ending will show G pick up Weiss's body, call him brother, sprout his single white wing, and disappear. G's CG model and Japanese voice is from Gackt (a J-Pop superstar), who provided the two theme songs ("Redemption" and "Longing").

Dr. Gast Show Images
[FF7] Hojo's direct opposite. An honorable scientist who severed his ties to Shinra once he fell in love with his test subject, a Cetra named Ifalna. He later married her, and his daughter was Aeris. They set up residence in Icicle Inn. However, Hojo and some Shinra troops broke in, murdered the good doctor, and stole both mother and child.

[DoC] Gast is one of persons responsible for the birth of G, along with Grimoire Valentine and Hojo.

Godo Show Images
[FF7] Yuffie's father, leader of Wutai, and master of the pagoda. He's responsible for turning Wutai into a tourist attraction, earning the ire of his daughter. After Yuffie wins their fight, they reconcile, and he asks Cloud to take Yuffie on his quest.

Grimoire Valentine Show Images
[DoC] Vincent's father who worked with Lucrecia on discovering Chaos and Omega. During the experiment, something went wrong and his arm became coated in a dark, mysterious substance. He later died under mysterious circumstances, but it is unknown if this was the cause.

Gun Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). Her father was a teacher at Shinra Military Academy, which she attended. Her marksmanship skills earned the attention of the Turks. She tends to be very serious and does not joke around. She especially does not get along with her younger sister, Elena.

Hargo, Elder Show Images
[FF7] The second wise man in Cosmo Canyon. Him and Bugah make up Bugenhagen's name.

Hart Show Images
[FF7] Mayor Domino's money-grubbing sidekick.

[BC] Show Images Head of Public Safety Maintenance, and the military force. He takes over the Turks at one point, wanting to change their modus operandi to one more like his - based on brute force. Verdot eventually negotiates it back from him.

[FF7] Show Images The guffawing, bearded head of Shinra's military force, as well as the Turks, it's hard to see how he made it that far. He's a complete incompetent whose idea of discipline is throwing people off bridges.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The bespectacled, hunchbacked resident scientific psychopath. He'll do anything, up to and including destroying the known world, in the name of research. Kind of kills the purpose, don't it? He's Sephiroth's father, as well.

[DoC] Show Images Just before Meteorfall, Hojo put his consciousness into the "world network" before he died. Later, when the network was reactivated, he used his knowledge of Deepground to bring forth Chaos and Omega. He also possesses Weiss the Immaculate and uses this to control the Tsviets and Deepground. His plan is to use Weiss as the incarnation of Omega and traverse the galazy for all time. After Vincent defeats Weiss/Hojo, his mind is driven out by "Dark Nero". He's also one of the persons behind the creation of G.

Holzoff Show Images
[FF7] The intrepid explorer of Gaea's Cliff, who got stuck at the bottom after seeing his friends fall off. He set up an outpost near the base of the cliff to help weary travelers.

Ifalna Show Images
[FF7] The last surviving Ancient (or Cetra) was found by Dr. Gast. He later fell in love and married her, and their daughter was Aeris. Hojo broke into Gast's lab and stole both Aeris and Ifalna, then wasted the doctor.

[FF7] The name of a malevolent force from outer space which crashed into Earth, causing a rupture which is still being healed. Cells were taken from her and SOLDIERs were imbued with them; Sephiroth was the result of an experiment based on her DNA.

[AC] After the events of FF7, only the head of JENOVA has survived (more accurately, a collection of JENOVA's cells), locked in Northern Crater, until Rude and Reno retrieved it via helicopter. Through this, the children of Sephiroth can join with the head of JENOVA and resurrect Sephiroth.

Jessie Show Images
[FF7] AVALANCHE's computer expert, she designs everything from bombs to ID cards. She kind of has feelings for Cloud, but it doesn't really pan out due to her dying.

Joe Show Images
[FF7] The master chocobo racer, whom no one can ever beat.

