Final Fantasy Compendium
?????? (6)
[HERO] This name is given to two people in 6: Terra, before she remembers her real name, and a ghost who joins up temporarily in the Phantom Train. The ghost can Possess people, but you'll have to find another one to join when it does, because it disappears!

288, No. (9)
The ad hoc leader of the Black Mages, he seems wiser than most of them and carries a crescent staff. He has an immediate affinity to Vivi, who seems to him to be something more than any of the other Black Mages are.

Ace Cardians (11)
These cardians were created to manage other cardians with basic wrong/right logic. There are only four of them. Under Karaha-Baruha's guidance, they built the super strong cardian - Joker. When he died during the Crystal War, they lost their sense of right/wrong morality, and everything began to seem gray. Unknown to the Tarutaru, the Ace Cardians kidnapped Zonpa-Zippa, and became lost during Crystal War. They then reappeared afterward to Ajido-Marujido and stole his work. Ajido-Marujido discovered they kidnapped Zonpa-Zippa to prevent him from revealing their plan reactivating Joker. What they didn't realize was that Karaha-Baruha had bound his life force to Joker, so in order to resurrect Joker, they would have to resurrect Karaha-Baruha.

Adel, Sorceress (8)
[VILLAIN] A very not nice lady who kind of had this little reign of terror going in Esthar. She was sealed away by Laguna and a few other people and sent into outer space, but Ultimecia's people got her out.

Adrammelech (Tactics), Adramelk (PSX)
The The Wroth is the Zodiac Brave assosciated with Dycedarg.

Adrammelech (TA)
The Bangaa Totema. You may recognize him from the original FF Tactics.

Aeris Gainsborough, Aerith Gainsborough (7j)
[HERO] The mysterious and happy-go-lucky daughter of a Cetra and a human seems almost too good to be true for Cloud... and it soon turns out that she is. Aeris's tragic history is cut all too short by Sephiroth, who makes sure she doesn't get in the way of his plan... Her magical powers are admired by all, and even she doesn't understand most of the things she feels. She shows up for a cameo role in Tactics as the Flower Girl. Click here for pictures from Tactics.

Agrias Oaks (Tactics)
[HERO] A lady Hokuten Knight (under the auspices of the Lesalia St. Konoe Knights) who is devoted to Princess Ovelia. She is her personal guard and lives to serve her. When she's kidnapped by Larg and then Delita, Agrias joins up with Ramza to try her best to free her.

Ai Hayakawa (FFU)
Yu's "big sister" (actually his twin). Ai is a bit of a whiner for a twelve-year-old, and tends to provide the comic relief in the party. She's innately suspicious of most things, and thinks everything in the Inner World is weird. She's right, of course (most of it ends up embarrassing her at one point or another). Chocobos have a fixation on pulling her pigtails. At one point, she meets up with Fabra, who gives her Pokepoche as a pet. An encounter with Kuria leaves her a good deal more thoughtful than earlier. However, both Ai and Yu are a bit more complicated than it seems...

Aishya (6)
Name of a girl in Maranda.

Ajido-Marujido (11)
The son of Zonpa-Zippa, brother of Apururu, head of the Ministry of Orastery. He attempted to find the reason why the lands around Windurst were drying up and dying after the Crystal War. He dug into the Horotoro Ruins and found the cardians lost long ago after activating mysterious power generators. The cardians stole his work and fled. Later, he bought a book of magic from Nana Mihgo and met with the Yagudo out of the Star Sybil's jurisdicition to uncover the mysteries of the book. He was captured after this and sentenced to prison in the Horotoro Ruins. His sister saved him, but just as he was escaping he saw a strange figure and a flash of light. He fell unconcsicous. Later, he revealed to everyone the existence of the 6th ministry - the Ministry of Animastery, set up by Karuha-Baruha to twist fate and save the Tarutaru. Also, Ajido-Marujido told of the cardians' master - Joker. After he discovered that the mysterious figure that appeared to him was the life force of Fenrir and Karuha-Baruha, tied together, he came up with plan to save the kidnapped Star Sybil, lure Fenrir back to existence, and re-energize the Full Moon Well using the caridan's power. Using the three Kuluu songs to lure the mysterious figure, he then overloaded the cardians and merged Joker and the mysterious figure, hoping the life force of Fenrir would prevail. The plan succeeded, and words returned to the book of magic.

Ajora, St. (Tactics)
See St. Ajora.

Aki Ross, Dr. (TSW)
The protagonist of the movie is a strong-willed scientist entirely devoted to saving the human race from the Phantoms overrunning the planet. Her research led her to be infected with a Phantom particle, but she managed to contain it by using the wave patterns of the Spirits. Her search for the other Spirits are not just to save the world, but also her life - the Phantom keeps getting stronger and the Spirits are required to keep it where it is. Aki is dearly close to her mentor, Professor Sid, and finds herself strangely drawn to Captain Gray of the Deep Eyes.
Aki, Instructor (8)
A very strict instructor in Balamb Garden who apparently gives hard tests. You can see him in a one-time-only scene in Disc 3 in Balamb Garden, floor 2, when he berates Squall if he uses magic in the hall.

Arazlam Durai, Alazlam J.D. (PSX) (Tactics)
The historian and narrator of the game. His search for an explanation of the long-hidden Durai Writings led to confrontation by the Murond Gladabos Church. The "D" stands for Durai...

The hume leader of the Tenshodo, helping to sneak illegal weapons from the Far East to Bastok and Jeuno. He was an escapee from Tavnazia during Crystal War as a child. (He's the guy we see in the opening movie.) He is one of the three heroes, along with Lion and Zeid. In Rise of the Zilart, he plays a major role when his sister, Verena, is kidnapped to open the doors of the floating city, Tu'lia. In Chains of Promathia, he secures a tavern.

Argath Thadalfus (Tactics)
A snotty cadet who's rescued by Ramza and Delita, on his way to Eagrose to inform Dycedarg of the kidnapping of Marquis Elmdore. His family used to be aristocratic, but a story which leaked out regarding Argath's grandfather during the Fifty Year War (he betrayed his friends to save himself, but was stabbed in the back by a Hokuten Cadet before he went free) caused the Sadalfas family to lose their class. Perhaps because of his tenuous cling to his status, he hates all commoners intensely, to the point where he believes them to be only animals. He has a vendetta against the anti-aristocratic Corpse Brigade and eventually kills Teta through his disregard of lower classes. Delita avenges her soon after.

Alleyway Jack (9)
See Gilgamesh.

Allus, Prince (3)
The son of King Gorn of Salonia was banished from the castle when Gigames took control. He enlists the help of the Heroes to regain his father and his rightful place. He ends up taking the throne himself, as circumstances would have it.

Alma Beoulve (Tactics)
Ramza's sister is closest to him out of her brothers; they share the same mother as well as Barbaneth as their father. Alma attends the Aristocratic School in Eagrose with Teta. She's uniquely suited (though she doesn't know it) for the Murond Glabados Church's evil schemes to revive the Bloody Angel.

Alphollon Tavnazia (11)
A royal vassal of San'doria. He was given the task of constructing a city on the newly discovered peninsula so the San'dorians could push south. This was Tavnazia. He was the keeper of a second tablet discovered underground, that turned out to be the "Lay of the Immortals".

Alois, Senator (11)
An embezzling senator of Bastok. Gumbah reveals his corruption which results in his removal from office, and Gumbah's recognition as the Talekeeper of the Galka.

Altana (11)
The supreme goddess, higher than all others. According the Vana'diel creation story, her tears created the five races upon finding Vana'diel in ruins. Evidence later uncovered shows the creation a little closer to reality - someone stole the energy of the mothercrystal to create five races, which split the crystal into five and the realm of the gods from the higher plain. She soars on wings of freedom, while Promathia is bound in chains.

Amarant Coral (9), Salamander Coral (9j)
[HERO] A large and mostly silent warrior. His fighting style is a mix of Monk and Ninja, but his outlook is samurai - his mind is filled with rules of fighting, the biggest one of them being Look Out For Number One and let the rest go hang. He starts off life as a security guard for Treno's auction house, but a chance encounter with Zidane of Tantalus changes his whole ideal. He searches Zidane out, only from curiosity, looking for the thing which so fascinated him, something he just couldn't understand. After challenging Zidane to a fight and losing, and yet not being killed by him, his confusion just grows. He's curt and never has a nice word to say, but sometimes what's not said is even more important than trying to speak your emotions. Even at the end, he never veers from his morals, but he does grow to respect the fact that other morals do exist.

Amidatty (CC)
Leader of the Caravan from Shella, Amidatty is a Yuke researcher. He, along with the caravan, travels the world in search of the mysteries behind the miasma plaguing the world. As they uncover these 'truths', Amidatty devises a theory on how the world is like a loaf of Bannock bread - it was fresh when he put it in his bag, but over time, began to mold and decay. The party can really shock this caravan if they choose to take a bite out of the model. Amidatty is apparently quite a popular Yuke as he has a devoted girlfriend in Shella named Eleanor who will extoll on his discoveries and theories. The other members of the Shella caravan are named: Yufina (female), Bessamzan (male), and Leonamiel (female).

Anna (4)
Tellah's daughter elopes with Edward (whom Tellah thinks is just a lowly bard). She is killed when Golbez's Red Wings strafe Damcyan Castle, and she protects Edward with her body. She serves as Edward's inspiration to be brave in battle.

Apururu (11)
Sister of Ajido-Marujido, head of the Ministry of Maunastery. She enlisted the help of Shantotto after her brother was captured. Using the five rings of the ministers to form a gauntlet. She succeeded in freeing her brother, but when he was saved he fell unconscious.

Arion (MQ)
Reuben's father, a miner who knows all about strange rocks.

Ark Angels (11)
Also known as the crystal warriors. They were created by Promathia to represent the central vice of each of the five races - the arrogance of the Elvaan, the apathy of the Hume, the envy of the Mithra, the cowardice of the TaruTaru, the rage of the Galka. The Zilart reconsructed them to protect the mother crystals, but they were warped into something different after the Meltdown. They were summoned by Kam'lanaut to fight for him while he enacted his plan to open the gates to paradise, and were eventually defeated by Lion, Zeid, and Aldo.

Artania, Minister (9)
Cid's right-hand man and one of the leaders of Lindblum.

Artemicion (9)
A purple moogle who runs the Mognet mail service. His coat is looking unaccountably shiny lately, and people are wondering why Mognet has stopped working...

Artemecion (cc)
Either a crossover or simply a homage to another inky-coated moogle from Final Fantasy IX, Artemecion is the moogle member of the Striped Brigands band of thieves. He's still self-centered and accident prone, and makes a perfect addition to the incompetent team of bandits. Occasionally, this team manages to steal some fruit from the caravan.

Arvis (6)
The Returner sympathizer in Narshe, he helps Terra out when she ends up on his doorstep.

Arylon (1)
A dancer in Cornelia.

Ashura (4)
The queen of the Phantom Beasts joins you if you defeat her. Getting her is the only way to get Leviathan. Click here for Summon pictures.

Astos (1)
The Dark Elf who steals Matoya's Crystal to be able to see, and puts the Elf Prince to sleep.

