Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. Bland Logo ~ Title Back (6K)
2. Backborn Story
3. P.R. Movie
4. Character Introductions (6K)
5. Character Making
6. Prologue Movie (61K)
7. Pray
8. Enemy Attack (12K)
9. Trisection (48K)
10. Commander In Training (11K)
11. Attack Team (7K)
12. Unavoidable Battle (26K)
13. Mission Complete
14. Hero's Theme (16K)
15. A Chapel (24K)
16. Algus (7K)
17. World Map (8K)
18. Shop (7K)
19. Warrior's Hideout
20. Fur, Meat, and Bones Store
21. Team Making (17K)
22. Brave Story
23. Pub (9K)
24. Data Screen (7K)
25. Desert Land
26. Alma's Theme (33K)
27. Cryptic Mood
28. Decisive Battle (18K)
29. Cry of Pain
30. Remnants (14K)
31. Anxiety (11K)
32. Tension 1 (31K)
33. Game Over
34. Tutorial (16K)
35. Random Waltz
36. Ovelia's Theme (7K)
37. Apoplexy (17K)
38. Zalbag, The Holy Knight (15K)
39. Run Past Through The Plain (22K)
40. Invasion
41. Delita's Theme (23K)
42. Back Fire (22K)


1/43. Memories
2/44. Dycedarg's Theme (7K)
3/45. Antipyretic (24K)
4/46. Holy Angel's Theme (3K)
5/47. Bloody Excrement
6/48. And I Ran Away
7/49. Espionage
8/50. Kourin
9/51. Ovelia's Worries (14K)
10/52. Under the Stars (21K)
11/53. Battle On The Bridge
12/54. Count's Anger
13/55. In Pursuit (11K)
14/56. Shock! ~ Failure
15/57. Holy Angel's Theme - DELUXE
16/58. Cry of Pain!
17/59. Requiem (5K)
18/60. Terror 1
19/61. The Pervert (58K)
20/62. Antidote
21/63. Thunder God Cid
22/64. Treasure
23/65. Night Attack (19K)
24/66. Terror 2 (47K)
25/67. Altima The Nice Body (65K)
26/68. Altima The Perfect Body!
27/69. Fanfare
28/70. Epilogue Movie
29/71. Staff Credit (62K)

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MIDI Credits

Marc Barber: Bland Logo
Nathaniel Harnack: Prologue Movie, Team Making, Delita's Theme, Terror 2, Altima The Nice Body, Staff Credit
Jeff Copperthite: Enemy Attack, Unavoidable Battle, Algus, Alma's Theme, Remnants, Tension 1, Back Fire, Dycedarg's Theme, Antipyretic, Ovelia's Worries, Under The Stars, In Pursuit, Requiem, The Pervert, Night Attack
Insane Apu: Trisection
Kyung Hoon Kang: Hero's Theme, Anxiety
Unknown: A Chapel
Sevon Tingel: Pub
Makkuro: Decisive Battle
Shawn: Holy Angel's Theme

Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square picture
Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square

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