Johnny Show Images
[FF7] Cloud's onetime buddy from Midgar. He looks like he stole his hairdo from Johnny in Chrono Trigger. He can't really make up his mind what he wants to do with his life.

Kadaj Show Images
[AC] The leader of the silver-haired men. Like the other three, he is a "spirit of Sephiroth" - Sephiroth's thoughts made manifest into three bodies. Obviously, Kadaj is the leader part of his personality, brutal, intellectual, but also childish, and probably the most insane. He wields a souba - a double-bladed katana.

Kanos Show Images
[BC] One of the Ravens, a genetically-modified warrior with superior combat and regenerative abilities, created by Fuhito.

Katana Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). Born in Gongaga, a roamer by nature. Many people from that town fear him because of an incident in which he killed a large number of people to rescue a friend, and was arrested as a result. He was released under the condition that he joined the Turks, and has been serving for several years before the beginning of BC.

Knife Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). Little is known about this character (she premiered in AU version of BC for EZweb).

Kotch Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Kotch (NA), Kocchi (JP)) Don Corneo's mohawked henchman, along with his buddy Scotch. He's tied up by Shinra officials and rescued by Cloud.

Kyneugh Show Images
[BC] One of the Ravens, a genetically-modified warrior with superior combat and regenerative abilities, created by Fuhito.

Legend Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A first-class agent, known as the God of Death on the battlefield and nicknamed "The Legendary Turk". Although his fame attracts a great deal of attention, he keeps his personal life private. He uses chain bombs and remote-controlled bombs in battle.

Loz Show Images
[AC] Another of the children of Sephiroth. He has shorter hair and more brute strength. He seems to be a bit of a crybaby. He fights with Tifa in the church and wields the "dual hound", a wrist-mounted stun gun.

Lucrecia Crescent Show Images
[FF7] Sephiroth's biological mother who fell for Hojo while they were working at the Cetra project. She was forcefully injected with JENOVA cells during gestation. Because of that, she becomes partially immortal. She can't stand the pain, and leaves to a secret cave inside a waterfall to waste away, yearning for her son back.

[DoC] Show Images A Shinra class A scientis specializing in biotechnology. The events given to us by the story are confusing, but we know a few things. Before she joined with Hojo, she worked with Grimoire Valentine (Vincent's father) on discovering Chaos and Omega, based on an ancient Cetran tablet. She blames herself for the accident which likely killed him. They also discovered the protomateria, and the crystalline spring that is supposed to be the birthplace for Chaos. Later, she joins with Hojo and has Vincent Valentine of the Turks assigned to her as a bodyguard. We know that she harbored some affection for Vincent, but ultimately turned away from him to proceed with Hojo's experiement (Sephiroth). Vincent became angry at Hojo, asking why he let this happen (assumably he's talking about taking her son away from her). Hojo shoots him in response, then uses his body to perform experiments on him, creating the monsters that he transforms into. Lucrecia gets control of him and merges Vincent with the Chaos gene to bring him back to life, and also provided him with the Protomateria to control the gene. Vincent sees her in the crystalline spring, but what we're exactly looking at is unknown, since her body "crumbled" long ago (some theorize that her appearance in the waterfall cave was just a reflection of herself). At some point, Lucrecia makes a copy of her brain as a sort of confession to Vincent. Later, Shelke uploads this image into her brain to find Vincent and the protomateria. She also gains some of her personality as well.

Marlene Show Images
[FF7] Barrett's super-cute adopted kid (Dyne's daughter), she tends the Seventh Heaven bar when Tifa's out. She's very with it and likes being involved in all the gossip.

[AC] Show Images Marlene has grown quite a bit, and lives with Tifa, helping the orphans.

Martial Arts (female) Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A level-headed business woman with a calm demeanor. Formerly a mercenary, she brings her alert, perceptive decision-making to the organization.

Martial Arts (male) Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). An ex-detective from Costa Del Sol. The Turks had been trying to recruit him for some time, due to his passion, courage, and will to put everything he is into what he does. He solved many difficult mysteries in his career, but his tendency to rely on his emotions got him in trouble, and - seeing no alternative - joined the Turks.

