Final Fantasy Compendium


Floating Continent
A scientfic/magical experiment by Owen proved to be very successful - an entire continent floating in the sky!


World of Darkness
The ultimate evil, the Cloud of Darkness, dwells here. The four Dark Warriors, who fought it before, are imprisoned by her minions; releasing them gives you extra help during the final battle.



Floating Continent

Altar Cave
The four Heroes fall into this place as Onion Knights (or only Luneth in FF3DS); they have their first battles here, and find the Wind Crystal which gives them their first Jobs.


Bahamut's Lair
Guess who lives here?  


The home of Cid as well as Sarina, Desh's heartsick lover.


Castle Argus
The chancellor to the king of Argus, Hein, caught megalomania. He captured the king and his subjects and imprisoned them in his flying tower. The king of Argus is the only one who has the Time Gear, the secret device which creates airships. Cid works for him.


Castle Sasune
The home of Princess Sara. It has a holy spring in the basement which plays an instrumental part in sealing Jinn. In FF3DS, Ingus serves here as a soldier.


Dragon's Peak
The mountain next to Canaan is the hunting ground of Bahamut. Desh is stuck at the top here, in Bahamut's nest.


Dwarven Hollows
The horn of the Dwarves was stolen by the thief Gutsco and taken to the nearby Underground Lake. They want it back at all costs! (Hint, hint...)


Gulgan Gulch
The one-eyed Gulgans have the power to see the future. They cryptically foretell of Desh's sort-of-death. One of them down the stairs gives you the Toad spell.


The famous Gysahl is instantly assosciated with Chocobos. Their famous Vegetables/Carrots are shipped far and wide, and reach nearly every Final Fantasy. In FF3, however, they're more known for making Magic Keys.


Healing Copse
There's only a single gnome here, and three healing springs.


Hein Castle
The evil wizard Hein has taken the Elder Tree from the Living Forest and fashioned it into a floating palace! He then captured the king of Argus (who he used to work for) and his entire court. He then made the mistake of capturing the Heroes, who naturally escaped and did him in, and restored the Elder Tree to its rightful place. 8-)


South of Ur is a city placed under a curse by Jinn - it causes all its targets to become two-dimensional ghosts! Cid is also struck by it and can't help you until he's free of the curse, but he gives you his airship, hidden in the western desert. Taca the blacksmith also lives here.


Lake Dohr
The home of Leviathan can only be reached by using the Airship Invincible.


Living Woods
The faeries living here are in a tizzy because the wizard Hein has stolen their Elder Tree to make a floating castle!


Molten Cave
Gutsco runs here when he acquires both Dwarves' Horns; here he can transform into the Salamander and guard the Fire Crystal from the Heroes. He loses, of course. 8-)


Mythril Mine
This mine in Kazus contains two mythril swords.


Nepto Temple
The sea dragon Nepto has part of his soul in his statue here. When a greedy rat steals one of the eyes and hoards it away, it's up to the Heroes to shrink, enter the statue, and regain the Eye - otherwise, Nepto's mindless rage will destroy the waters!


Sealed Cave
This is Jinn's home, and it can only be reached via Cid's airship. The Heroes find Princess Sara here, and discover that she's the only one who can end Jinn's curse.


Subterranean Lake
Gutsco has stolen the Dwarves' Horn and taken it here. After defeating him, however, he stays in your shadow and grabs both horns when you reach the cave, then sprinting to the Flame Cave to become the Salamander.


This tiny town has been ravaged by the wizard Hein. There isn't much here, but returning here later will get the Heroes themselves captured by Hein!


Tower of Owen
This tower was built by the great sage Owen many years ago; it's the thing which keeps the Floating Continent up in the air! Owen appointed his son Desh as caretaker of the tower, but Desh got amnesia and left. To calm the fires, Desh jumps into the furnace himself. But since no one good really dies in this game, he's OK. 8-).


Only gnomes can enter this town of mini-people.


Tozus Tunnel
Only gnomes or people afflicted with Mini can enter this tunnel. It leads from Tozus to Viking's Cove/Base.


Viking Base/Viking's Cove
These pirates/sailors can't sail any more because of the rage of the sea dragon Nepto, whose shrine has been ravaged. Once you placate Nepto, they're so grateful they give you their ship. (?!?!?)


The Heroes' hometown, where they were brought up by Nina and Topapa the Elder.


Village of the Ancients
The citizens of this western village are descended from... well, ancient people. 8-) There's some good shopping to be done here, and a Chocobo Forest to the east.




??? (FF3DS only)
This fallen star, far east of the floating continent, is spoken of in Saronian legend has having come down into the sea and swallowed all the evils of the world. It houses the strongest boss in the game, the Iron Giant, and is only accessible by sending seven letters via Mognet to friends and four to Alus and the old men.


