Final Fantasy Compendium

Note: There are three worlds in 5; the last world consists of the first two worlds, merged. If you see "First" or "Second" world, that means that the location still exists in the third world; if you see "First World Only" or "Second World Only", that means it disappears after the worlds merge.

Airship Base (First World)
A small part of the Ronkan ruins built underwater near Crescent Town. The Airship was built here, and the Fire-Powered Ship falls here as well. There's a place to rest if you're tired.

Bal, Castle of (Second World)
(Alias: Val Castle (PSX)) The home of Galuf and Krile hides a dark secret underground - Odin lives there. Krile has a pet Moogle and a pet Dragon here.

Barrier Tower (Second World Only)
(Alias: Shield Generator (PSX)) A tower which holds up Exdeath Castle's energy shield. Xezat and Galuf lead an offensive here and knock the tower and the shield down, but at the sorry expense of Xezat's life.

Big Bridge (Second World Only)
A giant bridge connecting two continents and leading to the Gilgame Cave and the Castle of Bal, Gilgamesh launches a surprise attack on Galuf's forces here.

Black Chocobo Forest (First World Only)
The flying Black Chocobo can be found and caught here. As it turns out, it's right above part of the Airship Base.

Carwen (First World)
(Alias: Kerwin (PSX)) A town near the North Mountain which doesn't serve much purpose in the game.

Chocobo Island
You can only reach this spot via an underwater canal or the airship. A female chocobo seems to be turned on by Boko. 8p You can also get the Shoat summon here.

Cloister of the Dead (Third World)
Only in the GBA version. The final challenge of the game pits you against six groups of five bosses, with no break except between groups! Good luck!

Crescent Town (First World)
This town is near the Airship Base. Cid and Mid spend some time here.

Desert of Shifting Sands (First World)
(Alias: Quicksand Desert (PSX)) The Pyramid of Moore lies in the center of this roiling desert, but the changing sands prevent people from reaching it. When the worlds merge, the sands stop moving. The only way to cross the sand before then is to call a Sand Worm, defeat it, and cross its body!

Drakenvale (Second World)
(Alias: Valley of Dragons (PSX)) This is the only place in the Second World where Dragon Grass can be found.

See Istory.

Easterly Falls
See Istory Falls.

Elder Tree
See Guardian Tree.

Exdeath Castle (Second World Only)
(Alias: X-death's Castle (PSX)) Seems like the last castle, but it's not. X-death and Gilgamesh live here. (Ugh!) Galuf saves Bartz and friends from X-death early on; Bartz, Krile, Faris, and Lenna return later to (apparently) finish off X-death. Carbuncle can also be found here.

Fire-Powered Ship (First World)
(Alias: Fire Ship (PSX)) The ship runs by the power of the Fire Crystal. However, the Crystal can only take so much abuse, and it breaks. Cid and Mid manage to find an alternative solution, though. The Fire Ship sinks as it nears Crescent Town; it lands in the Airship Base.

First World
This is the world Bartz, Faris, and Lenna were born in. It broke off from the Third World many years ago. Exdeath was sealed here and the four Crystals were sent to guard his seal. Places here include Tycoon Castle, Walse, Karnak, Rix, the Airship Base, and Crescent.

Fork Tower (Third World)
The barrier protecting this tower (which sprung up over the Airship Base, trapping Cid) will be removed once you finish the Island Shrine. The left tower does not allow physical attacks, while the right tower will not allow magical attacks. Each tower holds an ultimate spell: Flare and Holy. You must grab them both simultaneously, because the tower explodes!

Gilgame Cave (Second World Only)
This short cave holds many treasures, starting at 10 Gil and moving up to over 40,000 Gil, but you must fight the Gil Turtle every step of the way, who has as much HP as a normal boss.

Ghido's Shrine (Second World Only)
(Alias: Gill's Shrine (PSX)) Originally on the mainland, it falls underground thanks to Exdeath. Ghido is still alive and well, though.

Gloceana (Second World)
(Alias: Groceana (PSX)) A large eastern continent infested with monsters. This is where the Sealed Castle of Kuza first lies.

Gohn (First World Only)
(Alias: Gorn (PSX)) An ancient Ronka city lies south of the Desert of Shifting Sands. Falling into a hole here leads to a warp device, which in turn leads to the Airship Base. The warp device explodes after one use, but we soon find out that Gohn hides a much larger underground fortress, which begins flying!

