Final Fantasy Compendium

Note: WOB refers to ONLY World of Balance, WOR to ONLY World of Ruin, and if it's left blank it exists in both.

The port town on the western continent, Albrook is the place where Terra and Locke meet up with Leo, Shadow, and Celes to travel to Thamasa in the later stages of WOB.

Ancient Castle (WOR)
Figaro Castle will come up against a barrier when traveling underground. This barrier is the ancient castle, the home of a Esper named Odin who died a thousand years ago in a battle against a sorceror.

Baren Falls (WOB)
After making it through the Phantom Train, Cyan and Sabin have to fall through this piranha-infested water to make it to the Veldt.

Colosseum (WOR)
Shadow has come here looking for the Striker blade. You'll also find Ultros has been employed as a receptionist, and Siegfried has his own room inside. You can bet items and fight an automatic battle against an enemy based on the item you bet. Chupon will Sneeze at low items.

Crescent Island (WOB)
See Floating Island.

Crescent Mountain (WOB)
The cave here leads into the Serpent Trench; Gau buried his diving helmet here.

Darill's Tomb / Daryl's Tomb (WOR)
Setzer's long-time friend Daryl (/Darill) is buried here, along with her airship, the Falcon. Both are guarded by a headless horseman named Dullahan. You can also find the Experience Egg here.

Doma Castle
Cyan's home, as faithful retainer to his king, for many years. His wife and son lived here as well until Kefka savagely poisoned the entire castle. In WOR, the castle is decrepit and abandoned; when you try to sleep there, spirits will enter Cyan's dream and you must save him.

Duncan's House (WOR)
Duncan is still training in a small clearing north of Narshe. He's weak, but still strong enough to teach Sabin the Bum Rush.

Ebot's Rock (WOR)
This is the hideout of Hidon, a giant creature whom Strago fought and lost to many years ago. Thanks to the goading of Gungho, he returns here to slay the beast. A hungry treasure chest, who needs Coral, bars the way to Hidon; what's more, you can't see a thing in there!

Esper Gathering Place (WOB)
A cave with great magical power near Thamasa; the power comes from three golden statues commemorating the three stone Goddesses in Crescent Mountain. Ultros tries to steal them, but Relm surprises him by painting his picture. Yura can be found here; taking him back to Thamasa yields... more treachery by Kefka and the sad death of Leo.

Esper World
This is the home of Maduin. Madonna falls into here by mistake, but stays here with Maduin; they have a daughter, Terra. Gestahl finds his way here and goes haywire collecting Espers, but the Esper Elder seals the Gate and banishes the human invaders.

Fanatics' Tower (WOR)
The headquarters of the Cult of Kefka, who guard his treasures zealously and mindlessly. Physical attacks cannot be used inside the tower; you must rely on magic. At the top lies the Gem Box, guarded by the MagiMaster. The White Dragon and Edgar's Air Anchor lie in other rooms. Strago has been inducted against his will to the cult, but Relm can snap him out of his trance.

Figaro Castle
A technological wonder, Figaro Castle in the desert has all the latest innovations. Edgar is the king of this rich facility, which has the unique ability to tunnel underground. Sabin, Edgar's brother, is originally from here as well. The basement, which holds various minor treasures, is off limits until the WOR, where Gerad and his band try to destroy the tentacled monster which took over the diving engine. Kefka comes here looking for Terra but is foiled by the castle's tunneling ability.
Figaro Cave
A cave leading from Figaro Castle to South Figaro, it's revisited no less than three times throughout the journey. The first time is when Terra, Edgar, Locke and Sabin head to North Figaro and the Returner HQ; the second time is Locke and Celes' daring escape to Narshe, where they meet up with the Tunnel Armor; and the third time is when Celes chases Gerad into the Figaro Castle basement.