Aura (FFU)
The person who must certainly have been Kaze's love in his earlier life... Aura was killed when his world was destroyed by Chaos. She turned herself into Soil for Kaze to use in his battles.

Auron (10/X-2)
Originally a high-spirited, naive guardian assigned to Lord Braska. Auron accompanied Braska and Jecht all the way to Zanarkand, where he learned the truth about the Final Summoning. He attacked Yunalesca and was killed, but was never Sent. His last promise to Jecht was to protect Tidus, Jecht's son, so he traveled to the dreamworld Zanarkand. Jecht as Sin visited Zanarkand and brought Tidus into Spira. Auron fulfilled his vow to Jecht by protecting Tidus and Yuna throughout Yuna's pilgrimage. Auron became somewhat of a legend after Braska's pilgramige, and other guardians (such as Dona's Barthello) revere him.
Auron's original good spirits and high ideals were dashed down after death, and he became a rather morose straight-shooter. He doesn't speak often, but he has a piercing sight into matters and usually sees deeper than most people do. He doesn't beat around the bush; when he has something to say, he'll say it... and he's usually right. He gets all the cool lines, too. 8p He's intensely shamed about his actions with Braska and avoids the issue among company. In battle he's the strongest character in the game, with armor-piercing weapons, but rather slow. He carries a flask of saki (rice wine) and keeps his sword arm in his shirt; these are both signs of a ronin - a samurai without a master - which he adopted once Braska was killed. Auron is voiced by Matt McKenzie.

Ayame (11)
A hume samurai, one of the Mythril Musketeers. Daughter of Ensetsu. She competes with Iron Eater and Naji to be leader. It was revealed that she formerly held loyalty to Gilgamesh when she was sent to Norg to negotiate trade. Her role is representative of the Republic in negotiations.

Ayde (X-2)
Lian's more taciturn friend, who runs away with him on a journey through Spira to search for a cure for Kimahri's horn. He doesn't find it, but does find insight. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Babus Swain (TA)
The faithful nu mou retainer to Prince Mewt, who's held the position for many years (despite the fact that he hasn't even existed for that long). A Runeseeker by class, and a stuff-shirt by disposition. He fights Marche a few times, but after the game's over he'll join your clan.

Bahamut (1; 3-8 plus Tactics as Summon)
The king of dragons gives the honor of a class change if you bring him a Rat's Tail. See Summons for more info.

Bahamut (11)
Also known as the wyrmking and lord of the skies. Promathia awoke him to attack the Zilart when they opened the gateway to paradise. He awoke the other avatars and they fought a gigantic battle in sky, during which the dawn maidens and Kuluu enacted their plan to sabotage the magic reactor. After the magic explosion, he was still at large, terrorizing the land. A young boy (later revealed to be Nag'molada) made a mysterious deal with him, and he left. He returns somehow later in the Chains of Promathia storyline. His plan is to destroy Vana'diel so that if Promathia is resurrected, there will be no life left for him to envelop.

Baigan (4)
The Captain of Guards of Baron, Baigan is a snitch, a faker, and not a very nice-looking person either. He squeals on Cecil, getting him demoted, then he attacks him when he makes his way into the castle to defeat the king.

Bakgodek, Overlord (11)
Orc leader who appears in the Monastic Cavern in Davoi, the base of the Orcs.

Baku (9)
The hearty, bearded leader of the Tantalus troupe. His bark is worse than his bite - or rather, he usually holds back to those he loves, which includes Zidane (his adopted son), despite what he might say to him. He respects Zidane's motives, but doesn't want to show it. He plays King Leo in the play "I Want To Be Your Canary".

Balbanes Beoulve (Tactics)
The leader of Eagrose and the Order of the Northern Sky during the Fifty Year War achieved the highest order of Heavenly Knight. His bravery and battle prowess helped to instigate the treaty which ended the War. He was poisoned in the latter part of the war (by his son Dycedarg as we later find out) and dies soon after the War ends.

Bal Dat (CC)
The leader of the Striped Brigands, Bal Dat is a red-haired Selkie who travels the world, not for Myrrh, but for fame and fortune as a skilled thief. His band of followers is small (only three, including himself), but he's dedicated. His code of morals doesn't seem too greatly different from most Selkies, but he's the only one in the game who actually takes part in thievery of any sort.

Barich Fendsor (Tactics)
An Machinist from the Clockwork City of Goug who joined the Knights Templar. He was blacklisted by the royal knights for anti-aristocratic actions. He was killed in the Beddha Sandwaste, but is later brought back to life to guard Murond Death City.

Valmafra Lenande (Tactics)
A magician sent by the Glabados Church; firstly, to help Delita with his goals, and secondly, to spy on him. If Delita's ambitions turned against the Church (as they ultimately did) she was to kill him. However, she found herself falling for him, and could not raise the blade to strike.

Banon (6)
[HERO] The leader of the Returners is surprisingly weak in battle, but he's got some nice healing powers. He's very intelligent and kind-hearted, and sees Terra as more than just a tool to use agains the Empire.

Balias (Tactics)
The first disciple of St. Ajora, he was chased by the Holy Empire of Yudora and eventually was executed on Baraius Hill.

Baralai (X-2)
The young leader of New Yevon also used to be a member of the Crimson Squad. Although he's noble, he tends to guard Yevon's secrets a bit too closely, causing much acrominy between him and his former compatriot, Nooj. Shuyin eventually possesses him and takes him to the Farplane. Baralai is voiced by Josh Gomez.

Baram (6)
Clyde's former ally, he was struck down in battle. He begged Clyde to end his pain, but Clyde ran away. Ever since, Clyde, a.k.a. Shadow, has been haunted by dreams of his deceased compatriot.

Barrington, Grand Duke Gerrith (Tactics)/ Barinten, Grand Duke Gelkanis (PSX)
The leader of Fovoham and owner of Riovanes Castle, Barrington is known as the "Weapon King" for his eagerness and prowess in all types of weapons. He brought up Marach and Rapha, but both of them eventually turned against him after finding out his past atrocities. During the Fifty Year War, he headed a band of assassins called Ryomoku; Marach and Rapha were the strongest members of the group. He sides with the Glabados Church, but after trying to steal a Holy Stone, he is killed by Folmarv.

Barkeep (X-2)
[X-2] The Hypello barkeeper of the Gullwings' Celsius airship is a funny little fella, just like everyone else of his race. He has a sweetie-pie who comes on board in chapter 5 (maybe).

Barret Wallace (7), Barrett Wallace (7j)
[HERO] The dark-skinned leader of AVALANCHE is a trash-talkin', go-get-'em type of leader. The gun-arm he got grafted onto him makes him a powerful force in battle. He harbors deep hatred towards Shinra for needlessly torching his town, North Corel. He cares deeply for his daughter Marlene.

Barthello (10/X-2)
Dona's bullish guardian who also doubles as her... I dunno, what's the word for "lover" if you take out the "love"? 8p He idolizes Auron (and degenerates into a slobbering mess when he meets him) and almost never speaks. Good thing, too, since he's never been known to say anything intelligent. Barthello is voiced by John DeMita.
[X-2] Barthello later joins New Yevon - which conflicts with Dona's joining the Youth League. Much to-do is made of their tiff and subsequent reuniting.

Bartz Klauser (5)
[HERO] Hailing from the town of Rikks, Bartz is the son of Drogan and Stella Klauser. Drogan was a Warrior of the Dawn, and Bartz has been chosen as one of the four Crystal Warriors. He's an easygoing guy with an unfortunate fear of heights, and a propensity to get crushes on any female he meets.

Bayra (X-2)
The serious leader (and harpist) of the Macalania musical troupe. Voiced by Phil Proctor.

Beatrix, General (9)
A powerful and noble knight, the head of the female Alexandrian troops. She works for Queen Brahne without compunctions, disdaining the weakness of her enemies, until Kuja's works begin to really show themselves and she begins to have doubts. Eventually she goes over to the right side. Although almost completely oblivious to Steiner's feelings for her, she doesn't mind in the least once he finally says something about it.

Beclem (X-2)
A hard-talking Youth League member who arrives in Besaid to train up the lackadaisical Aurochs for Youth League duty. It's an uphill battle for him. He's an old war buddy of Chappu, who constantly praised Wakka, so when he actually meets Wakka he's sorely disappointed. He does have some respect for him, though, and appreciates his desire to protect those he's close to, although he insults his actual ability to do so. Voiced by Adam Paul.

Belgemine (10)
A summoner (looking rather like Princess Leia) who's great at using her Aeons in battle. She constantly tests Yuna's ability to fight with her Aeons. Eventually we find out her home is in Remiem Temple, and she's yet another Unsent. Yuna agrees to Send her after she's defeated all of her Aeons. Voiced by Cree Summer.

Benero (9)
One of the three Nero brothers, members of Tantalus. He has a kind of dog-head and claw grips, and apparently says everything with an exclamation mark.

Benjamin (MQ)
[HERO] The generic boy hero of MQ. Not much to say, really. He's got a decent sense of humor but nowhere to practice it.

Benzo (X-2)
The Al Bhed translator living in Bikanel; the only guy who can understand Cactuar language. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Beowulf Kadmas (Tactics)
[HERO] The former leader of the Lionel Holy Knights was branded a heretic by Priest Bremondt, who was jealous of his bond with Reis. Bremondt's curse turned Reis into a dragon and sent Beowulf forever searching for her, finally to find her at the Mining Town of Gollund.

Besrudio Bunansa (Tactics)/Besrodio Bunanza (PSX)
Mustadio's father found a Holy Stone while poking around the Clockwork City of Goug Mines. Baert Trading Company got wind of this and began chasing him, trying to get ahold of the Stone. Mustadio called in the cavalry of Ramza and co. and saved his father. Besrudio later found two strange machines in the Clockwork City of Goug - one of them was Construct 8, and the other was a device to summon Cloud from his world.

Big Bro (7)
A cross-dressing macho guy who owns the gym in Wall Market, and apparently people compete in squats competitions to receive his wigs as prizes. Don't ask me...

Biggs (6), Vicks (6a)
A generic soldier for the Empire who gets wasted by Tritoch.

Biggs (7)
The karate dude in AVALANCHE, he's a real decent guy. Too bad he kicks the bucket.

Biggs (8)
Major Biggs of Galbadia reporting! This guy offers some nice comic relief, but he tends to send massive mechanical things after you once he's done.

Bikke (1)
A pirate who terrorizes the port town of Pravoca, and who gives you his ship when you beat him.

Bilghen (10/X-2)
The pioneer who, long ago, constructed lightning towers to allow passerby to actually, er, pass by the Thunder Plains. Unfortunately he got a bit too close to a big 'un and got friend. RIP.

Biran Ronso (10)
An old foe of Kimahri; he was actually the one who broke his horn years ago, forcing Kimahri to leave in disgrace. When Kimahri returns and beats Biran, though, you can't call him a sore loser - he accepts defeat with grace and dignity.

Black Knight (CC)
A Lilty warrior trying to get back the memories of his lost family. He travels the world, mad with confusion, fighting against 'imaginary' monsters. It's said that he has the strength of 20 Lilty warriors and battles in a frenzy. At one point, he is hired by a priest named Hurdy to investigate a swamp that might have clues involving the missing memories. When the party finally comes across him, he is in the midst of finding his answer with his inner demons, before a young Lilty ends his life to avenge his father.
* Leon Esla, the Lilty who finally killed the Black Knight to avenge is father, was in fact, the Black Knight's son.