Mukki Show Images
[FF7] A bizarre character who shows up in hot tubs and surfing. He has a mustache and a good physique.

[FF7] (Aliases: Myrna (NA), Mena (JP)) Barret's wife, who died in the North Corel fire.

See Red XIII.

Nero the Sable Show Images
[DoC] One of the most powerful Tsviets, and the brother of Weiss the Immaculate. He's probably the second in command of the Tsviets. He wears some kind of elaborate harness around his body and face that resemble Anima, as well as artificial wings which make him look very similar to Chaos. He uses two sub-machine guns, and can create duplicates of himself. His wings also function as mechanical devices to help him fly or transform. His powers come from darkness; he can trap people in it and crush them. He can also teleport himself or other things via darkness. At the end, Weiss/Hojo kills him and throws him aside, done with him. But "Dark Nero" comes back and drives Hojo out of Weiss's body by "merging" with Weiss to awaken Omega.

Nunchaku Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A spoiled child from a wealthy environment, he demanded to join the Turks to separate himself from his former lifestyle and strike out on his own.

Omega Show Images
[DoC] Omega is similar to the other Weapons created by the Planet, but designed to to maintain and protect the flow of life in the most dire circumstances. When the end of the world comes, Omega is to awaken and collect all of Lifestream within it. Its squire, Chaos, is meant to send any and all who are still living to Lifestream in order to be collected. Only "pure" souls will become Omega; Chaos is born from "impure" Lifestream. (Although the nature of this "purity" is not well defined, it's evident that anyone with Geostigma is "impure", and that the fountain where Lucrecia found the Protomateria was also "impure".) Once Omega has all the lives, sentient and non-sentient, it will begin a journey through the stars (for points unknown, maybe to settle on another planet, maybe as a floating testament to all which once lived) However, Deepground, led by Weiss (who himself is controlled by Hojo) tries to awaken Omega early by sacrificing pure lives (i.e. people clean of Geostigma) to Mako Reactor 0. Doing this convinces Omega that the end times are near, and causes it to awaken. However, by using the Protomateria, Weiss/Hojo intends to merge with Omega (the same way Vincent merged with Chaos) and give Hojo the power of Lifestream and immortality. When "Dark Nero" merges with Weiss and evokes Omega, the giant Weapon, nearly twice the size of Midgar, begins sucking all the Lifestream from the planet. Vincent travels through its core and destroys it, redistributing Lifestream back to the Planet, along with itself and Chaos. (NOTE: Omega is also major player in FF: Unlimited.) (See also Bosses:Omega Weapon.)

Palmer Show Images
[FF7] The sniveling, rotund head of the Space Department keeps out of the picture as much as possible. Apparently he likes lard with his tea and enjoys making juvenile faces at people he's fighting.

Priscilla Show Images
[FF7] A feisty little girl who lives in Junon. She has a special friend called Mr. Dolphin.

Professor Rayleigh Show Images
[BC] A scientist in the Shinra science department with SOLDIER information, targeted by AVALANCHE.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images A canine with red fur, a dark expression, Native American-type ornaments, a tattoo on his side saying XIII, and one eye. Red XIII, although in reality a young lad of about fifteen by his race's timeline, acts very mysterious and doesn't say much. He knows a lot more than he lets on, about everything. His father was Seto, defender of the Cosmo Canyon; his grandfather is Bugenhagen. His real name is Nanaki; Red XIII was what Hojo called him when he grabbed him for biological research. (See also Jobs:Red XIII)

[AC] Show Images Red XIII appears in FF7:AC, but not much is known about his past, except he seems to tolerate Cait Sith riding on his back. He has only a single line in the movie.

[DoC] Show Images Red only makes a single appearance for a few seconds at the very end, sitting next to Shelke outside Tifa's bar in Edge. He does not speak.