Floating Island
This is Crescent Island, floating in the sky. Lots of nasty creatures inhabit it, but you have to make your way past the entire Imperial Air Force (IAF), Ultros and his friend Chupon, and another giant boss, before even reaching the place! Shadow can be found here, shoved off after the Empire finished with him. The Atma Weapon guards the three Goddesses. This is where Gestahl meets his death at the hands of Kefka and Kefka takes the power of the Goddesses for his own, rearranging the face of the world into the World of Ruin.

House On The Veldt
Gau's old, crazy father lives here; Shadow will join Sabin when he gets separated from his friends.

Imperial Base (WOB)
A small fortress guarding the entrance to the Sealed Gate Cave in Crescent Island. Kefka and Gestahl let the Returners enter here and release the Espers, but their plan backfires.

Imperial Camp (WOB)
Sabin and Shadow first meet Leo and Cyan in this desert encampment, in different capacities. Kefka takes over the assault on Doma Castle from Leo and poisons the river, killing the king and Cyan's family. Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow manage to escape to the Phantom Forest.

Imperial Palace (WOB)
Gestahl finally invites the Returners to dinner after the Espers practically destroy Vector. The Returners talk to as many soldiers as they can and act as diplomatically as possible at the meal. Kefka is locked up here, but acts even stranger than usual... unless you know the reason behind it, of course.

A very artistic town, it's the home of Owzer, who entertains the Opera Impresario from time to time. The Auction House has some rare Magicite for sale! In WOR, Relm has come here to paint for Owzer, but both Relm and Owzer are trapped when the paintings come to life!

Kefka's Tower (WOR)
The final palace is huge; you need three parties to complete all the routes. Each party must fight a Statue on the way; when all are done, they must teleport up to confront the Goddesses in their true glory... and the anger of a madman gone power-hungry, the insanely strong Kefka.

Figaro Castle can travel under the mountains and deposit you near this town. Locke's lost love, Rachel, nearly died here and lies in a coma in one of the houses. Setzer can be found here in WOR.

Lethe River (WOB)
Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and Banon escape the Returners' HQ through this back exit on a raft. However, they meet up with Ultros, and Sabin is separated from them after the fight. The original "Lethe River" is a fabled water which supposedly causes forgetfulness.

Magitek Factory / Magitek Research Facility (WOB)
The sprawling facility inside Maranda creates Magitek armor and drains Espers of their powers. Celes and Locke find Ifrit and Shiva being drained by Kefka here. Cid joins their cause in the Research Facility when he realizes what Kefka's real intentions are. However, that doesn't stop Kefka from unleashing his diabolical Cranes against the intrepid dudes!

This is Laura's home; first her soldier boyfriend, and later Cyan in his stead, send their letters here.

A dying soldier lies here in WOB, pining away for his love, Laura, who lives in Maranda. You can buy Dried Meat here to get Gau on your side. In WOR, the ruins of Mobliz are home to only children, and Terra, who takes care of them. A giant beast, Phunbaba, terrorizes the town from time to time.

Mount Kolts (WOB)
A large and fairly dangerous mountain. Terra, Edgar and Locke are dogged by Vargas as they climb; at the end is a climactic battle with Vargas and Sabin.

Mount Zozo (WOR)
Cyan's made his home at the top of this mountain, where he sends letters to an unknowingly bereaved woman. The Storm Dragon hides in a chest to attack the party.

The first town we see in 6 is a mining town where a frozen Esper, Tritoch, has been found. The town is neutral and does not wish to fight the Empire, but Kefka's battallion of troops charging their way changes their minds! The Narshe Caves, behind the town, are large and sprawling, home to a good-sized Moogle population and a Sasquatch cave. The thief Lone Wolf pilfers some treasure here and causes a nice chase scene. This is where Terra meets Locke.

A port town, the Serpent Trench leads directly here. Ships go from here to South Figaro. This is where Celes meets Gerad in WOR.