Black Waltz 1, 2, 3 (9)
Big, buffed-up versions of Kuja's Black Mages, with wings. They're "programmed" to chase after Princess Garnet and capture her alive by any means necessary.

Blank (9)
Marcus's brother and another member of Tantalus. He wears some kind of band across his eyes (whoo, Geordie!). His bravery in the Evil Forest ends up in his petrification, and Marcus searches the world over for an item called Supersoft to restore him. He wields a sword and can steal from enemies.

Blansh (Tactics)
An aide to Prince Goltana.

Bobba (10)
One of those two damn annoying announcers in Luca.

Boco/Boko (5, 8, Tactics)
Bartz's cute chocobo from the First World who carries on a romantic relationship with Koko. Boko also shows up as a generic fighting Chocobo in both 8 and Tactics.

Bolbol (FFU)
A weird (and possibly gay) clothier living near Telos who has the ability to make Flight Water clothes for exorbitent prices. Ru befriends him when she finds him.

Bolmna (Tactics)
An aide to Prince Goltanna.

Borghen (2), Borgan (2j)
A quirky-looking defector to the Paramecia Empire, who oversees the building of the Warship in Bafsk. He confronts the heroes in the Snow Cave.

Brahne, Queen (9)
The obese, green-skinned ruler of Alexandria was supposedly a kind creature before Kuja gave her an overweening sense of greed. She proceeds to exploit everyone and everything, even her adopted daughter's eidolons, to reach her goals. She's not destined to win her war, though.

Braska, High Summoner (10/X-2)
Yuna's father ended up being the last summoner to call the Final Aeon and lose his life in the process. Although an honorable, magnanimous, high-class individual, Braska was a bit of a maverick; he had a sense of humor. Yuna's mother was an Al Bhed, a fact that would have proved deeply embarrassing had the church of Yevon found out about it. Braska was protected on his pilgrimage by Auron and Jecht. Braska is voiced by Andy Philpot.

Brother (10/X-2)
Rikku's Al Bhed brother... no, apparently he doesn't have a name. ^^; He's rather brash, but a decent blitzball player and a good airship pilot. He even makes a half-hearted attempt at learning English, such as it is. Voiced by David Rasner.
[X-2] The "leader" of the Gullwings (although no one really listens to him), Brother has become a parody of himself with his ridiculous animations and voices. He's learned English to some extent, mainly in an attempt to impress the newly babe-arific Yuna.

Buddy (X-2)
A dark-skinned Al Bhed, he pilots the Celsius and puts up with Brother's antics as the straight guy in the Gullwings. He's also one of the founders of the group; he and Brother were the ones who discovered the Celsius in the first place. Voiced by Ogie Banks III.

Bugah, Elder (7)
One of the two wise men in Cosmo Canyon. Him and Hargo make up Bugenhagen's name.

Buremonda/Bremondt, Priest (Tactics)
The jealous priest who put a curse on Reis, turning her into a dragon, and sentenced Beowulf as a heretic. Does not appear in the game.

Bugenhagen (7), Buugen Hagen (7j)
Good old Bugen is the resident wise man, although it's unnerving to hear him go "Ho Ho Hoo!" about everything. He has kind of a weird sense of humour. He's Red XIII's grandfather, which raises a lot of questions, let me tell you. He enjoys both nature and machinery, an anomaly in RPGs.

Butz (5j)
See Bartz Klauser (5).

Byakko (11)
A "god" tiger that appears when you trade the Gem of the West and an Autumnstone.

Cactuar (FFU)
Cute, lovable Cactuar! The Cactuars all live in a village in a desert where they try to defeat the "wandering ocean" who keeps them from seeing the sun. As you might expect, they can shoot needles from their bodies and are extremely fast (running without actually moving their limbs) - and they hate water. The sound they make is a kind of squeak that sounds like "geKA!".

Cagnazzo (4), Kainazzo (4a)
The Emperor/Fiend of Water looks like a giant blue turtle. He was the one who took over the kingdom of Baron by killing the king, Odin, and disguising himself as the king. He then let Golbez come in and wreak havoc. His name comes from Dante's Inferno, an ancient work.

Cain (4j)
See Kain (4).

Cait Sith (7)
[HERO] This cute little guy is described as a "Toysaurus" which doesn't mean anything at all. He's a toy cat riding a giant Mog. (See the Species page for an explanation of this.) He starts out talking normally, but at the end of the game degenerates into southern drawl. He uses a megaphone and his Mog to attack in battle. He enjoys fortune telling. In reality, he's Reeve, head of the Shinra Urban Development Section. He originally joined Cloud to spy for Shinra, but he joins him wholeheartedly later. The name Cait Sith is taken from an enemy (a palette swap of Cuar) from 4; it was also used as the name of a Summon from 6. Lulu from 10 could use Cait Sith dolls to attack the enemy!

Calli (10/X-2)
A little girl met by Tidus and Yuna while on Mi'ihen Highroad.
[X-2] All grown up now, Calli hangs around the Mi'ihen Highroad and yearns to ride Chocobos along it again. Voiced by Cree Summer.

Cararu/Cara (5j)
See Krile Maia Baldesion.

Caraway, General (8)
Rinoa's stern father who's all but disowned her. He's a top brass in the Galbadian army and she's a dissenter. Go figure.

Carbuncle (11)
One of the avatars, keeper of the world and keeper of rainbows. Involved in the side quest for Summoner's artifact armor.

Card Queen (8)
A gameplay element who flits from place to place, often not telling you where she's going, and forcing you to follow her doggedly to pick up a few almost-not-worth-it cards.

Cardians (11)
Dolls brought to life by the strange fruit of the trees on the Windurst Walls. They became grunts for work and war, and held loyalty only to Zonpa-Zippa. Eventually, they grew out of control, so Zonpa-Zippa made the Ace Cardians to manage them.

Cecil (4)
[HERO] Cecil was raised with his friend Kain by the king of Baron. The king taught Cecil the art of the Dark Sword. His skills eventually became so great that he was appointed the leader of Baron's Red Wings airship squad. However, the king's orders to him become more and more erratic, and Cecil begins to have doubts about his king's honor when he is ordered to torch a peaceful Mysidia and steal the Water Crystal. Cecil is dogged by his own sense of morals throughout the game, until he becomes a Paladin and leaves his dark art. We find out much later that Cecil is the son of KluYa, a Lunarian (which makes FuSoYa his uncle) and the brother of Golbez. Rosa is his lover.

Cecil (CC)
The Clavat Elder of Marr's Pass. He seems to think he's quite the ladies' man, despite his age. His granddaughter, Rashe, thinks he's a little senile.

Cefca Palazzo (6j)
See Kefka (6).

Celia (Tactics)
An Assassin who aids Marquis Elmdore; later found out to be an Ultima Demon summoned by Zarela, Elmdore's Lucavi alterego.

Celes Chere (6)
[HERO] A pure knight who defected from the Empire to join the Returners. Celes' beauty is astonishing for a warrior, and Locke is infatuated with her when he decides to rescue her from the Empire's hands. She has a very good heart and will take the right path no matter what the consequences.

Chaos (1)
[VILLAIN] The ultimate evil, a big guy with wings. Incidentally, one of Vincent's Limit Breaks in 7 allows him to turn into Chaos. Kind of cheap, isn't it? 8-)

Chaos (FFU)
See Earl, Tyrant.

Chappu (10/X-2)
Wakka's little brother was also Lulu's sweetheart, if you can believe it. One day Luzzu convinced him to join the Crusaders. When he went into battle with the fiends, he was using an Al Bhed machina weapon instead of the tried-and-true Brotherhood sword... he never came back. Wakka never forgave the Crusaders or the Al Bhed, and his Blitzball was shot to hell after that. Tidus apparently looks just like Chappu (I can't see the similarity, meself).

Chebukki Triplets (11)
Makki, Kukki, Cherukiki. These trouble-making Tarutaru triplets are on a constant search for their father. Through the events of Chains of Promathia they wind up fighting alongside and against the heroes, making their alliance to good or evil ambiguous. After Promathia is destroyed, they are thrown off a ship for stowing away, and find their real father. They are currently under the care of Prishe.

Chobi (FFU)
A wacko Chocobo picked up by Yu on his first outing in the Inner World. Chobi is full of idiosyncrasies: the tendency to grab Ai by her pigtail and run around with her; an illogical affinity for the giant, super-spicy Dead Peppers, which cause it to breathe fire and run around screaming; and the ability to jump at an enemy and kick it to bits (just like the Chocobo Kick summon!) He wears Isabel, the Inner World clock made by Sid, around his neck; it was apparently placed there by Oscar as a tracking device. The clock also allows Yu, Ai, and Lisa to anticipate when and where the interdimensional subway will go next. At one point, he encounters the ancient Ciel ruins, which gives him the power to transform into the legendary Ciel Chocobo, which can fly. Incidentally, he's voiced by the same person as Earl Tyrant.

Choco (9)
Zidane's chocobo friend, who goes on a long quest to find the Chocobo Paradise, only to decide he likes Zidane better. Go figure.

Choco Bill (7)
This guy runs the Chocobo Farm in 7.

Choco Billy (7)
Bill Jr. takes care of the chocobo stables.

Chocobaba (FFU)
An extremely whacked-out old lady riding a chocobo, whose repertoire of conversation consists of "So the rumours say" and "It never ends..."

Chocoimo (FFU)
Chocobaba's younger sister (if you can believe that). She's just as wacky as her sister, and her own conversation is "I don't know..." and "or something like that". 8p She's even voiced by the same person as her sister.

Chocobo Sage (7)
A strange purple old man who lives in a secluded hut, he knows everything there is to know about special chocobos... that is, if he can remember it, durnit...

Chocoboy (8)
A little kid who runs the Chocobo Forest puzzles.

Chole (7)
Choco Billy's sister knows everything about the individual chocobos that there is to know. She also can remember the Chocobo Sage's illucid remarks.

Chumimi (11)
Tarutaru gardener of the star trees. Involved in the side quest for the Black Mage's artifact armor.

Cid (2)
The creator and owner of the world's only airship, the Dreadnought, lives in Poft. He gives rides for overblown charges. Much later in the game, after an attack by Paramecia's Whirlwind, he gives the airplane to the heroes with his last breath.

Cid (3)
The funny-looking engineer is the mastermind of airships on the Floating Continent. This overblown little man works for the king of Argass and utilizes the Time Gear to make airships. He was stuck in Kazus under the spell of Jinn (causing him to become a two-dimensional ghost), but was helped out by the Heroes.

Cid (4)
[HERO] The mastermind behind Baron's Red Wings airship squadron, he's a crusty man, fairly old, who nevertheless has the work ethic of an entire anthill. He overworks himself several times throughout the game, risking his life, but he's tough as nails. He lives with his daughter in Baron Town.

