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Appearances: FF5, FF10, FFX-2, FFT
Aliases: Alchemist

Chemists increase the potency of the party's items, usually being restricted to healing items such as potions and ethers. They dress in strange little turbans (except in FFX-2). They can also mix two items to create strange and wondrous effects like healing, attacking, or support.

Similar Job Classes: White Mage

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NAME: Chemist
OVERVIEW: Chemists are the only ones that can use Drinks, which are special items that have greater healing potency than normal items (potions, ethers, etc.)
WEAPONS: Knives, Staffs, Flail, Morning Star
  • Pharmacist - Double effect of potions and healing items (default)
  • !Mix - Combine two items to create various effects
  • !Drink - Use Drinks from inventory (default)
  • !Pray - Remove status ailments on party
  • !Revive - Revive fallen ally
  • ATTRIBUTES: High HP, low magic

    NAME: Rikku
    OVERVIEW: Like FF5 Chemist, there are certain items only she can use, like Tonics, and offensive items like grenades and elemental gems. Rikku is also a Thief.
    WEAPONS: Claws
  • Steal - Steal treasure from enemy
  • Use - Use special attack, recovery, and support items
  • Luck - Raise party's Luck (accuracy, evasion, & critical hit rate)
  • Jinx - Lower enemy party's Luck (accuracy, evasion, & critical hit rate)
  • Bribe - Give money to an enemy to leave battle
  • Spare Change - Attempt to pay enemies to leave battle and receive items in exchange (success rate depends on amount given)
  • Copycat - Repeat the last action of an ally (except Overdrive, Summons, or equipment change)
  • Mug - Damage and steal treasure from enemy
  • Mix - Combine two items into a different item
  • ATTRIBUTES: High speed, low strength

    NAME: Alchemist
    OVERVIEW: Alchemists can learn to use any basic healing items for free. They can also Mix, like FF10 Rikku, at any time.
    WEAPONS: Machine gun
  • Mix - Combine two items into a different item
  • Stash - Use a healing item not from stock (potion, hi-potion, mega-potion, x-potion, remedy, dispel tonic, phoenix down, mega phoenix, ether, elixir)
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Items Lv.2 (decrease wait time for spell by 80%), Chemist (double effect of recovery items), Elementalist (double effect of elemental items), Physicist (double effect of non-elemental items)
    ATTRIBUTES: Low MP, low magic power, low evasion

    FF: Tactics
    NAME: Chemist
    OVERVIEW: Chemist is the precursor to all magic-based job classes. The Throw Item command allows Chemist to use items on targets up to eight squares away. All other classes only have a one square radius.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Gun
    Item: Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Ether, Hi-Ether, Elixir, Antidote, Eye Drop, Echo Grass, Maiden's Kiss, Soft, Holy Water, Remedy, Phoenix Down
    Reaction Abilities: Auto Potion - Use lowest available healing item when attacked
    Support Abilities: Throw Items/Throw Item (PSX); Maintenance/Safeguard (PSX) - equipped items immune to break; Reequip/ Equip Change (PSX) - change equipment in battle;
    Move Abilities: Treasure Hunter/Move-Find Item (PSX) - Find hidden items at your destination
    ATTRIBUTES: Low evasion, low attack power

    Traits of Chemist in Other Games

    FF8: Several GF's teach abilities related to items. Siren teaches Move-Find. Alexander teaches Med Data, which is the same as FF5 Chemist's Medicine. Others teach Auto-Potion and item synthesis.
    FF9: One of the supported abilities is Chemist, which increases the potency of Potions, Hi-Potions, and Ethers.

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