Gohn Meteor (First World Only)
(Alias: Gorn Meteor (PSX)) Krile arrives in this meteor just in time to save King Tycoon from Exdeath's power. Krile and Galuf eventually return to the Second World in this meteor.

Great Forest of Moore (Second World)
This is where Exdeath was originally created. The Guardian Tree, which protects the Crystals, falls prey to Exdeath's trickery and Exdeath kills Galuf and seizes the four Crystals, then burns the forest up. When the worlds merge, only the Guardian Tree is left of the forest.

Great Pyramid (Third World)
See Pyramid of Moore.

Great Trench (Third World)
An underwater trench leads to a lava-filled dungeon which holds the Third Stone Tablet as well as the Meteor spell. You'll find a small dwarf population here as well.

Groceana (Second World Only)
See Gloceana.

Guardian Tree (Third World)
See Forest of Moore.
Interdimensional Rift
The place where dimensions collide was the hiding place of Enuo and now it's Exdeath's lair. This is the place where the Void starts and ends. It's a really massive dungeon, populated by tons of bosses, including the horribly difficult Omega and Shinryuu! At the end is the final battle with Exdeath and Neo Exdeath. You'll meet Gilgamesh twice here, but the last time he'll be on your side!

Island Shrine (Third World)
(Alias: Solitary Island Temple (PSX)) When the worlds merge, the temple from the First World ends up on the Solitary Island. This is where the Second Stone Tablet is hidden; the entrance to the Fork Tower will open up when you get it.

Istory (First World)
(Alias: Easterly (PSX)) A secluded village, Easterly doesn't have anything of note. Ramuh prowls the forests to the east.

Istory Falls (First World)
(Alias: Easterly Falls (PSX)) The place of the Fourth (and last) Stone Tablet also is the home of Leviathan, who'll join you if you beat him. If you ride a Chocobo to the top part of the falls, you'll get a Magic Lamp!

Jachol (First World)
A town with some nice armor and weapons for sale. There's a nearby cave which has already been looted of treasure, and some strange enemies attack there. Climbing a wall there once the worlds have merged will land you in the basement of Val Castle where Odin waits.

Karnak Meteor (First World Only)
Tzuze, a werewolf from Quelb, arrives here to save the Fire Crystal, which he fails to do. There's a warp point from here to the Walse Meteor.

Karnak Town (First World), Karnak Castle (First World Only)
The town of fire has some weapons and armor that are too cheap to be true... and they are. Bartz is promptly thrown in the slammer for coming out of the Karnak Meteor. Cid saves them, however, and they go to the Fire-Powered Ship to save the Fire Crystal... which doesn't happen. The queen of Karnak is possessed by Exdeath and destroys the Fire Crystal. The Castle self-destructs.

Kelb (Second World)
See Quelb.

Kerwin (First World)
See Carwen.

Kuza (Second World)
See Sealed Castle of Kuza.

Library of the Ancients (First World)
Mid is first found here; Ifrit also lives here in a book, along with some other monsters like Byblos. After the merging of the worlds, Ghido makes this his home. The Sealed Tome is first put together here.

Lugor (Second World)
See Regole.

Mirage (Third World)
See Phantom Village.

Moogle Forest/Moogle Canal (Second World Only)
As the name implies, you can find moogles here! The canal leads to the forest and is infested with moogle-eating monsters.

Moore (Second World)
This is the town near the Great Forest of Moore. Once the worlds merge, you can get the Brave Blade or Chicken Knife here.

North Mountain (First World)
Dragon Grass, which is poisonous to humans but heals Wind Drake wounds, grows plentifully here. As well, Bahamut will meet you here after the worlds merge.

See Interdimensional Rift.

Phantom Village (Third World)
(Alias: Mirage (PSX)) This town lies in the Interdimensional Rift, but by traveling in a small forest southwest of Crescent Town, you can reach it. All of the best magic, armor and weapons can be found here, as well as the Black Chocobo and the last piano in the game. There's a locked door which can only be opened from inside the Interdimensional Rift.