Reeve Tuesti
[BC] Show Images Reeve is Shinra's Minister of Housing and Urban Development, and was the chief architect for Midgar and the Mako Reactors. He has created a prototype Cait Sith.

[FF7] Show ImagesThe only normal guy working for Shinra, he heads the Urban Development Section. Gotta love his goatee! He's the one who's secretly controlling Cait Sith from Midgar. He's got a good head on his shoulders, even if his loyalties are a bit confused to begin with.

[DoC] Show Images Since the fall of Shinra and Midgar, Reeve has become the commissioner of the World Regenesis Organization (WRO), a loose military organization dedicated to helping the healing of the planet and stopping those who would do it harm. They are funded by an anonymous sponsor, of whom Reeve has only ever met a representative. However, he suspects that it is someone who owes a great debt to the Planet. Reeve has also become the commander-in-chief in the fight against Deepground. He still has Cait Sith following him around and uses him to go on missions and do other work for him.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The head of the Turks after Tseng is taken out, he's got an attitude a mile thick. He enjoys a good drink and never does anything beyond what his job requires.

[AC] Show Images Reno plays a prominent role in AC, acting in cahoots with his partner Rude, he acts as the liason for Rufus Shinra, and still wields a mean baton.

Rod Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A former gang member from Midgar who was recruited by the Turks, when he decided to sneak into their parking garage and steal a motorbike, when he was arrested by Reno. Verdot saw his skill in hand-to-hand combat and recruited him.

Rosso the Crimson Show Images
[DoC] A femme fetale and member of the Tsviets. She speaks with a thick Russian accent and a thirst for killing. She destroys several WRO members, and manages to steal the Protomateria from him, though Yuffie then grabs Vincent before she can kill him. Later, she and Cloud fight on top of the Midgar plate while Vincent works his way underground. When Vincent reaches the top of the Shinra building, they fight, and Vincent wins. Rather than give someone else the pleasure of killing her, she cuts away the edging she is standing on and falls off the Shinra building.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The bald, silent member of the Turks, he just goes along with whatever Reno tells him. He's a very solid guy and takes everything in stride. He enjoys a good gambling night. Cool shades.

[AC] Show Images Along with his partner Reno, they act as Rufus Shinra's link to the outside world, seeking the spirits of Sephiroth.

Rufus Shinra
[BC] Show Images Although being groomed for taking over his father's position, he has little respect for him and his ways, preferring to rule through fear. He is often away on business trips and does not have much to do with running the company.

[FF7] Show Images The cool-hair white-coat vice-president of Shinra Inc. becomes president by default when Sephiroth croaks his old man. Although he isn't taken to hysterical laughter, he nevertheless doesn't care too much for people other than himself. When forced to work together with Cloud, he's at least civil about it.

[AC] Show Images Cloud discovers that Rufus Shinra did not die in the destruction of Shinra Tower by Diamond Weapon. He has been hiding out in Mideel, afflicted with Geostigma and confined to a wheelchair (or is he?).

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The sexy boss of the weapons department knows her stuff - she's got better aim than her entire force put together. She does tend to laugh at a lot of nothing, but she's caught the maniac syndrome like too many other heads of things. When push comes to shove, she doesn't do much that's worth anything.

Sears Show Images
[BC] The field leader of AVALANCHE's first incarnation. He gets along great with Elfe, promising to even die for her, but not so well with Fuhito who resents how he speaks of her.

Sebastian Show Images
[BC] A SOLDIER Zack knows. He is kidnapped and experimented on by Fuhito as part of Ravens (a group of genetically-modified individuals). The experiment turns them into soulless automatons, and Zack is reluctantly forced to kill them.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The ultra-powerful genealogical son of JENOVA (biological son of Hojo and Lucrecia), this guy has some major problems. He used to be a highly regarded general, and hero of the Midgar-Wutai war. When on a routine mission to Mt. Nibel, he found research in Shinra Manor leading him to believe the truth - that his "mother" is a planet-devouring entity, his true father is a medical psychopath, and he's got enough power to down a few solar systems. This knowledge breaks his spirit - he stabs Zack, Tifa, and Cloud, steals JENOVA's head and disappears until he assassinates President Shinra. His quest - to wound the planet enough that he can merge with Lifestream, destroying the world. This guy are sick. (See also External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts)