Cid Previa (5)
A mechanical genius, Cid was the one who built Karnak's Fire Ship. Because the Crystal began to fail, they locked him up. Bartz (who was locked up in an adjacent cell) escaped with his help. Later, Cid and his grandson Mid (who followed in his footsteps) take up residence in a Ranka ruin called the Airship Base; they were the brains who got the Airship up and running.

Cid (6)
The brains behind the Magicite operation, he works wonders for the Empire before realizing just what they're planning on doing with it. After meeting Locke and the gang, he quits his day job and joins the Returners. He's known Celes since she was a child and sees her as a daughter or granddaughter.

Cid Highwind (7)
[HERO] A rough, crusty middle-aged aviator. His dream was always to go into space, but thanks to a bit of extra spot-checking by his underling Shera, who put herself in danger to make sure the launch went through, he ended up scrapping the whole project. He never really forgave her. His technological prowess, like all Cids, is unmatched. He can pilot anything. He uses a spear in battle and he's never without a cigarette.

Cid Kramer (8)
He looks too nice to head a military academy, but there he is. He can be quite forceful when push comes to shove, but he's a bit of a coward. He started the orphanage with his wife Edea, but was forced to transform it into Garden when she was possessed by Ultimecia. Having to live with the fact that he might have to order his wife's death is not a nice feeling. When danger from Galbadia threatens, he runs.

Cid Fabool IX (9)
The ruler of Lindblum and airship genius extraordinaire... well, he would be, except that his wife Hilda turned him into an oglop because he carried on an affair. An attempt at restoring him midway through the game just turns him into a frog. Shame, because he can't think well without his human brain. He's still an expert at Tetra Master, though. Don't worry, eventually he does get turned back to a human.

Cid (10/X-2)
The leader of the Al Bhed is bald as a billiard ball and speaks like Yosemite Sam. He cares deeply for his niece Yuna and his daughter Rikku, and is fiercely protective of them. He's a whiz with machina, like all Al Bhed. Strong, cynical, and quite the hard-liner. He was the brains behind the "kidnap the summoners so they won't kill themselves" movement, a cause which he feels quite close to, since Yuna's on the same quest. Cid is voiced by Michael McShane.
[X-2] For some odd reason, Cid finds it useful to parade the Zanarkand Ruins as a tourist attraction; he hires Isaaru to be the main event. Naturally, Yuna gets annoyed by this and tells him off. He spends most of the game sulking in the Thunder Plains, at which point he has to get rescued by his daughter and niece from a nasty monster. After this, he comes onboard the Celsius and makes a pain out of himself fighting with Brother et al.

Cid (11)
An engineering genius (like all Cid's before him), and figured to be the smartest man in the world. He originally made his fortune from studying ancient Zilart technology and using it in his inventions. When he found a mysterious crystal in the Northlands, he sent the ill-fated mission there to see if there was more. This piece actually turned out to be a chunk of the Star of Tavnazia. Using the knowledge he gained from his studies, he developed a crystal engine that would eventually power airships. During their development, he worked with figures in hooded robes that may have been Zilart. The Archduke of Jeuno commissioned him to build a fleet of airships to be used in the Crystal War, but only one was ever publicly used or needed.

Cid, T.G. (Tactics)
See Orlandeau, Cidolfus.

Cid Randell (TA)
Mewt's father IRL becomes the Judgemaster in Ivalice. It's just what he needs to perk his spirits up after his wife died, because back in the real world he cuts a pretty pathetic figure. However, his ethics are superb, and he goes as far as to cut himself off from the palace (and his "wife" and son) to ensure that no one is above the law. After finishing all 300 missions, Cid will join Marche to sock it to a bunch of renegade Judges.

Cid, Professor (TSW)
See Sid, Professor.

Cid (FFU)
This version's Sid is a cheerful, optimistic, and energetic technician, a wizard at anything electronic. He carries around weird high-tech equipment and inventions wherever he goes (some of them can pack quite a punch!) He names his inventions after females and has a way-too-close connection with them. He has his own insignia, and wears neato specs. He's the brains behind the Comodin. You DON'T want to be around him when he gets mad (he pulls all kinds of crazy gadgets out of his backpack and gets medieval on whosever's ass is around). A rather hilarious episode in which he gets turned into a frog ends up with a kiss between him and Mireth, and their relationship has been rather strained since then. 8p

Cindy (4), Mag (4j)
One of the three Magus Sisters living in Valvalis's Castle, she's the fat one. Also appears in 10 as a summon.

Cinna (9)
The engineer of the Tantalus troupe carries a hammer (which he's very protective of) and is mostly along for comic relief.

Claidie (11)
San'dorian princess, daughter of King Destin. She was under the armor of the gold warrior who intervened on Rochefogne's behalf at Battalia downs, but ultimately failed to protect him.

Clasko (10/X-2)
The last hapless Chocobo Knight, who's great with Chocobos but is a wimp in battle. He (possibly) ends up becoming a Chocobo Breeder instead of a Knight. Voiced by Matt Miller.
[X-2] With the rest of the Chocobo Knights joining the Youth League, Clasko does as well, though he's still unhappy. After tailing around Yuna for a while, he finally realizes his true calling as a Chocobo breeder and makes a ranch where the Monster Arena used to be.

Cletienne Duroi(Tactics), Kletian Drowa (PSX)
A Templar who graduated at the head of the Gariland Military Academy, he's now Folmarv's assistant. He's an accomplished magician.

Cloud Strife (FF7, FF Tactics)
[HERO] The very dedicated hero of 7 (although to what, he's not always entirely sure). He sports a wacked hairdo and a purple SOLDIER outfit. He likes using big swords. He starts out being kind of a loner, but for some reason all the ladies find him sexy and he comes out of his shell a bit. He's bent on a) destroying Sephiroth and b) finding out just who the hell he is. He also makes a surprise appearance as a playable character in Tactics, after finishing a complicated optional sequence of events.

Cloud Of Darkness (3)
[VILLAIN] Not so much a character as the embodiment of evil, yada yada yada. It (she?) was summoned by Zande, but naturally overpowered him and decided to destroy the world. Guess who has to kill her first?

Clyde (6)
This was Shadow's name before he became Shadow. An infamous thief with his friend Baram, who was wounded in a battle. His cowardice prevented him from cutting Baram's suffering short. He staggered to Thamasa, where he met Strago's daughter. Relm was his daughter, but he never lets her know this.

Coates, Mr. (7)
The caretaker of a sort for the Corel Prison. He sees who goes up to the Chocobo Races and who stays down.

Coco (5j)
See Koko (5).

Cornelia (11)
A hume monk hume who was chosen for the Northland expedition. A Yagudo killed her brother. She was a member of the Mythril Musketeers and then became a monk. While on her quest to become a monk, she met Raogrimm, a Galkan warrior. Her affections for Raogrimm irked the passions of Ulrich. When Ulrich attempted to stab Raogrimm, she jumped in front of his blade and died.

Cornelia (II) (11)
Daughter of Karst. She was named after the ill-fated Cornelia who went on the Northland expedition. She helps Prishe when she is captured and brings her to Cid. She is very good with improving relationships with the Galka, since she has the ability to see through their eyes.

Corneo, Don (7)
I think Don is his first name, because he doesn't quite strike you as a Godfather type of guy. He loves cigars and women (getting a good picture yet?) He likes asking people inane questions and then dropping them down into sewers. I think the Corneo part comes from the word "carnal".

Crux (FFU)
A fairy marionette brought to life by Oscar and sent to spy on Kaze and friends, and report to whichever of Earl Tyrant's minions happens to be around. Her entire vocabulary seems to be "kukuruyu", which sounds like a dove's cooing. She's not quite mindless, though... in fact, if it weren't for her the series would have ended quite differently. Incidentally, she's voiced by the same actor as Fabra.

Curilla, General (11)
Leader of temple knights. Part of her face is scarred from an accident sparring with Prince Trion. She hides this part of her face from shame. She is involved in the side quest for the Red Mage's side quest.

Cyan Garamonde (6)
[HERO] A throwback from another era, Cyan speaks and acts like a knight out of Victorian times. His ancient talk and practices throw some people off sometimes. Retainer to the king of Doma, he was forced to watch as Kefka poisoned his king, and his wife and child. Burning with vengeance, he vows to avenge their deaths. His prudent values sometimes turn out to be a bit embarrassing for him.

D'Oraguille, Achefagais (11)
The ninth king of San'Doria. He ruled from 558-567. He received the crown after he personally assassinated his stepbrother, who had more claim to the throne than he did. Called "The War King" for his ferocity in battle, he was loved as a warrior, but hated as an aristocrat. He died on the throne.

D'Oraguille, Lanfeaur (11)
Elvaan. The ruling party at the time of the discovery of a small peninsula at western edge of Quon continent. This peninsula would eventually become Tavnazia. He also held one of the tablets that told where Lightbringer was.

D'Oraguille, Marelinne R (11)
The ruler of San'Doria after Acheufagai D'Oraguille. Her claim to the throne was discovered just before a bloody civil war broke out. Disgusted with the deception and schemes around her, she left the kingdom and journeyed the land, ruling from afar by messenter. She vanished after a twenty-year reign.

D'Oraguille, Ranperre R (11)
Nicknamed the "dragon king". With his dragoons, he led the final assault on the San'doria. He discovered the secret of Lanfeaur D'Oraguille's tablet, revealing the location of Lightbringer, a powerful sword. The presence of this weapon caused the royal knights to surrender without it ever being brought out and ended the civil war threatening to plunge San'doria into bloody conflict directly after their defeat by Bastok. Believing Lightbringer was too much power for him to wield, he sent it to Tavnazia and had it locked away in its caverns. Ancient lore says that he saved a black dragon from death, and as a result a dragon would protect his tomb.

Dagger (9)
[HERO] That's the name Princess Garnet chooses for herself when she travels with Zidane and his ragtag bunch. Born to the name Sarah in the summoner village of Madain Sari (and born with a horn), Garnet escaped the horror which destroyed Madain Sari (by Garland's Invincible) and floated to Alexandria in a boat. She bore an incredible resemblance to the recently-deceased Princess Garnet, and was adopted by the king and queen; her horn was subsequently removed. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, she becomes more and more fidgety and resolves to leave Alexandria and her brocade prison. She implores Zidane to capture her (funny, that's what he was gonna do anyway!). A fairly naive and kind-hearted person, Dagger tries hard to fit in wherever she can (and eventually succeeds, more or less). Her feelings for Zidane initially waver between attraction and annoyance, but eventually resolve themselves. She uses rackets and rods in battle, and can use both white magic and summon eidolons.

Dah Vis & Mana Kohl (CC)
A Selkie couple from Leuda who form the closest thing to a crystal caravan that the port town can claim. The pair travel on foot with their chalice and spend most of their time being lazy and having fun. Occasionally, they argue over inane problems and try to get the party involved. Somehow, though, they always get the job done, and if you visit them after they've completed for the year, they'll ask you to join in on their dancing festivities, which is always fun. Dah Vis plays the instruments while Mana Kohl leads the dancing.

Darlavon, Master (Tactics)/Daravon, Bordam (PSX)
The elder teacher at the Gariland Military Academy. His short lectures are praised for their clarity, but his long ones are feared for their, well, length. He achieved the status of "Leading Knight" but has only been in one battle and can't really fight by himself. (Some of his lectures have proved so boring that one of the Orator's abilities, which puts a monster to sleep, is "Mimic Darlavon".)