Opera House
The most well-known scene in 6 happens in the Opera House, where Locke and Celes stage an elaborate diversion to capture Setzer's trust, while Ultros tries to gum up the works from above. Maria the opera star, who's a dead ringer for Celes, sings here often. The Opera Impresario is a very excitable fellow. 8-) In WOR, the Dirt Dragon will attack here.

Phantom Forest/Phantom Train (WOB)
The forest is filled with ghosts, but nothing prepares Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow for the train in the middle of the forest. The train takes people to "the other side" - somewhere they really don't want to be. Wandering around will get you to meet Siegfried and several friendly ghosts, but most will attack you. A strange car has a full meal ready for you which heals all HP/MP and status. At the end, you must fight the Phantom Train itself! Cyan then watches in horror as Elayne and Owain get on the train themselves...

Phoenix Caves (WOR)
The party must split into two to navigate the maze of spikes and lava here. The Red Dragon guards the Phoenix Magicite, which Locke has come here to find. Phoenix revives Locke's love, Rachel, but only for a very short time.

Returners' HQ (WOB)
A hideout which has a back exit to the Lethe River and a front door near Mt. Kolts. Banon is the leader of the small band of rebels fighting the Empire. Terra agrees to join the Returners here.

Sealed Gate Cave (WOB)
Terra enters here to open the sealed gate to the Esper World and gain their help against the Empire. However, Kefka shows up to ruin the day, as usual. The Espers go nuts and Vector gets smashed.

Serpent Trench (WOB)
This underwater channel leads from the Veldt to Nikeah, but you can only swim it with a diving helmet buried in the Crescent Mountain. In WOR, this has been shoved overground and the Fanatics' Tower has been built here.

Solitary Island (WOR)
The only person living here when Celes awakes is Cid, who's been caring for her for an entire year. Celes has to take the initiative now to heal her newly-found "Grandfather". She takes his raft to Albrook when he's either healed or has passed away. Returning here with the Falcon reveals the Palidor Magicite.

South Figaro
This town is occupied by the Empire early into the game, but if you're nice enough to Gestahl at his banquet, you can get the soldiers to leave. This is where you first meet Shadow. Locke helps Celes escape from a basement here, after several clothing changes. In WOR, Celes will follow Gerad from here to the Figaro Cave.

The home of Strago and Relm, this is the place where Clyde entered to father Relm; he left to become Shadow. A fire here traps Relm but finally makes Strago trust the Returners. The Esper Gathering Place is nearby. In WOR, Gungho will show up here.

Triangle Island (WOR)
The only two enemies here are Intangir (an invisible enemy) and the Zone Eater, who'll swallow you to meet Gogo.

In WOR, Celes witnesses a "Light of Judgment" from Kefka's Tower blast the town. A large mansion almost collapses, but Sabin holds it up while she rescues a child from inside.

Vector (WOB)
The capital city of the Empire is not a very nice place. The Imperial Palace, Magitek Factory, and Magitek Research Facility dominate the spot. There are a few sympathizers around, though. After releasing the Espers from their world, they torch the place, causing Gestahl to change his tactics.

A continent full of monsters, this is Gau's hunting ground. This is the only place he can learn his Rages. In WOB, the Serpent Trench begins here at Crescent Mountain; in WOR, the Veldt Cave appears here. Mobliz lies in the northeast in both worlds.

Veldt Cave (WOR)
This cave in the Veldt leads to a clash with the Sr. Behemoth and a downed ally: Shadow (if you waited for him at the Floating Island) or Relm (if you didn't). Either way, you'll end up in Thamasa.

Zone Eater (WOR)
This creature Engulfs you; when you awake, you're inside a quite dry area with some nasty monsters and cool items in treasure chests. At the end you can find Gogo the mimic, who'll join your party.

This town is full of thieves and cut-throats, like Dadaluma the martial artist. Terra landed here after her transformation at Narshe. Ramuh appears to speak to the party about her and the Espers. Edgar can also find his chainsaw here. Returning here in WOR and buying the Rust-Rid from a man opens up a passage to Mt. Zozo.

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