Bizarro Sephiroth
FF7 Bizzaro Sephiroth in-game FF7 Bizzaro Sephiroth in-game

Safer Sephiroth

[AC] Show Images Though Sephiroth has indeed been vanquished and absorbed into the lifestream, his will is too strong to be so easily assimilated. His refusal to be absorbed contaminated the surrounding spirit energy, and this manifested itself into the silver-haired men, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, also known as the Spirits of Sephiroth. They are all parts of his personality, and his consciousness. The only way for Sephiroth to truly return is for one of these spirits to join with JENOVA. This will give him the chance to transmogrify his will and become tangible again.

Seto Show Images
[FF7] Red XIII's father and defender of Cosmo Canyon from the Gi tribe. He took their poison arrows and turned to stone, but still watches over the canyon. He let everyone believe he was a coward, but in truth he was the real hero.

Shalua Rui
[BC] Show Images Shalua is seeking her younger sister who was kidnapped by Shinra, who wished to make her part of SOLDIER.

[DoC] Show Images Shalua is one of the WRO's top scientists. Her mom died when she was young. Shortly after, her sister Shelke was recruited or kidnapped, seven years before Meteorfall, likely by Shinra for some of their underground experiments. She wears glasses and a lab coat, but under it not much more than a bustier and two strips of cloth. In her search for Shelke, she's undergone unspecified trauma; she lost her left arm, now using a nearly useless artificial one, her left eye is permanently shut, and more than half of her organs are now artificial. Her artificial arm is destroyed when she holds the door open for Shelke and Vincent, holding them off from Azul the Cerulean. She is later found unconscious and placed in a capsule. When the Shera goes down, her capsule is left somewhere in Midgar, apparently still unfound.

Shelke the Transparent Show Images
[DoC] Shelke was kidnapped at age nine, ten years ago, and inducted into the Tsviets. Because she was small, her usefulness was more as an information gatherer, with a brain capable of diving into networks (through something called a "synaptic net dive") and can incorporate computer data into her psyche. Because of this she became emotionless and cold. Her body became weak and requires a daily dose Mako, and she still looks like a nine-year-old. During the assault on Midgar, she guides Vincent via cell phone from her info base on the Shera. Later, thanks to the sacrifice of Shalua and the comfort of people around her she opens up, and becomes more human. In battle, she uses a glowing set of two laser swords attached by a whip-like cord, and can turn herself invisible or bring up a force shield.

Shera Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Shera (NA), Sierra (JP)) Cid's faithful helper tried a little too hard and earned his neverending wrath for making him destroy his dream of space travel to save her life. After that, she lives to serve him; taking all the verbal abuse he dishes out in an effort to atone for her botch-up. She eventually proves her self-worth, however, when her fears for the launch prove correct after all.

[AC/DoC] Cid's married Shera in the two years since Meteorfall, and named his new airship after her.

President Shinra
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images President Shinra's a real S.O.B. He basically rules Midgar with iron fist, controlling his interests through money and media. He claims to be serving the public's best interests while sucking the life energy out of the planet. He gets his, though - Sephiroth stabs him through the back with a nice big sword, right in his office. His son Rufus takes over, and he's not much better.

[DoC] We learn that the president was behind the Deepground project, which remained top-secret until the events in Dirge of Cerberus.

Shotgun Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A female hunter from a wealthy family. She tends to show-off, performing with flair and flash, and immediately accepted the Turks's offer to join.

Shuriken Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A warm-hearted, motherly (sometimes bossy) character who was born an orphan. At a young age, the Turks began training her very harshly. She is the youngest member to join, but has been with the team for several years before BC.