Dark King (MQ)
[VILLAIN] Quintessential bad guy, green skin, six arms, lots of weapons, really a giant spider. Not much to say, really.

Dark Knight (2)
A general of Paramecia's army, he starts his road to the top by overseeing the building of the Empire's airship in Bafsk after Borghen is defeated; after that, he claims the throne once Emperor Paramecia has been killed once. However, who would ever guess that the true identity of the Dark Knight is (gasp!) Leon!

Daryl/Darill (6)
Setzer's former love was an airship connoisseur. However, her spunk and need for challenge drove her a little too far and she crashed. She was buried along with the remains of her airship in a tomb near Kohlingen.

Dawn Maidens (11)
Women of the Zilart with exceptional skill in telepathy and magic were chosen to be dawn maidens. They were said to be in direct service to Altana. They soon developed a distaste for the way the Zilart treated the Kuluu and conspired with them to sabotage the Zilart's experiment to open the gates to paradise. They were killed in the resulting Meltdown, but were blessed with "afterlife" to watch over future incarnations of the gatekeeper.

Dean (6j)
See Duane.

Deathgyunos (Anime)
See Ra Devil.

Deidogg (11)
Friend of Raorgrimm. He is involved in the side quest for the Warrior's artifact armor, and in the process goes from hating Raogrimm to believing in him.

Delilah (3)
This eccentric (okay, mad as a hatter) old lady lives in the sewers and owns a pair of Floating Shoes which are required to cross a certain swamp. She also for some reason keeps a pair of exploding shoes to throw at intruders.

Deling, Vinzer (8)
The dictator President of Galbadia, who got his way there very cunningly, had a city named after him, then invited a sorceress in who promptly got rid of him.

Delita Hyral (Tactics) (PSX)
See Delita Heiral.
Delita Heiral (Tactics)
[HERO/VILLAIN] Born to a poor farmer on a fief on the Barbaneth' land, Delita became friends with Ramza. Barbaneth appointed Delita to be Ramza's assistant and used his pull to get him into the Gariland Military Academy. Delita is very close to his sister Teta, and her death by Argath's hand sends him into a smoldering rage. Delita's low rank continually irks him, especially from the jibes Argath gives him; after Teta's death, something snaps in him and he vows never to be manipulated again. He's extremely crafty and clever, and ends up using everyone and everything for his own will. He assassinates Goltanna and blames it on Orlandeau; his ingratiation to anyone currently in power eventually gains him the title of Holy Knight, then leadership of the Order of the Southern Sky, then the throne. He harbors true feelings for Ovelia, however. Although he does not agree with the Glabados Church, his goals nevertheless coincide with theirs for a time.

De Nam (CC)
A Selkie with a purpose in life, this guy is the best alchemist researcher in the game. He figures out the origin of monsters, miasma, and the link between the memory loss and the crystals. He spends his time in Shella amongst the Yukes and clues the party in on most of the mysteries of the world, including how to solve these problems. Apparently he doesn't share the normal Selkie creed.

Denamunda Atkascha, King (Tactics)
The king of Ivalice declared war on Ordalia because of the complaints of the province of Zelamonia, which began the Fifty Year War. He fell ill while Ivalice's army marched on Ordalia's capital, Bura, and died. His son, Denamunda II, took over. He also died towards the end of the war, leaving his son Ondoria, who was unfit to rule, in charge of the throne. Ondoria's weakness forced Ivalice to surrender to Ordalia. Denamunda's daughter was Ovelia.

Desh (3)
The son of Owen was appointed as the caretaker of the Tower of Owen, which powers the Floating Continent. However, he began to travel and contracted amnesia. He fell in love with Sarina of Canaan but left again for reasons unknown - he was found in Bahamut's nest. He follows the Heroes around for a while and finally regains his memory in the Tower of Owen.

Despachiaire (11)
Old Elvaan man. Grandfather of Ulmia. Tavnazian elder.

Destin, King (11)
Elvaan king of San'doria after the Crystal War, during a time of his nation's decline. He had two sons, Trion and Piejue, and a daughter, Claidie. He was convinced by the Papsque that Lightbringer was nearby, judging from the stone tablet. He sent forth his knights to look.

Destin, Queen (11)
Deceased. Sister of Rochefogne. Also the former princess of Tavnazia.

Diabolos (11)
The guardian to the sacred realm of dreams - Dyanmis. He refuses to join Tenzen when asked to help defeat Promathia. Instead, Diablos asks him to join him in Dynamis. He claims that Promathia is the one leading them on the path of fate to opening the gates of paradise.

DiMarco, Francesca (8)
The owner of the Timber pub has known Rinoa since she was a child.

Dio (7)
The mesomorphic owner of the Gold Saucer, who just loves a good fight and collects tons of rare oddities. He's a nice guy when he's not throwing you into dungeons for killing eight or so people.

Dobe, Mayor (8)
The pacifist mayor of Fisherman's Horizon wants no violence at any cost. This changes a little when a rampaging Galbadia invades, looking for Ellone.

Dog (4j)
See Sandy (4)

Doggvdegg (11)
A gigantic orc. Before the start of the Crystal War, he slew King Grantieul R d'Oraguille. Then was incarcerated for a battle with the Shadow Lord. When he was released, he found his battle troupe, the Bloodwing Horde, had sworn allegiance to the Shadow Lord. Doggvdegg joined them. He reportedly defeated San'dorian General Phillieulais at Xarcabard.

Domino, Mayor (7)
The token mayor under Shinra's claw, he's actually starting to get a bit fed up with his joke of a job.

Dona (10/X-2)
A stuck-up bitch of a summoner, who never really does anything summoner-worthy. Her guardian, the lump of meat known as Barthello, is apparently just around as her man-slave. O_O Of course Yuna ends up being way better than her, and Dona quits her pilgrimage, being too scared. I guess at the end she's not such a meanie, but who is? Voiced by Candi Milo.
[X-2] Ever the hot-fused, Dona joins the Youth League, much to the consternation of Barthello, who's with New Yevon. They fight and (hopefully) make up.

Donga (X-2)
The Scottish-sounding drummer of the Macalania musical troupe. Voiced by Phil Proctor.

Doned Radiuju (TA)
Marche's brother is an invalid confined to a wheelchair. However, the transformation to Ivalice gives him a good set of legs. It's fairly understandable that he'd like to keep Marche from bringing the wheelchair days back. However, Marche makes him understand that there's good and bad to everything, and in Doned's case his mother dotes on him and practically ignores Marche. Having put it like that, he agrees to help Marche bring the real world back.

Dorga (3)
The mysterious old man was one of the three students of Archmage Noah. He was given the mystical knowledge of magic to control. He helps out in many ways, even after his death. He holds the key to the Forbidden Land Eureka.

Dorgan (5j)
See Drogan Klauser (5).

Draclau, Cardinal Alphons (Tactics)
The head of Lionel is the second-most powerful man in the Murond Glabados Church. Unknown circumstances caused him to seal a pact with the Lucavi demons, assosciating himself with Cuchulainn.

Draco (6)
Maria's lead in the opera.

Drogan Klauser (5)
Bartz's father was originally one of the Four Warriors of the Dawn. He insisted that they take X-death back to the Second World instead of sealing him on the First World, but was overruled. His conscience commanded him to stay in the First World and keep a watch on X-death. He married Stella and had a child, Bartz; both he and his wife died of illness within the same year.

Duane (6), Dean (6j)
A young lovebird who takes care of the Mobliz orphans.

Duncan (6)
The martial arts guru and master, Sabin trained under him for 10 years. He intended his son Vargas to succeed him, but Vargas didn't know that... Duncan faked his death, but reappeared a year later.

Dycedarg Beoulve (Tactics)
Barbaneth's eldest son gave up the position of leader of the Order of the Northern Sky by Balbanes' request, giving it to his younger brother Zalbaag. After Barbaneth' death, Dycedarg becomes leader of Eagrose Castle. A harsh man, his greed eventually seals his pact with Loffrey representing the demonic Lucavi army of Zodiac Braves and assosciates with Adrammelech. As it later turns out, Dycedarg was the one who poisoned his own father.

Dyne (7)
Barrett's onetime friend and now-time enemy, he also has a gun grafted onto his arm. After Shinra torched North Corel, killing his wife Myrna as well as (he believed) his daughter Marlene, he went fairly crazy. He ends up jumping off a cliff. He was the Boss of the Corel Prison till then.

Eald'narche (11)
One of the two prominent Zilart Princes. He is revealed to be the older brother of Kam'lanaut, despite appearances. Experiments involving exposure to a Mother Crystal stopped him from aging and sealed him into his current form. Upon the destruction of the Zilart, he and his brother slept frozen in tower of the Delkfutt reaction chamber, until many years later, Raogrimm reactivated the crystals. He turns about to be the real mastermind behind the present day plan to open the path to paradise, including starting the Crystal War from behind the throne of the Shadow Lord, and also using his ability to read minds. When he was defeated by Zeid, he attempted to fuse the crystal cermet pathways of the reactor into him, intending to release the same Meltdown that destroyed his people long ago on the entire world of Vana'diel. Yve'noile shows up in his final destruction and tells him the path to paradise cannot be open by Vana'diel's destruction. He dies.

Earl, Tyrant (FFU)
Earl Tyrant is basically the human representation of Chaos (he can transform into a giant winged creature). When human, he's constantly eating what his "pastry chefs", the Hayakawas, prepare for him: namely emotions like fear and anger created by his machinations on our heroes. He searches out Omega so that he can recombine it and complete his plan to dominate absolutely everything.

Edea Kramer (8)
[VILLAIN/HERO] Edea's original motives were all for the best. A very high-class woman, she started an orphanage with her husband, Cid. However, that all changed when she inherited the powers of Sorceress Ultimecia (via a bend in time) and became a sorceress herself. She realized the problems this could cause. She and Cid started Garden and SeeD, in case she should ever need to be stopped before destroying the world. All the children from her orphanage call her Matron, and have very fond memories of her, which make it all the harder to be forced to fight her. After she comes to, she joins up with the youths in the fight against Ultimecia.

Edgar Roni Figaro (6)
The youthful king of Figaro has a way with tools and machines, and thinks he has a way with women as well. It does seem to work on some people, despite the chagrin of the ladies who actually know him. Sabin's brother chose his destiny with reluctance; he never really wanted to be a king, but he turned out to be a good one.

Edge (4)
[HERO] The Young Master of Eblan, Edge is a master ninja and royal pain. He has a major attitude problem, and for some reason thinks he's very attractive to ladies. He has a massive crush on Rydia. Cid enjoys making him work to improve the airships. Edge's parents, the king and queen of Eblan, were cruelly experimented on by Lugae without Rubicant's permission, causing Edge to really lose his temper.

Edward Damcyan (4), Gilbert Damcyan (4j)
[HERO] Edward is not only the prince of Damcyan, he's also a great bard. He's also a coward. He elopes with Anna, much to Tellah's consternation; Anna is killed protecting him during an attack by Golbez. Edward is stricken ill for quite a while by an attack by Leviathan.