Phoenix Tower (Third World)
A desert-surrounded tower is all of 30 floors high! To go up a floor, you must check for either a left or right passage. One way always hides a strong enemy, the other hides the entrance. You'll meet Magic Pots on the way up. Once at the top, Hiryu will sacrifice itself to become the Phoenix Summon.

Pirate Cave (First World)
This is the home of Faris's gang. This is where she keeps her ship; Boko and Koko come here later; and Syldra's spirit returns here when the worlds merge.

Pyramid of Moore
(Alias: Great Pyramid (PSX)) The hiding place of the First Stone Tablet. Bahamut shows up briefly here.

Quelb (Second World)
(Alias: Kelb (PSX)) A town of werewolves, Kelger lives here. He opens the gates once he finds out Bartz is Dorgann's son.

Quicksand Desert
See Desert of Shifting Sands.

Ronkan Ruins (First World Only)
The town of Gohn becomes a flying fortress. The Airship must defeat the five large guns before being able to enter it and attempt to save the Earth Crystal.

Regole (Second World)
(Alias: Lugor (PSX)) An oasis in the monster-filled Groceana continent.

Rix (First World Only)
(Alias: Rikks (PSX)) This is Bartz's hometown. Stella and Dorgann are buried here.

Sealed Castle of Kuza (Second World)
The twelve Legendary Weapons, which were used to fight Enuo, are sealed here. Only by finding the four Tablets can the seals be broken. Ridiculously strong monsters roam around here.

Sealed Temple (Third World)
Only in the GBA version. This bonus dungeon opens up after beating the game. It's sprawlingly huge, with several different areas resembling the pyramids, watery caves, castles, etc. Among the incredibly difficult enemies are even tougher versions of Shinryu and Omega, Neo Shinryu and Omega Mk. II! At the very end is none other than Enuo himself, creator of the Void. Countless treasure can be found in this enormous place. Beating it nets you the Necromancer job and the chance to fight the Cloister of the Dead.

Second World
This is the world of Galuf, Krile, and the Warriors of Dawn. This is where Exdeath originated. It split from the Third World years ago. Places here include the Castle of Bal, Surgate Castle, Exdeath Castle, the Great Forest of Moore, Quelb, and the Sealed Castle of Kuza.

Shield Generator (Second World Only)
See Barrier Tower.

Ship Graveyard (First World Only)
Home to countless ghouls, ghosts, and wrecked ships. This is where Faris's ships end up after an attack by a sea monster on route to Tule.

Solitary Island (Second World Only)
So named because Bartz and company land there all alone. There's nothing to do but use a Tent and be captured by Exdeath.

Solitary Island Temple (Third World)
See Island Shrine.

Surgate Castle (Second World)
Xezat's fortress has quite a few interesting secrets to hide.

Third World
This is the original world, which existed many years ago; an amalgamation of the First and Second Worlds. The Interdimensional Rift is caused by the separation and re-combination of the two worlds.

Torna Canal (First World)
The canal leading to Tycoon Castle is infested with sea monsters. It's locked by a key in the keeping of Zok, who lives in Tule.

Tule (First World)
The first town Bartz comes to has a bar, which is all the pirates traveling with him need! Zok also lives here.

Tycoon Castle (First World)
The home of King Tycoon, Lenna and (we later find out) Faris, the castle has its own private Dragon!

Tycoon Meteor (First World Only)
This is the first meteor in the game, the one Galuf arrived in.

Val Castle
See Bal Castle.

Valley of Dragons
See Drakenvale.

Walse Castle/Town (First World)
(Alias: Walz Castle/Town (PSX)) Shiva lives in the basement of this water castle. The nearby Walse Tower leeches the energy out of the Water Crystal. Garula lives in the town.

Walse Meteor (First World Only)
(Alias: Walz Meteor (PSX)) A soldier from Val Castle travels in this to protect the Water Crystal. There's a warp point from here to the Karnak Meteor.

Walse Tower (First World)
(Alias: Walz Tower (PSX)) Originally the resting place of the Water Crystal, the tower sinks underground after the Crystal breaks. Once the worlds merge, Gogo can be found in the underwater tower.

Wind Shrine (First World)
An isolated temple near Tycoon Castle holds the Wind Crystal. However, the Crystal breaks into pieces as soon as Bartz nears it.

X-death's Castle (Second World Only)
See Exdeath's Castle.

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