Skotch Show Images
[FF7] (Aliases: Skotch (NA), Socchi (JP)) Head henchman of Don Corneo, with his friend Kotch.

Tierce Show Images
[BC] One of the Ravens, a genetically-modified warrior with superior combat and regenerative abilities, created by Fuhito.

Tifa Lockhart [HERO]

(Aliases: Tifa Lockhart (NA), Tifa Lockheart (JP))
[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images The buxom barkeep of Seventh Heaven has a heart of gold. She always tries to put a silver lining in things. When push comes to shove, however, she's deadly with her fists. Her goal in life is really to help other people. Tifa has become, at least in the online population, the de facto sex symbol for Final Fantasy solely due to her physical dimensions; her personality isn't promiscuous in any way. (See also External Crossovers: Ehrgeiz, External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts 2, Jobs:Monk))

[AC] Show Images Tifa has spent the past two years in Edge, the city formed slightly outside of Midgar after it was demolished by Meteor. She and Cloud run an orphanage for those whose homes were destroyed by Meteor. To fund this, they also run a delivery service - Tifa takes the orders, Cloud transfers the goods. Tifa's graphical model is far more realistic than in the original.

[DoC] Show Images Tifa makes a brief appearance as part of the ground attack on the Midgar reactors, and again in her bar in the ending.

[BC] Show Images Field leader of the Turks, under the command of Verdot. He is calm, polite, and loyal to Verdot, but has trouble controlling his temper.

[FF7] Show Images The head of the Turks is super-cool; he's the only guy you never fight. He does kidnap Aeris, but she's still sad when he dies: he's one of the only people she knew since childhood, even if he was chasing her for scientific experiments the whole time. Sephiroth severely injures him at the Materia Temple, and he is not seen for the rest of the game.

[AC] Show Images Tseng regains his position as leader of the Turks, and makes a short appearance.

Two Guns Show Images
[BC] (Note: This BC character is playable and is thus named by the player. Canonically, these characters are known by their weapons). A former bodyguard of Don Corneo, where he spent much of his time in the slums. He became sick of the poverty and underworld politics around him and joined with the Turks to put his skills to the test. He wields dual firearms with extremely accurate precision.

Verdot Show Images
[BC] Head of the Turks during Before Crisis. He is extremely intolerant of failure, and all the Turks cower at his leadership. He had a wife and daughter, who were killed when the town was destroyed under his orders (which he misinterpreted). Unbeknownst to him, his daughter survived and became the leader of AVALANCHE (Elfe). He defects from Shinra when he discovers she is alive.

Vincent Valentine [HERO]
[BC] Show Images This game reveals Vincent is an old friend of Verdot.

[FF7] Show Images A former Turk, he fell in love with Lucrecia while working with Dr. Gast and Hojo. He kept his feelings to himself, seeing her feelings for Hojo instead of him. However, when Hojo took her baby for the JENOVA experiment, Vincent confronted Hojo and lost; his punishment was to be transformed into an undead. One of his hands is metallic gold; he wears a red cape and can transform into other monsters during battle. He uses a shotgun to attack normally. Perhaps because of his predicament, he's very quiet and only tags along to get rid of Sephiroth. (See also External Crossovers:Ehrgeiz, Jobs:Gunner)

[AC] Show Images Vincent has been apparently wandering the planet for the past two years. Somehow he manages to find out about the Spirits of Sephiroth, and is able to get in touch with Tifa. Marlene mocks him for not having a cell phone.