Eiko Carol (9)
[HERO] The six-year-old sole survivor of Madain Sari now lives there with her moogle friends, including a small female one named Mog, who was born on the same day as her. She's tired of living alone, and latches onto Zidane in hopes of winning his heart... She gives up when she realizes how stupid he and Dagger are in the realm of love. She's a spunky and energetic kid who nevertheless manages to get into scrapes a lot, and inevitably ends up hanging by her baggy shirt from some high place. She plays the flute (and uses it as a weapon in battles), and like all summoners, can call eidolons in battle as well as using white magic.

Elena (7)
The newbie Turk, she really looks out of place with her blond mop and a black suit. She's very opinionated and sort of naive. She tries to do the best she can, which is amusing to her superiors.

Elayne (6), Mina (6j)
Cyan's wife was murdered, along with his son and the rest of Doma, by Kefka's unorthodox warfare.

Eldie Mantiant, Lady (11)
The female leader of San'doria army at the battle of the Konschat Highlands.

Elia (3)
The water maiden is the first person the Heroes see when they leave the Floating Continent. She's stuck in a shipwreck. Elia is the only person who can speak to the Water Crystal and get the rest of the world un-submerged.

In the Fifty Year War, he was one of Ivalice's greatest sorcerers and fought against the Romandan army. He disappeared during the recapture of Riovanes Castle, but was later found to be hiding in Midlight's Deep. He had somehow either found or created a thirteenth Holy Stone and used it to transform into a Lucavi demon. His actions between his disappearance and discovery are a mystery.

Elliott, Major (TSW)
General Hein's right-hand man. His family was also killed by the Phantoms, and he follows Hein despite his misgivings, because Hein seems to have the only plan which might possibly work. His loyalties are profoundly misplaced.
Ellone (8)
Her parents were killed in an Esthar attack, and she was adopted and raised by Raine and Laguna. She started off as the cutest little girl, and grew into a graceful young lady. She has the unique ability to send someone's mind back in time, which is how Laguna and Squall became so closely connected. She's continually getting captured and rescued because of her abilities. Ellone also eventually ended up in the Kramers' orphanage, and being the oldest there, everyone looked up to her and called her "Sis".

Elma (10/X-2)
Second in command of the Chocobo Knights. Voiced by Julia Fletcher.
[X-2] With Lucil, she joins the Youth League.

Elmdore, Marquis Messam (Tactics)/ Elmdor, Marquis Mesdoram (PSX)
The leader of Limberry was actually killed in a battle on the Fuse Plains. He is known as the "Silver Noble" by his friends, but as the "Silver Ogre" by his enemies. The Lucavi demon Zarela took over his body after his death.

Elmyra (7)
Aeris's foster mother, she adopted her when she found her real mother, Ifalna, dying in the Midgar train station. She's cared for her as her own ever since then, but is afraid that her powers may get her into trouble. She cares for Marlene while Barrett's out fighting.

Emeline (11)
Sister of Aldo. She was lost during the battle of Tavnazia and presumed dead. Only she knows the 5th verse of "Lay of the Immortals", but her memory is shoddy, and she believes her name is Mathilde. She's the sister of the guy we see in the opening movie.

Enkidoh (5)
Gilgamesh's winged helper who doesn't seem to be around whenever he needs him.

Ensetsu (11)
Retired Tenshodo. Involved in the side quest for the Ninja's artifact armor.

Enuo (5)
The source of all evil, Enuo was the original creator of the "Void" or "Mu". He does not appear in the game.

Epuracion, General (11)
The last great knight of San'doria. He was the leader of the Dragon King's army, but fled to prevent disgrace and turned into a wandering spirit.

Erin (9)
Head pilot of Lindblum, and Cid's right-hand lady. She registers for him in Treno's card tournament, and pilots the Hilda Garde 3 when it's finally complete.

Esha'ntarl (11)
The only woman to ever break the chains of Promathia. Orignally a Kuluu, she was blessed with the duty of watching over man until the end comes, in a conversation she had with Fenrir. Like Nag'molada, she was at ground zero of the Meltdown and was propelled 10,000 years in the future. She goes under the guise of Cardinal Mildaurion. She reveals that Promathia must be reborn to stop the apocalypse, to fulfill the pact between Bahamut and Selh'tus. She returns to defeat the wyrms.

Ester (7)
The chocobo guru, she takes a liking to Cloud and guides him through his first few races. She looks kinda weird, though.

Exdeath (5j)
See X-death (5).

Exodus (TA)
The Viera Totema.

Ezel Berbier (TA)
A nu mou with a mischievous streak. Ezel pioneered the use of antilaws - cards that can nullify the all-encompassing Laws. Bervenia Palace isn't too happy about that, of course, and chases after him continually. However, eventually, as the resistance to the Laws climbs, Ezel is called upon to mediate between the resistance and the palace. With Marche's help, he negotiates a peace treaty and, having nothing better to do, joins Marche's clan.

Fabra (FFU)
The Guiding One; an oracle-like figure who lives in what looks like an oyster. She introduces each episode and "prophecizes" (i.e. gives a preview) of the next one. At first it seems like this is the extent of her character, but in episode 3 she actually appears to Ai inside the story to give her a bit of hope and a little pet named Pochepoke. She also guides the party out of Omega's grasp in a later episode.

Famfrit (TA)
The Moogle Totema.

Faris Scherwiz / Salsa Tycoon (5a)
[HERO] The leader of a ragtag band of pirates was originally a princess. Her sister was Reina and her father was King Tycoon. However, she was lost at sea, and the pirates found her. Her real name is Salsa, but she could only say "Farifa" (or possibly "Farfa") as a baby so the pirates called her Faris. She became close friends with a thunder dragon named Hydra. She met her sister when they were both chosen as Crystal Warriors.

Fat Chocobo (9)
The ruler of the Chocobo Paradise. He doesn't like strangers, but reluctantly allows Choco to travel with Zidane, searching for treasure.

Fellenant, Prince (11)
Brother of Raigegue, he was more religious and peaceful than his brother. He formed the Temple Knights. In an effort to stop the bloody war between nations, he conspired with the leaders of Bastok to dethrone his brother in exchange for a ceasefire. As a sign of agreement, he gave them the Scepter Royaulis. The soldiers of Bastok and Fellenant's temple knights succeeded in taking the castle up to the point of seizing King Raigegue, when Fellenant had a vision from the Scepter and surrendered. He was placed in the dungeons, since a decree made it so royal blood could not be spilled. He later escaped to Junger Forest.

Fenrir (11)
A wolf beast avatar, known as the hound of the moon. He was shown in a vision to the Star Sybil during her and Karaha-Baruha's visit to the Full Moon Well. Karaha-Baruha attempted to manipulate the power of Fenrir, but it only sapped the wolf's strength and both disappeared. He appeared again during the battle of Odin's Gate, but then disappeared forever. Later, it was found that while some of Karaha-Baruha's life force had bonded with Joker, most of it was retained in Fenrir. He showed up once again to Ajido-Marujido.

Fickblix (11)
Goblin friend of Verena. Accidentally killed by Verena.

Fiona (CC)
Quite possibly the prettiest character in the game, Princess Fiona is the daughter of a Lilty and a Clavat from Alfitaria. While many of the people in the game do not approve of her, she is determined to learn about the world before she accepts her duties as a princess. However, she goes about it by running away and travelling the world in disguise, much to the chagrin of her Lilty protector, Knocfelna, and his loyal dog. As a half breed, she's quite interesting, with Lilty characteristics such as flower-petal-like hair and steel-gloved arms along with a mostly-Clavat like face and body. When she returns home, she gives the party 1000 Gil each for helping her reach her conclusions.

Firion (2), Frionel (2j)
[HERO] The outspoken leader of the heroes. Not much of a personality, like the other four.

Flo (8)
Mayor Dobe's devoted wife who's decent at cards.

Folmarv Tengille (Tactics), Vormav Tingel(PSX)
The head of the Knights Templar is one really mean character. The father of Isilud and Meliadoul turns out to be the leader of the new Zodiac Braves. Funebris tried to control them, but Folmarv had other ideas and ended up executing Funebris himself. Folmarv was the one who told Ovelia her true origins. He is assosciated with the Lucavi demon Hashmal .

Francmage (11)
San'dorian knight who accompanied Raogrimm, Cornelia, and Ulrich to north, as a spy. He was later found mysteriously murdered, as were all other members of the Northland expedition.

Fratley (9)
Sir Fratley the Iron-Tailed, a Dragoon of Burmecia, was Freya's beau once upon a time, before he left on adventures. Freya didn't hear from him for a long time, but when she finally saw him again, all of his memories had been erased. She still yearns for him, though...

Freya Crescent (9)
[HERO] A noble Dragoon of Burmecia. Freya was Zidane's neighbour for a while in Lindblum, and meets him there again, when the news of Alexandria's raid on Burmecia is exposed and they decide to travel together. She searches far and wide for her boyfriend, Sir Fratley the Iron-Tailed, only to find him... and discover he remembers nothing about her. She stands by her friends, though, and her battle prowess belies her strange appearance.

Friese (11)
A hume girl. Apprenticed to a Galkan blacksmith, and gained fame from constructing windmills. She was appointed as the first captain of gold musketeers. On a mining mission she made Quadav and Bastok lifelong enemies.
Frionel (2j)
See Firion (2)

Frog Sage (FFU)
An old, annoying little frog who turns Sid into a frog too! Everything he says ends in "-kero", which is Japanese for "ribbit".

Fujin (8)
A very creepy gal. She has grey hair and an eye patch (no one's ever asked). She has a tendency to speak in CAPITAL, ONE WORD SENTENCES (in Japan, she speaks in single-kanji sentences, which has basically the same effect). She can speak normally, but she doesn't like to. And she packs a mean kick, usually to Raijin. She, Raijin, and Seifer make up the Disciplinary Committee of Balamb Garden, for a little while at least.

Funebris, High Priest Marcel (Tactics)/ Funeral, High Priest Marge (PSX)
The leader of the Murond sect of the Glabados Church has grand hopes and expectations - he attempts to deal with and control the demonic Zodiac Braves. However, his second-in-command Folmarv has his own intentions and eventually kills Funebris himself.

Fungo (FFU)
A very strange prankster, apparently from a different Outer World. He gains Ai's extreme displeasure when he steals her bag (and eats it!), but as it later turns out he's a member of the Comodin, and takes them to Knave and his friends. He has acute Spidey-Sense and just before something bad happens, says "I have a bad feeling about this", which is usually too late for anyone to do anything about it. 8p He can understand certain strange creatures as well (like Cactuars). He likes eating absolutely everything (and I mean *everything*).

Fungus (FFU)
The second of the Deathlords working for Earl Tyrant; a mushroom man whose attacks deal with fungae/poison and the like. He always has a pipe in his mouth (apparently it blows out steam). He spends most of his time losing to Kaze, dying, being reincarnated at one-tenth the size, then embarrasingly waiting till he's full-size again to do anything. He's technically immortal as long as his world still exists. Part of it was absorbed by the Inner World, so when he ends up back there he uses its energy to (e.g.) grow to giant-size and try to pound things. However, the whole thing ends up being a trap by a disgruntled Count to finally kill Fungus and his world via a destructive mold, and feed him to Chaos.

