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A port town on a tiny continent whose main attraction is Balamb Garden (see next entry). The town contains a hotel, a rental place, and a train station to Timber. Zell also lives in this town. It was briefly occupied by Galbadian forces during Edea's search for Ellone.

Balamb Garden
The building was originally a shelter built by the Centra people; it has the ability to completely lift up and travel independently by way of an energy barrier acting like a hovercraft. The Garden was started by Cid and Edea Kramer as a military academy to train people from the ages of 5 to 20; their purpose is to destroy the Sorceress. The main funding was provided by NORG, who suggested that to pay off the debt the SeeDs who graduated from Garden should be hired out as mercenaries to any faction who required it. The Garden is a self-contained city; places to visit include the Library, Infirmary, Training Center, Dormitory, Cafeteria, Quad, and Parking Lot. The Headmaster's Office is on the third floor and the classrooms are on the second floor. The flight mechanisms are on the MD Level and the Master's Room, where NORG lives, is in the first basement. This is basically the headquarters for Squall and Quistis, and later Zell and Selphie as well.

Centra Excavation Site
The name for the Lunatic Pandora when Laguna is exploring it.

Centra Ruins
The ancient home of the semi-benign king Odin is also teeming with Tonberries. The gargoyle statues play an important part in unlocking this dungeon's secret.

Chocobo Forests
All different, these puzzles are sometimes kind of tough to beat. When you win, you'll get a Chocobo. A Chicobo will follow its mom around the world map.

Chocobo Sanctuary
A place where all chocobos are always welcome. A cute little Chicobo will give you his card if you've become a chocobo master.

D-District Prison
The place made by Deling to punish rebels was transformed into Edea's playpen when she took over. Seifer captured Squall and friends and tried to do some really nasty things to them here. Ward worked here as a janitor several months after the accident which impaired his larynx. The cells are removable and can be carried directly to the torture chamber by means of a giant crane-like device.

Deep Sea Research Center
An abandoned underwater site, originally built to research Draw effects; evidence of something very strange was found fathoms deep and this edifice was built to find out what it is. No one survived. It turns out to be infested with monsters and the home of Bahamut as well as the dreaded Ultima Weapon.

Deling City
Named after Galbadia's dictator, it's the capital of his empire. A large, sprawling city which houses a Presidential Residence for Deling, Caraway's Mansion, a Shopping Arcade, and the Galbadia Hotel. As well, trains head to all over from Deling Station. This was the site of Edea's coronation and a botched attempt at assassinating her.

A port city on the western continent, Dollet was attacked by Galbadian soldiers in a successful attempt to restart its communication tower. The pub owner is an avid card player; the Card Queen's son and father live in a small apartment near the southern side. It also has the requisite shops, inn, and vehicle rentals. This was the site of Squall's field test.

East Academy
A train station near Galbadia Garden.

Edea's House
The former Kramer Orphanage is now rundown and abandoned. Edea and Cid return there when she regains her memory and personality. It's a central location in the minds and souls of its former residents.

Esthar City
The futuristic city of Esthar is one of the largest in any RPG. The crisscrossing skyroads are home to a wealth of peaceful people, as well as Dr. Odine's Lab, the Presidential Residence, an airstation (where the Ragnarok can dock) and a shopping mall, while special floaters take travelers through tubes to get everywhere with the minimum of trouble. The entire continent is hidden from view by means of a giant force field. This city was strafed by a Galbadian-manned Lunatic Pandora later in the game.

Fire Cavern
The home of GF Ifrit and other fire creatures, this is the place where most SeeD candidates go before their field test to try out their skills.

Fishermans Horizon
A village on the water, located halfway between Balamb and Esthar. All of the citizens used to work for Esthar before Sorceress Adel came and wreaked havoc; they escaped to FH, as they call it. The name was made up by the Master Fisherman who lives there, but supposedly it doesn't mean anything. Mayor Dobe is an avid pacifist; he used to be a nuclear specialist in Esthar. The Grease Monkey knows the Artisan from Shumi Village. Martine retires here as well after the Galbadian takeover.

Galbadia Garden
Another movable shelter like Balamb Garden and started by Cid as well. The headmaster is Martine, who was ignominiously dumped when Edea took over and the Garden was made into her own headquarters. The Garden's very into sports, with a mean ice rink and tennis court. The SeeDs there use giant flying machines (very mech-like) for battle. Irvine was sent here for starters, but wasn't there long before he was commissioned to Squall. The Garden was sent to attack Balamb Garden in an epic battle which tested Squall's leadership skills to the max.