[DoC] Show Images One year after AC, Vincent is the central protagonist in DoC. We learn that Vincent was part of the Turks, and assigned as protection for Lucrecia Crescent. Through his service he fell for her, though she did not return the feeling. Instead, she decided to join with Hojo. She also decided to experiment on her own child (Sephiroth), much to his protests. During a confrontation with Hojo over this, Hojo shoots him, and uses his corpse for experimentation, making Vincent's body nearly indestructable. Somewhere, Lucrecia gets a hold of him and merges him with the Chaos, only possible through Hojo's previous experiments. Later, Vincent transforms into Chaos before her eyes, and she narrowly implants the Protomateria in his body to help him control it. Hojo finds out, and laughs at her unfeeling attitude toward science, just like him. Lucrecia is consumed with guilt and runs away. Somewhere along the lines, Vincent leaves the capsule he was in, obtains his clothes, and crawls into his coffin. Although he's just as taciturn, his feelings, especially for Lucrecia, begin to bubble to the surface. Although he is aloof, and short of speech, he's kinder than he looks, and always willing to help others.

Wedge Show Images
[FF7] The roundish third member of AVALANCHE, he's the fireworks/explosives specialist. He's also the most vulnerable-sounding of the bunch.

Weiss the Immaculate Show Images
[DoC] (Aliases: Weiss (NA), Vice (JP)) Pronounced "Veiss" (the German way). The leader of the Tsviets, his body is deep, deep, deep underground in Mako Reactor 0. Near the beginning, he delivers a message over television where he tells the world that the pure will be "spared", the tainted will be hunted down and exterminated. We don't see him again until the very end, where we discover that his body is possessed by none other than Hojo. (Nero seems to agree with Yuffie that Weiss is actually dead and will be reborn, but this seems difficult to reconcile with the message he sent earlier). Hojo escaped death during Meteorfall by implanting his inner being into the World Network, then using his knowledge of Deepground to possess Weiss, and use Nero's affection for his brother to his advantage, he commands Deepground to create a pure lifestream to bring about Omega. Then Weiss will merge with Omega and become immortal. After "Dark Nero" purges Weiss of Hojo's essence, Weiss continues his mission to bring about Omega of his own volition.

Yazoo Show Images
[AC] One of the three children of Sephiroth, with long hair and an sword-pistol (not a gunblade). He is more heartless and aloof than the other two. Has the least screen time of the three silver-haired men.

Yishay Show Images
[BC] A SOLDIER Zack knows. He is kidnapped and experimented on by Fuhito as part of Ravens (a group of genetically-modified individuals). The experiment turns them into soulless automatons, and Zack is reluctantly forced to kill them.

Yuffie Kisaragi [HERO]
[BC] Show Images Ten years old, she hates AVALANCHE, but hates Shinra even more, blaming them for the state of her country's people.

[FF7] Show Images Although born in the traditional oriental town of Wutai, Yuffie's a twerpy, clueless kind of kid who just happens to be a ninja. She has a spot of kleptomania when it comes to materia, and she'll steal even from friends. She's very disappointed in her father Godo's way of running Wutai; that's why she ran away. Her pinwheels are pretty deadly in battle; she's stronger than she looks! (See also External Crossovers:Ehrgeiz, External Crossovers: Kingdom Hearts, (See also Jobs:Ninja)

[AC] Show Images Yuffie returns in AC, apparently indolent about Cloud losing "her" materia. Little else is known about her though, except that she has lost her motion sickness.

[DoC] Show Images Yuffie rescues Vincent twice, and tags along with the WRO several times (she's never awake during Vincent's fights for various reasons, though, so he can't count on her as a party member). She's just as hyper as before, but seems to have toned down the urge to steal stuff. She has regained her motion sickness though.

[BC] Show Images Characteristics and role unknown.

[FF7] Show Images Cloud's alterego of a sort. He was the real SOLDIER; Cloud just THOUGHT he was one. A confused Cloud took over his job, so to speak, and his persona, after Zack was killed by Shinra soldiers. His parents live in Gongaga. (See also External Crossovers:Ehrgeiz)

Picture of Zack, Tifa, and Sephiroth; face pic of Zack from Square's fighting game Ehrgeiz.

[AC] Show Images Appears as a ghost/image in Cloud's mind at the end.

Zangan Show Images
[FF7] The old martial arts master, who also taught Tifa. He helps out in the Nibelheim fire, but isn't seen after that. He cared for Tifa while she was in a coma from Sephiroth's sword.

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