FuSoYa (4)
[HERO] The ancient Lunarian watches over the people of the moon as they sleep. He knows all White and Black Magic. He joins Cecil temporarily in his quest against Golbez. As it turns out, Cecil and Golbez are actually FuSoYa's nephew; FuSoYa's brother was KluYa.

Gabbott (11)
An elder Galka who proclaimed Povall as the new Talekeeper. He was exiled from town for lying.

Gaffgarion, Goffard/Gafgarion, Gaff(PSX) (Tactics)
A mercernary selling to the highest bidder, Gaffgarionchanges sides several times throughout the game. He begins by working for the Order of the Northern Sky, but later changes his alignment to that of the Church and their evil plans. He was the leader of the Touten Knights during the Fifty Year War, but his reckless actions drove his superiors to dismiss him. He is killed in a battle at Lionel Castle.

Galuf Halm Baldesion (5)
[HERO] An old man who arrives in a meteor with total amnesia. As it later turns out, he comes from the Second World and is a king there (although he prefers to dismiss the formalities of the position). His granddaughter is Krile. A determined and brave man, he was originally one of the Four Warriors of Dawn and has been chosen again to be a Crystal Warrior.

Gareth (2), Richard (2j)
[HERO] The last surviving Dragoon has been swallowed by Leviathan, the guardian of the Ultima spell. He joins with the heroes when they share the same fate, and together they manage to escape. He's a stolid ally, but gives his life in a battle with Paramecia to allow the others to escape. He's the only one who can control the Wind Drake.

Garik (X-2)
The leader of the young Ronso who are chafing to fight the Guado in revenge for the role they played in Seymour's slaughter of them. He's got a short fuse, but eventually Yuna and Kimahri manage to rein him in. Voiced by Jack Fletcher.

Garland (1)
[VILLAIN] A knight who forges an unholy alliance with the Four Fiends, entering a 2000-year loop which renders him practically immortal. He transforms into Chaos, the ultimate evil.

Garland (9)
He was created by the rulers of Terra to watch over them during their soul-sleep. He watches over the Genomes and decides who gets souls and when. He schemes and plans from his crazy castle, Pandemonium, about the takeover of Gaia, the host planet for Terra. Ultimately, as he expected, his most unstable project, Kuja, overthrows him.

Garula (5)
A woolly mammoth who lives in Walz, Garula's really just a child. X-death controls him to break the Water Crystal.

Gast, Dr. (7)
Hojo's direct opposite. An honorable scientist who severed his ties to Shinra once he fell in love with his test subject, a Cetra named Ifalna. He later married her, and his daughter was Aeris. They set up residence in Icicle Inn. However, Hojo and some Shinra troops broke in, murdered the good doctor, and stole both mother and child.
Gatta (10)
The naive apprentice of the Besaid cadre of Crusaders, who looks up to Luzzu as a role model and is devastated when he is killed in Operation Mi'ihen. Although he kept wanting to be in the middle of things, I think he got the point that being torn in half isn't a good thing. O_o He ends up back in Besaid, leading a new batch of Crusaders (very new; most of 'em are kids). (You can change his fate by telling him to fight on the front lines; he'll die and Luzzu will return to Besaid instead.) Voiced by Adam Paul.

Gau (6)
[HERO] A wild boy living off the Veldt, he helps out Sabin and friends only when they give him some meat. Very unpredictable and extremely uncouth, Gau is nevertheless a breath of fresh air. Although he's only 13, he's very bright and has some pretty nasty moves in battle. I think he's called Gau because of the sound he makes when he's excited.

Gelwan (Tactics)
An aide to Prince Goltanna commits treason by helping Larg. He masterminds the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia by the Hokuten, and all the horror that comes out of it. As soon as Delita discovers this information, he kills Gelwan himself.

Genbu (11)
A "god" adamantoise that appears when you trade the Gem of the North and a Winterstone.

Genero (9)
One of the three Nero brothers, members of Tantalus. He has a kind of dog-head and claw grips, and apparently says everything with an exclamation mark.

Gerad (6), Geoff (6j)
This is the name Edgar went under while he took over a band of thieves. Gerad is just "Edgar" rearranged.

Germonik (Tactics)
A spy for the Holy Empire Yudora who was sent to investigate St. Ajora's growing cult. Although finding no concrete evidence of the spy charges they planned for Ajora, he did find several Holy Stones, which convinced him that Ajora was trying to revive the Zodiac Braves for reasons unknown. He gave Ajora's whereabouts to the Empire, who executed Ajora. Germonik later wrote the Germonik Scriptures, which endured for hundreds of years, locked up in Orbonne Monastery.

Gestahl (6), Ghastra (6j)
The decrepit Emperor, he dreams of taking over the world, but his general Kefka kind of upends the plan, and incidentally the Emperor. This guy isn't someone you want to get a summons from.

Gigames (3)
The chancellor to King Gorn of Salonia is a bad apple if there ever was. He controls the king's mind with magic, to the point of trying to make him kill his own son Allus. That went a little too far, and Gorn releases himself from Gigames' control, forcing Gigames to turn into the giant bird Garuda and fight the Heroes himself.

Gilbert (4j)
See Edward (4).

Gilgamesh (FF5, FF9, FF8 as Summon)
[VILLAIN] One of the coolest villains around, Gilgamesh is the only sidekick to have his own sidekick! Enkidoh the flying menace helps him out from time to time. He also has his own theme music. 8-) He's mostly there for comic relief, but you can steal Genji equipment from him. At one point he tries using a sword he THINKS is Excalibur against you; it's really called Excalipur and does single-digit damage. 8-) He's dressed in a wild-colored red robe thingy; he later morphs into a many-armed Kali-like menace. He's got a good heart, though - after X-death exiles him to the N-Zone, he begins to like Bartz and company. He returns in 8 (the only real cross-over character in the series) as a random Summon; Odin's Zantetsuken opens the breach to the N-Zone, allowing him to return equipped with the Excalibur, Masamune, Zantetsuken, and Excalipur. 8-) In FF9 he's a four-armed treasure hunter and card player extraordinaire, also known as Alleyway Jack.

Gilgamesh (11)
The pirate king of Norg, and former Tavnazian. He found Lion on the shores as a baby and raised her. Later, he set up a base for pirates, some of which broke off into the Tenshodo. In Rise of the Zilart, he sends Lion out to investigate the rumors involving the resurrection of the Shadow Lord.

Gill (5)
A great sage from the Second World who happens to be a turtle. He's very knowledgable in many physical and magical things, and he can even hold his own in a short battle against X-death. He's over 700 years old (anyone say Yoda?).

Ginnem, Lady (10)
Lulu's first pilgrimage was accompanying this summoner. However, upon reaching the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Lady Ginnem was killed. There were no summoners to Send her, however, and so she became a fiend.

Giott (4)
The king of the dwarves in the underground is a jolly guy who tries his best to aid everyone against Golbez. He rules kindly with his daughter Luca at his side.

Gippal (X-2)
The laid-back leader of the Machine Faction, who gets really annoyed at all the fighting between Nooj and Baralai, whom he used to be pals with in the Crimson Squad. He's great with machina, but isn't quite as grandiose as his compadres. Apparently Rikku's got a crush on him. Gippal is voiced by Rick Gomez.

A knight of the Corpse Brigade, he carried out a failed attempt to assassinate Dycedarg; failing that, he kidnaps Teta as a hostage to let him out unharmed. He is killed in the decisive battle at Ziekden Fortress.

Golbez (4)
[VILLAIN] An evil dude with red eyes and a horned helmet, Golbez commands the Four Emperors. One of them takes over the throne of Baron and institutes Golbez as the head of the Red Wings, but that pretense is soon destroyed. Golbez's aim is to gain the eight Crystals, but even he doesn't know why. Later we find out that Zemus is the one controlling him. Golbez reveals that he's Cecil's brother, which makes his father KluYa and his uncle FuSoYa. At the end he turns out to be a basically nice guy, I guess.

Goldor (3)
A money-hungry knight had a special Crystal made for him by Dorga which creates gold. His house is completely made of it. He placed a golden chain on the Heroes' airship, fearing that they were the four Dark Warriors whom he fears. They weren't, but he's not a very nice guy anyway, so they defeat him. He destroys his crystal after that ("if I can't have it, no one can!").

Goltanna, Prince Druksmald (Tactics)
The Black Lion leader and ultimate head of the Order of the Southern Sky is the lord of Zeltennia Castle and a cousin to Queen Louveria, appointed by those protesting Larg's claim to the throne. A crafty and deceitful man who's eventually done in by the leader of his own Order of the Southern Sky - Delita Heiral.

Gogo (FF5, FF6)
One of the only real crossover characters, Gogo's kind of an intentional enigma. He's a Mimic: he repeats everything others do. He wears flashy clothes and his face is hidden in his robes. In 5, defeating him yielded the Mimic job; in 6, you could actually make him join up. In 5, he lived underwater in the fallen Walz Tower; in 6, he lived in surroundings even stranger than himself: the insides of a giant Sand Worm-like creature called the Zone Eater. The truth is that the two characters don't look and act all that alike; perhaps they come from the same world of Mimics?

Gordon (2)
[HERO] The cowardly prince of Kas'ion helps out from time to time, especially when his new girlfriend Queen Hilda (who used to date his brother Scott) is in danger. However, he's not much of a fighter. Scott was killed by the Paramecia Empire and he vows to get revenge however he can - although his lack of bravery unfortunately stops him from doing it in conventional ways.

Gorn, King (3)
The king of Salonia is controlled by the evil Gigames. However, when Gigames tries to make him kill his son Allus, he revolts and instead stabs himself. Gigames doesn't like that very much; he has to fight the four Heroes himself now.

Graviton (11)
Cheiftain of Kuluu. He conspired with Yve'noile to bring about Zilart destruction by sabotaging their experiment to open the gates of paradise. He was transformed into a tonberry like most other Kuluu from the ensuing explosion and still exists in the present.

Gragoroth Levigne (Tactics),Golagros Levine (PSX)
Gray Edwards (TSW)
Captain of the Deep Eyes military squad. A no-nonsense man who never believed in any of the spiritual mumbo-jumbo conjured up by Aki and Sid, but finds himself eventually going along with them, partly because of his observations, and partly because of his feelings for Aki. Eventually these feelings become so strong that he finds himself willing to sacrifice everything for a belief he never used to have.

Grenados (Tactics)
A fanatic follower of the Glabados Church, he also bears a striking resemblance to Orlandeau. He agrees to sacrifice himself for the Church, although he doesn't really know why. (Delita dresses him up as Orlandeau and kills him, thus letting the real Orlandeau, whom he framed for Goltanna's death, go free.)

Grezzo (11)
Aldo's father. Former Tenshodo. Deceased.

Griever (8)
One of the major symbols of 8. Griever looks like a silver lion head and appears on Squall's gunblade, on a plaque in his room, on the ring he gives to Rinoa, and the final boss (the "Ultimate GF") is also named Griever. Nancy Lavigne gives an interesting connection: "Ultimecia searches squall's mind for the strongest monster he could imagine, and it was of course Griever. So Griever was a creature that squall imagined, and Ultimecia brought it to life."

