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Dark Knight

Appearances: FF2, FF3, FF4, FFX-2, FF11, FF Tactics
Aliases: None

The Dark Knight's look originated from the FF3 M. Knight, which ironically had white magic (see below). It is characterized by a predilection towards dark combat. Like a knight, this class focuses on strength-based attacks, but also uses black magic to harm the enemy, though this leaves its defense low. One of its most distinguishing characteristics is DarkWave (a.k.a. Darkness), an ability which sacrifices the character's HP in order to do more damage.

Similar Job Classes: Paladin, Knight

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NAME: Leon/Lionheart
OVERVIEW: Leon becomes the character Dark Knight later in the game, but is not officially assumed to be a Dark Knight.
WEAPONS: Flame Sword, Poison axe
ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high defense, high black magic power

NAME: Dark Knight
OVERVIEW: The Dark Knight was changed from the original M. Knight.
WEAPONS: Ashura, Kotetsu, Kiku, Full Moon, Masamune, Ragnarok
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Defend - Increase defense for one turn
  • Magic - Cast magic spell
  • Item - Use an item from inventory

    NAME: Cecil Harvey
    OVERVIEW: Later changes into Paladin.
    WEAPONS: Uses swords best
  • DarkWave - Unleashes a wave of darkness to damage the enemy at the cost of 1/8 of his HP

    NAME: Dark Knight
    OVERVIEW: One of the best classes in the game due to their high damage-causing stats and status protections. It also adds some Black Magic and more sacrificial abilities.
    WEAPONS: Sword
  • Darkness - Sacrifice HP to damage enemies
  • Black Sky - Comets rain down causing random damage to enemies
  • Charon - Sacrifice yourself to kill one enemy
    Arcana: Drain, Demi, Confuse, Break, Bio, Doom, Death
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Poisonproof, Stoneproof, Confuseproof, Curseproof, Deathproof
    ATTRIBUTES: High HP, high MP, high strength, high physical defense, low speed, low evasion

    NAME: Dark Knight
    OVERVIEW: A good damage dealer and knows a good deal of Black Magic spells. They can also steal points from enemy stats.
    WEAPONS: Uses Great Swords and Scythes best
  • Blood Weapon - Causes all attacks to drain enemy's HP
  • Arcane Circle - Increases party resistance to Arcana monsters (artifact monsters like pots and dolls)
  • Last Resort - Increases attack, lowers defense
  • Weapon Bash - Attack that has chance of stunning enemy
  • Soul Eater - Consume own HP to enhance attacks
  • Black Magic - Cast Black Magic (low-level)
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Attack Bonus, Resist Paralyze
    ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, low defense, low accuracy

    FF Tactics (PSP Only)
    NAME: Dark Knight
    OVERVIEW: A secret job which can only be unlocked when many classes have been mastered. It can use special Fell Swords which can only be gotten via online play. In addition to Fell Knight-type sword skills which drain HP/MP, it uses powerful skills which consume the user's HP.
    WEAPONS: Sword, Knight Sword, Fell Sword, Axe, Flail
  • Sanguine Sword - drain HP
  • Infernal Strike - drain MP
  • Crushing Blow - physical attack, causes Stop
  • Abyssal Blade - consumes HP to attack
  • Unholy Sacrifice - Consumes HP to attack using Dark-elemental and cause Slow
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: HP Boost, Vehemence (increase efficiency of attacks, but also increase damage to self)
    Move Abilities: Move+3/Jump+3 (for female/male dark knights)
  • ATTRIBUTES: Very strong physical attack power.

    Traits of Dark Knight in Other Games

    FF8: The summons Diablos, Doomtrain, and Eden teach the Darkside ability: an attack does three times normal damage at the sacrifice of 10% the characters total HP.
    FF11: The FF11 Ninja can self-sacrifice in order to cause great damage.
    Tactics: The Dark Knight class is similar to Dark Knight, but only has two abilities: one to absorb HP and one to absorb MP.

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