Final Fantasy Compendium

Demon Wall

A blocking wall with a demonic face protruding from it. In FF4, it keeps coming closer until it crushes you. In FF7, it's just a tough boss.

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FF4 in-game FF4
-Evil Wall (NA) / Demon's Wall (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
-Demon's Gate
FF1 NES in-game FF12
-Demon Wall

There are actually two Demon Wall bosses; the first is very difficult when first reached, but can be escaped from and fought again later. The second is easier.

CP: Being a trap set to prevent those not of royal blood from entering the Dynast-King's tomb. With twin giant swords drawn and a length of wall upon its back, this statue challenges all who would seek to profane its master's resting place. It is thought that this fiendish device was constructed during the Galtean Alliance, and knowledge of the mechanisms of its operation has long been lost. On the wall the Dynast-King's likeness is carved in relief, this being the last thing most intruders see before the Demonwall bears down upon them, crushing their bones to dust.
FFTA2 in-game FF Tactics A2
-Demon Wall

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