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The Mu is vaguely squirrel-like, with a bushy tail. Generally a weakling who resorts to moves like throwing rocks or shooting water.

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FF3 Petit in-game FF3 Petit Mage in-game FF3
-Petit Mage
FF6 in-game FF6
-Peepers (NA) / Peeping Bear (JP)
-Poppers (NA) / Nortia (JP)
-Rhodox (NA) / Mu (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
FF9 Mu in-game FF9
FF12 Clan Primer FF12
CP: The curious mu makes its home in the ancient trees of the Feywood. Their nests are made by by boring holes in the tree trunks, whence they peer out to watch for danger. Spending all of their waking lives beneath the shade of the trees, their bodies are pale and colorless. So close is their affinity for the trees that some communities consider them to be tree spirits.
CC Mu in-game Crystal Chronicles
-Lava Mu
-Snow Mu

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