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Miscellaneous Species I-P

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Imps (Kappa JP) (6)
They're really just a respite from the Frog status ailment which appeared in FF3, FF7, and Tactics, but they're way cooler! 8-) Kind of a cross between a turtle and a lizard, they wear little crowns on their heads and have an entire set of their own equipment. Kappa the Imp seems to be a quite popular character. (The original Japanese name of this status was "Kappa". This was translated as Imp for the American FF6, however, there's a character called Kappa who appears once in the game.)

Two views of Imps from 6.

Lilties (CC)
The Clavats are mostly found in Alfitaria and Marrs Pass, the old centers of the Liltie Empire. They are the strongest and most physically able of all the tribes, despite their short stature. They once nearly conquered the world. They are often passionate, and quick to anger, although down to earth. They appear short, with big eyes and pink and yellow hair, with stout, almost bulbous bodies.

Lufenish (1)
An ancient race still living on the earth, but their language is forgotten by all. A professor named Dr. Unne unlocks the secret to their tongue using an old Slab (the Rosetta Stone). They tell an amazing story of long ago...

Two views of Lufenish from 1 (and WSC version).

Lunarians (4)
They look odd, but they're wise beyond their looks. Actually, they look wise. They're an ancient culture who live on the moon, but who are sleeping now. The only two Lunarians who come into the game are FuSoYa and Zemus. FuSoYa, at least, looks like an old man who for some reason melts into a puddle when wounded.

FuSoYa and Zemus from FF4

Mermaids (1)
Same deal as Elves. They live in the Sunken Shrine.

Two views of Mermaids from 1 (and WSC version).

Mithra (11)
Balancing out the Galka, they are only playable in female form. Males are apparently few in number so they stay in the protection of home and protect the children. They are cat-like in appearance, similar to their allies, the TaruTaru, and have enjoyed a prosperous existence in the Federation of Windurst. Like cats, they are playful, curious, and prone to mischief. They are best at being theives, rangers, ninja, and mages with their high dexterity and agility.

Moomba (8)
These furry red guys are actually members of the Shumi Tribe who have evolved into cute little toy bears. They can supposedly be summoned in battle if you have a PocketStation. Laguna took a liking to them and tried to teach them to talk, but all they could ever say was "Laguna!" Despite this, they're smarter than they look. They also appear in FF10 and FFX-2 as dolls held by Lulu or by Yuna's Mascot.

Oglop (9)
A kind of bouncing round bug which supposedly freaks women out. Cid Fabool, ruler of Lindblum, was turned into one of these by his wife and remains a rather large oglop with a ridiculous moustache for most of the game.

PuPu (8)
A little blue alien that appears in certain regions. He controls the spaceship that takes the cows, Moai, etc. If you find him, he'll probably want an elixir. If you give it to him, he may respond favorably. They also appear in FFX and FFX-2 as dolls held by Lulu or by Yuna's Mascot. And one makes a brief appearance in FF: Unlimited.

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