Final Fantasy Compendium

Minotaur / Sekhmet

These guys are usually bosses. They're predominantly physical fighters. In every place besides Tactics, they're palette swaps of one another. They look like large muscled men with bulls' heads, carrying a mace or axe. In FF8, you can summon them as the Brothers GF!

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FF1 Dawn of Souls in-game FF1
-Sekhmet (Dawn of Souls)
FF3 in-game FF3
-Bull Man
FF5 Minotaur in-game FF5 Sacred in-game FF5
-Bludgeoner (NA) / Sekhmet (JP)
- Minotaur/Minitaurus (PSX)
-Vajradhara Wu
-Vajradhara Tai
-Vajradhara Yaksha
-Vajradhara Cala
-Vajradhara Rakshasa
-Vajradhara Indra
-Vajradhara Karura
-Vajradhara Kumbhira
-Vajradhara Kimnara
-Vajradhara Asura
Although not actually called Minotaur, these giants come in two varieties (tomohawks and maces) and often appear together. They are Wutai warriors and their names come from various Hindu deities.
FF8 Brothers in-game FF8 Brothers face FF8 Minotaur face FF8 Sacred face FF8 (SUMMON)
ATK: Brotherly Love
FF11 in-game FF11
-Minotaur (Taurus)
MQ in-game Mystic Quest
-Minotaur Zombie
Tactics Minotaur in-game Tactics Minotaur face Tactics Sacred in-game Tactics Sacred face Tactics
- Minotaur/Minitaurus (PSX)
-Wisenkin/Bull Demon (PSX)
- Sekhret/Sacred (PSX)

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