Great Salt Lake
A frozen wasteland in western Esthar holds the only entry into the force field surrounding the continent.

Horizon Bridge
The bridge connecting Fishermans Horizon and Esthar.

Kramer Orphanage
See Edea's House.

Lunar Base
A pathway to the stars, which uses cryogenics to shuttle people to a settlement on the moon, where scientists monitor the dormant form of Sorceress Adel. Piet is the leader on the moon; Ellone is taken here for her own safety.

Lunatic Pandora
A giant stone, excavated years ago for traces of its power. It helps draw the monsters to earth in a Lunar Cry. The secret to piloting it was devised by Dr. Odine and Laguna, but Galbadians stole it and drove it to Tear's Point, causing a Lunar Cry. Laguna explored this during his prime as a Galbadian soldier; a confrontation with Esthar troops ended in tragedy for his men.

Missile Base
Galbadia's development facility has the capacity to decimate a city - as it demonstrates by torching Trabia Garden. Selphie does her best to try to stop the missiles, but sometimes your best just isn't enough...

Shumi Village
An village 323 meters underground in the northern continent is populated by the peaceful Shumi people. The Shumis evolve as they grow older and their appearance changes to suit their hearts; most become Elders or Moombas. The current Elder is very wise but sometimes way too down-to-earth - at least for his poor Assistant. The Shumis refer to themselves in third person, and only by their occupations. It's home to the Artisan, Specialist, and Sculptor as well. Laguna's statue is being built here.

Sorceress Memorial
A large edifice, standing in southern Esthar; its purpose isn't clear, but that's where they want to seal Rinoa's powers.

Tear's Point
A place of great magical (or something like it) significance, it also has the power, under certain circumstances, to cause a Lunar Cry. The Solomon Ring can be found here, and the Lunatic Pandora is guided there by Galbadian forces.

A city desperately trying to rebel against Galbadia's iron rule. Timber houses tons of rebel factions who just don't seem to be able to make a dent in the dictatorship. It's also the home of Timber Maniacs, the worldwide publishing firm where Laguna made his mark. It's a train center, with trains heading to several spots on the continent and off it. Rinoa's known Mrs. DiMarco, the inn owner, for years.

Tomb of the Unknown King
As the name implies, a dead king is buried here. It's supposedly bad luck to name them, so it hasn't. This maze is also the home of the Minotaur (in his own element, I guess) and his brother, Sekhret. It's used as the test to see if Squall and his friends are worthy to meet Caraway.

Trabia Garden
Selphie hails from the third Garden. Not much is known about it, since the first time we see it is when it's already in ruins from Galbadia's missiles. There's a gargoyle statue at the entrance, and a basketball court.

Ultimecia Castle
The most enormous final castle ever constructed, this is a true castle - complete with dining rooms, dungeons, art galleries, stables, and of course the throne room. There are more tricks up this place's sleeve than there are in many RPGs put together.

White SeeD Ship
Edea's orphanage was relocated here for a while, until the orphans began to pilot it themselves and Edea was lost from history. Ellone was rescued by them to evade Galbadian guards, but she left with the Esthar ships during a bloody battle.

Laguna spent some time here fighting monsters after his stint in the Galbadian army. This is where he met Raine and Ellone. Kiros came to visit him not long after he moved in and convinced him to try out Timber Maniacs for a living. Laguna spent many years afterwards searching for Ellone, who was captured by Esthar soldiers. A millionaire lives in this otherwise bucolic town; a Chocobo patch has also grown up over the years.

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW


Tyrande Whisperwind Windseeker Studios Statue 1/4 (Opened/Inspected, Read Desc) picture

Tyrande Whisperwind Windseeker Studios Statue 1/4 (Opened/Inspected, Read Desc)


2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy #94 Tyrande Whisperwind World of Warcraft picture

2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy #94 Tyrande Whisperwind World of Warcraft


🎯🔥2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection TYRANDE WHISPERWIND #94 Warcraft picture

🎯🔥2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection TYRANDE WHISPERWIND #94 Warcraft


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2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection - 121 - Tyrande Whisperwind


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2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection Silver Spectrum Tyrande Whisperwind #94 0cq4


Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind (121) SILVER Parallel picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind (121) SILVER Parallel


2023 upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind #94 picture

2023 upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind #94


Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW


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Tyrande Whisperwind Resin Figure / Statue various sizes


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