The Heroes find themselves washed up here after the Water Crystal revives. However, a nasty guy named Goldor has put a golden chain on their airship, forcing them to be grounded. But they can't cross the swamp to Goldor's Mansion! So Jiru lends them his key to the Sewer, where Delilah has the Floating Shoes to cross the swamp. But four old men, who think they're the Heroes, get in their way. Confused yet? 8-)


Ancient's Maze
Guarded by the Statues of the Quest, this place holds the Earth Crystal all the way at the entrance. By making your way past the Labyrinth, you enter Syrcus Tower, Forbidden Land Eureka, and the final (reeeeally tough) challenge.


Ancient Ruins
Unne blasts a path into this very old place (if you hadn't gathered). After a long trek, you'll find the Airship Invincible!


Castle Saronia
Gigameth controls King Gorn in the castle. Odin lives in a blocked-off room in the castle, which can only be reached via the Saronia Catacombs.


Cave of the Circle
A secret passage inside Doga's House leads to this place; only gnomes can fit inside. At the end lies a secret circle which bestows the ability to change an airship into a submarine.


Cave of Shadows
This place is infested with monsters who clone themselves if hit with any weapon other than a Dark Sword (which requires a M. Knight/Dark Knight). At the end lies a M. Knight/Dark Knight boss and the Fang of the Earth, needed to destroy the Statues of the Quest.


Cave of Tides
The Water Crystal is broken; only Aria can take the shards from the Water Temple and restore it to the Crystal, thereby making the rest of the world rise from its watery grave. However, a servant of Xande hits her with an arrow as soon as she finishes the job.


Doga's Grotto
This cave is accessible through Doga's Manor. At the end of the cave, you must battle Doga and Unne to get the Eureka Key and Syrcus key


Doga's Manor
Deep in the Dalug Continent, buffeted by harsh winds, lies Doga's House. He lives here with his Moogle bodyguards. There's a secret Cave of the Circle inside the house.


Doga's Village
This enclosed town can only be reached via a secret underwater passage. It's populated by Black Wizards, who sell every type of magic in the game.


A town populated by Bards and Geomancers.


Eureka, The Forbidden Land
The entrance to this place lies on the first floor of the Syrcus Tower. Doga has the key to it, but will only be able to create it if you kill him first. You can only reach Eureka by using a mirror in the Syrcus Tower. The Ultimate Weapons are kept here, as are the Level 8 Magic spells and the final two Jobs, Sage and Ninja. (In FF3DS, the final two jobs are given by the Earth Crystal)


A town enclosed by mountains can only be reached by the Invincible's mountain-jumping capability. It's populated by M. Knights/Dark Knights and has a secret cave with M. Knight/Dark Knight equipment.


Falgabard Cave
A treasure-filled cave.


Goldor's Mansion
Goldor's fake Crystal, made by Doga, which creates gold, rests here; he guards it with all his powers. They aren't enough to stop the four Heroes, obviously!


A town of Summoners with some interesting advice.


The biggest city is divided into four sections and a castle. Southwestern Saronia has a pub, where Prince Alus, who's been banished by Gorn through Gigameth, drowns his woe. A tower in Southeastern Saronia belonged to a family of Dragoons and their legacy is hidden there. Northwestern Saronia holds a large library, and Northeastern Saronia has all the shops.


Saronia Catacombs
A secret underwater entrance south of Saronia leads to this cave filled with nasty monsters. Getting through it means you end up back in the castle, in an enclosed room whose only occupant is the now-angry Odin.


Delilah, the eccentric old woman who owns the Floating Shoes, lives here in the Amur Sewer. The four old men who claim to be the Heroes get stuck by a bunch of Goblins here, however, and after rescuing them they do the real Heroes a good turn by grabbing the Floating Shoes from Delilah.


Solitary Island
When the Heroes first enter the real world, it's all underwater! Only this small island shows sign of life - Aria has shipwrecked here. Only she can talk to the Water Crystal and make the water level lower itself again.


Statues of the Quest
These four sets of statues (reminiscent of the guardians from The Neverending Story) can only be destroyed if you have the four elemental Fangs. Otherwise, trying to pass them means you DIE. They guard the way to the Ancient's Maze and Syrcus Tower.


Syrcus Tower
Unne holds the key to the tower beyond the Labyrinth of Ancients, but she can only create it if you kill her first. On the first floor of the tower lies the entrance to Forbidden Land Eureka. Climbing the tower will yield a final battle with Xande, followed by an unexpected voyage into the Dark World and a fight with the ultimate evil, the Cloud of Darkness.


Temple of Time
An underwater temple holds Noah's Lute, the only thing which can wake Unne from her ages-long slumber.


Temple of Water
Shards of the broken Water Crystal reside here.


Undersea Cave
A secret treasure cave south of a triangle-shaped island.


Unne's Shrine
The sleeping Unne lives here with her parrot. Only Noah's Lute can wake this kooky lady from her dreams.


Wrecked Ship
This beached ship on the Solitary Island is where Aria is recovering from a violent storm.


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