Final Fantasy Compendium

1000 Years Ago:

(From this point forward, "Yevon" will refer to the church of Yevon, not the person Yu Yevon.)

Some Time In The Last Thousand Years:

800 Years Ago:

700 Years Ago:

400 Years Ago:

50 Years Ago:

One Generation Ago:

23 Years Ago:

17 Years Ago:

Between 17-10 Years Ago:

10 Years and 3 Months Ago:

10 Years Ago:

In The Last Ten Years:

One Year Ago:

Six Months Ago:

Two Weeks Ago:

Some Time Recently:


Side Quests (FFX):

Present until One Year Later (everything from here till the end is X-2 only):

One Year until Two Years Later:

Two Years Later (required missions only):