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Appearances: FF5, FF6, FF11, FFX-2, FFT, FFTA2
Aliases: Songstress

Dancers cast a random effect on their enemies, much like a bard. They must learn dances either through AP or experience.

Similar Job Classes: Bard, Geomancer, Penelo (12RW)

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NAME: Dancer
OVERVIEW: The Red Shoes accessory increases the success rate of Flirt and chance of doing Sword Dance.
  • !Flirt - Distract enemy and reset their turn time. High chance of failure.
  • !Dance - Do a continuous dance at random (default)
  • Equip Ribbon - Equip Ribbon, Tiara, Rainbow Armor, and/or Red Shoes despite job class
  • Sword Dance - Attack enemy for four times normal damage
  • Jitterbug - Drain HP from enemy and give to self
  • Mystery Waltz - Drain MP from enemy and give to self
  • Tempting Tango - Cast Confuse on enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, low HP, low magic

    NAME: Songstress
    OVERVIEW: Songstress also includes traits of the Bard. Songstresses cannot attack, unless afflicted with Berserk.
    WEAPONS: Microphone
  • Darkness Dance - Cast Blind on enemy for length of dance
  • Samba of Silence - Cast Silence on enemy for length of dance
  • MP Mambo - MP cost for party is 0 for length of dance
  • Magical Masque - Party is invulnerable to magic attacks for length of dance
  • Sleepy Shuffle - Puts all enemies to sleep for length of dance
  • Carnival Cancan - Party's max HP is doubled for length of dance
  • Slow Dance - Cast Slow on all enemies for length of dance
  • Brakedance - Cast Stop on all enemies for length of dance
  • Jitterbug - Cast Haste on party for length of dance
  • Dirty Dancing - All allies' attacks are critical hits for length of dance
  • Battle Cry - Raise party's strength for length of song
  • Cantus Firmus - Raise party's defense for length of song
  • Esoteric Melody - Raise party's magic power for length of song
  • Disenchant - Raise party's magic defense for length of song
  • Perfect Pitch - Raise party's accuracy for length of song
  • Matador's Song - Raise party's evasion for length of song
    ATTRIBUTES: Low HP, low strength, low physical defense, low accuracy, low luck

    NAME: Dancer
    OVERVIEW: Skills use TP rather than HP, and are designed to be a healer while still fighting on the front lines to gain TP.
  • TBA

    FF: Tactics
    NAME: Dancer
    OVERVIEW: Only females can be Dancers. Males become Bards, whose abilities affect only allies.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Cloth/Rug
  • Witch Hunt - Cause MP damage
  • Mincing Minuet/Wiznaibus (PSX) - Cause HP damage
  • Slow Dance - Lower target speed
  • Polka/Polka Polka (PSX)- Lower target's attack power
  • Heathen Frolic/Disillusion (PSX) - Lower target's magic power
  • Forbidden/Nameless Dance (PSX) - Cause various status ailments
  • Last Waltz/Last Dance (PSX) - Turns target's CT count to 0
    Reaction Abilities: Fury/A Save (PSX) - raise physical attack power; Bravery Boost/Brave Up (PSX)
    Support Abilities: None
    Move Abilities: Jump +3, Fly (leap over enemies and obstacles)
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low evasion, low HP, low MP

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Dancer
    OVERVIEW: Penelo's abilities are very similar to that of the FFT dancers.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Rod, Staff, Pole
  • Witch Hunt - Cause MP damage
  • Mincing Minuet - Cause HP damage
  • Blade Dance - Attack twice
  • Slow Dance - Lower target speed
  • Polka - Lower target's attack power
  • Heathen Frolic - Lower target's magic power
  • Forbidden Dance - Cause various status ailments
  • Jitterbug - Steal HP from target
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None
  • Traits of Dancer in Other Games

    FF6: Mog's primary ability is "Dance", however, all his dances do nothing but Geomancy magic.

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