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Magic Pot

They look a bit like an imp or genie coming out of a pot. In FF5 and FF7, you can't defeat them unless you give them an Elixir first, but when you do, wow! You get tons of AP! In FF6, the Magic Urns just showed up in the Tower of Fanatics to give you Elixirs, Ethers, and Potions, then escaped. In FF10, the eyes on their jar can be hit. Correct hits get you items, incorrect hits get you smashed!

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FF5 in-game FF5
-Magic Pot
-Magic Urn (NA) / Magic Pot (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
-Magic Pot
-Magic Pot
ATK: Item Mugger
This time, the Magic Pots require specific sequences of attacks before they'll give up their prizes, which include a DMW item that summons them to give you a free item. There are four separate types, but they're all called Magic Pot.
FF10 in-game FF10
-Magic Urn (NA) / Magic Pot (JP)
FF11 in-game FF11
-Pot (many varieties)
FF11 in-game FF12
-Magick Pot
CP: Not a single report of this curious and rare fiend's capture or slaying has ever been circulated. In the past, these creatures were demons of legendary might, foes unto the gods themselves. The gods feared them and their power, and so changed their form to that of a harmless pot. Though their strength be stolen, and their temperament cooled by transformation, they still possess terrible magickal powers. Anyone seeking to best one of these beings is advised to approach with caution, and perhaps a show of good-will, too, lest they suspect and strike the first blow...for it might well be the last.
FFTA2 in-game Tactics A2
-Magick Pot

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