Grims, Baron (Tactics)
The leader of the Black Sheep, a division of the Order of the Southern Sky. He and the entire division, with the exception of Delita, is killed by the Ryomoku.

Guido (5j)
See Gill (5).

Gumbah (11)
A Galka boy and friend of Zeid. He asks Cornelia (II) in help finding his friend Werei who has gone missiong. While the debate over Povall goes on, a letter from Werei tells Gumbah he is the new Talekeeper. Gumbah successfully calms the worker crowd when they demand access to the tunnels to the Galkans home island, and proves he is the real thing. He also reveals the corruption of the Bastok government when trying to reunite the people, and is finally recognized when he gets Senator Alois removed from power. He eventually found Werei, but he had undergone the Journey of Rebirth, and had no memories of his friend.

Gungho (6)
Strago's old buddy, he returns to Thamasa to try to get him to face some old demons, both metaphorical and physical.

Gurdy (CC)
A Clavat traveler of shady morals, Gurdy comes off as sincere, but in the end turns out to be some sort of pathological liar, leading the party in unusual directions that often turn out poorly. He occasionally works with the Striped Brigands to further his questionable goals. He does, however, give the party useful information in the form of cryptic poems he claims just came to him. Later in the game, it is revealed that he makes up his lies to cover up for the fact that he's lost most of his memory - even the memory of the brother he apparently lives with from clothes he finds in the closet that do not belong to him.

Gustav Margriff (Tactics), Margueriff (PSX)
The second-in-command of the Corpse Brigade and former second-in-command of the Knights of Death. Before that, he was a Hokuten Knight who was dismissed. He was the one who planned the abduction of Elmdore for money, but Wiegraf (who knows more than he lets on) gets mad at him for it and kills him in Ziekden Fortress.

Gus (2), Guy (2j)
[HERO] The large buddy of Firion, Maria, and Leon. A bit wittier on the uptake, but that's about it.

Guzco (3)
A strange-looking thief who's after the two Horns of the dwarves. After gaining them both by hiding in the Heroes' shadows, he travels to the Flame Cave and powers up to become the Salamander.

Hana (X-2)
One of Pacce's Kinderguardians. Voiced by Olivia Hack.

Hani (11)
An adventurer who give Gumbah the letter from Werei.

Hargo, Elder (7)
The second wise man in Cosmo Canyon. Him and Bugah make up Bugenhagen's name.

Hart (7)
Mayor Domino's money-grubbing sidekick.

Hashmal(Tactics), Hashmalum (PSX)
The Bringer of Order is the Zodiac Brave assosciated with Folmarv and the Leo Stone.

Hassan (Anime)
Queen Reina's resident Blue Mage, he can't do much besides listen to the wind. Voiced by John Hostetter.

Heidigger (7)
The guffawing, bearded head of Shinra's military force, as well as the Turks, it's hard to see how he made it that far. He's a complete incompetent whose idea of discipline is throwing people off bridges.

Hein, General (TSW)
The rigours of long military life and the loss of his wife and daughter to the Phantoms has galvanized Hein into a monomaniacal warlord intent on destroying the Phantoms at whatever cost might come. His power goes to his head soon enough, and he begins to believe that he's some kind of messiah, and that nothing he can do goes wrong. He finds out his mistake when a "demonstration" of the Phantoms' power ends up destroying the entire New York Barrier City. He does feel intense remorse, but true to his nature, decides that action and destroying the Phantoms is a better penance. He completely shuts out anything Aki and Sid say to him, dismissing Aki as a traitor because of the Phantom inside her (whether he actually believes that or is only using it as an excuse is never quite shown). Brute force is the only method he understands.

Herba (FFU)
A mischievous plant-lady, one of the four immortal Deathlords of Gaudium who attend on Earl Tyrant. Her attacks are themed after various flora, and apparently her curiosity and playfulness overwhelm her common sense - if she has any, that is.

Hidon (6)
A monster, so called because of its tendency to hide deep within Ebot's Rock. Strago and Gungho fought this monster in their youth but never subdued it.

Hilda (2)
The princess of Fynn - soon to be queen of Fynn when her ailing father dies - has relocated to Altair due to the pressures of the Paramecia Empire. Even her boyfriend Scott, prince of Kas'ion, can't do much to stem the tide - till the four heroes come! Scott dies early in the game and the role of boyfriend is (get this) taken over by his brother Gordon.

Hilda (11)
Cid's secret love from Bastok quests.

Hilda (9)
Cid's wife, who's also a sorceress. When she discovered his unfaithfulness to her, she turned him into an oglop, stole his airship, the Hilda Garde, and left. She was later captured by Kuja and imprisoned in Mount Gulug. She's willing to let bygones be bygones, though... eventually.

Hinaree (11)
Countess of Mistalle. Wife of the relative of a knight who went on the Northland expedition 30 years ago.

Hojo (7)
The bespectacled, hunchbacked resident scientific psychopath. He'll do anything, up to and including destroying the known world, in the name of research. Kind of kills the purpose, don't it? He's Sephiroth's father, as well.

Holzoff (7)
The intrepid explorer of Gaea's Cliff, who got stuck at the bottom after seeing his friends fall off. He set up an outpost near the base of the cliff to help weary travelers.

Homac, Elder (3)
One of the elders in Ur.

Honoi-Gumoi (11)
The richest Tarutaru in Windurst. The Chebukki triplets thought he was their father, but this was disproved. He chases the reporter Kyume-Romeh to make sure the story of the Chebukki triplets doesn't get published.

Hurdy (CC)
A Clavat priest who travels the world in search of answers to the mysteries of the miasma and the memory loss plaguing the people of the world. He hires the Black Knight during his search of the swamp where many of the answers lie. Hurdy has mysterious relationship with the traveller Gurdy.

Hydra (5)
A thunder dragon, Hydra's known Faris since childhood. She pulls the pirates' ship when there's no wind, like when the Wind Crystal breaks. She gives her life to Faris during an attack by a sea monster, but later her soul returns as a Summon.

Hyne (3)
A skeletal sorceror who stole the Elder Tree from the Living Forest and transformed it into a flying palace. He captured the king of Argass and his entire court and keeps them captive. Why? Who knows! Hyne used to be the king's chancellor; that might have something to do with it. The Heroes also get captured, something Hyne lives (not very long) to deeply regret.

Hyne (8)
The Great Wizard Hyne was supposedly the ancestor of mankind and who gave part of his power to the sorceresses. It's a great honor to call a Sorceress a "daughter of Hyne".

Hyne, General (TSW)
See Hein, General.

Ifalna (7)
The last surviving Ancient (or Cetra) was found by Dr. Gast. He later fell in love and married her, and their daughter was Aeris. Hojo broke into Gast's lab and stole both Aeris and Ifalna, then wasted the doctor.

Ildy-Goldy (11)
Tarutaru involved in the side quest for the Summoner's artifact armor.

Impresario, Opera (6)
The frenetic owner of the Opera House wants the show to go on no matter what! When an elaborate plan to get ahold of Setzer through the diva Maria hatches in front of his nose, it's almost too much for him to handle.

Impresario, Train (6)
The master of the Phantom Train knows his job and sticks to it. He can't let the whole thing go to pot just because some live people have gotten on by accident, can he?

Interceptor (6)
Shadow's dog, who acts xenophobic around anyone besides Shadow and Relm.

Invincible Shield / Ginuva (11)
Galkan centurion who wrote "Ginuva's Battle Theory" after he retired from war. After obtaining information on a danger imminent to Bastok and Vana'diel, he returned to the army.

Iron Eater (11)
A Galka knight, one of the Mythril Musketeers. This Galka competes with Ayame and Naji to be leader. He arranged an expedition to the desert to see if Povall's claims to the title of Talekeeper were true and found evidence to the contrary. This evidence was a moon pebble, which the Talekeeper was supposed to have. He is also the Bastok president's bodyguard.

Iru-Kuiru (11)
After learning of the Northland expedition, which included representatives from Bastok and San'doria, Windurst demanded they be included too. Iru-Kuiru was the Tarutaru who was asked to accompany the group. He was later found mysteriously murdered, as were all other members of the Northland expedition.

Irvine Kinneas (8)
[HERO] There's always one. Irvine is the ladies' man of 8; he's even got the cowboy hat and ponytail, and his dead-on sharpshooting aim, to try to make their knees weak. It's very rare that he gets any sort of positive reaction, though. He tends to put people off by his uncaring attitude, but it's really just a cover. The real him comes out sometimes when he gets caught up in things. He also attended the Kramers' orphanage as a child.

Isaaru (10/X-2)
The only male summoner in the game. Flanked by his brothers, Maroda and Pacce (who double as his guardians), Isaaru is recruited by the Yevonites early on. First they demand that he slaughter Yuna, which he tries to do but fails miserably. He's never quite on good terms with her, but eventually after Bevelle falls to anarchy, he's installed there to try to put some order into it. Perhaps he's too busy to bother chasing traitors. Voiced by Quinton Flynn.
[X-2] Isaaru finds his new calling as a silly tourist entertainer in the Zanarkand Ruins, employed by Cid. Depending on your actions, his fate may simply be to watch over the Ruins after the tourists desert it. However, he may also end up leading the leaderless New Yevon while Baralai is kidnapped and taken to the Farplane.

Isilud Tengille (Tactics),Izlude Tingel (PSX)
Folmarv's son and Meliadoul's brother, he helps his father in the Knights Templar, but is eventually killed by that same father for trying to keep the Pisces Stone from him.

Jake (CC)
Jake is the Clavat leader of the caravan from the Fields of Fum, where all the world's food supply comes from. His caravan is a friendly lot who enjoy being part of their town's community and being able to protect everyone. This caravan is also more shrewd than one would first expect, and while they freely share their food, they also freely try to sell less useful items for extravagant costs. The other members of the Fum Caravan are named: Sheula (female), Lulie (female), and Andy (male).

Jakoh Wahcondalo (11)
Cheiftainess of the Mithra. She helped Gilgamesh and Lion investigate the truth of the Zilart.

Jane Proudfoot (TSW)
A tough gal working for Gray in the Deep Eyes, and apparently a munitions expert.

Jaucribaix (11)
A weapon smith, She is involved in the side quest for the Samurai's artifact armor, and sends you on a bunch of 'gopher' tasks.

Jayne (1), Jane (1n)
Sara's sister, who worries about her.

Jecht (10/X-2)
Tidus's father is, quite frankly, a boor. He's the star blitzball player in Zanarkand, but unfortunately he's well aware of it. Jecht's encounter with Sin shoved him from Zanarkand to Spira where he unexpectedly ended up guarding Braska on his pilgrimage after being thrown in jail due to a Drunk And Disorderly charge. During the journey, though, we realize certain things about him - that he wasn't as mean a lout as he used to be, that he can actually control himself when he needed to, and that he really did care about his son, though he had no idea how to show it. Tidus always has a burning hatred for his father (whom he really blames for his mother's death of "broken heart") which is never fully assuaged. Jecht surrendered himself to become Braska's Final Aeon and therefore Sin... when Tidus has to fight him in that form, the swirling emotions of love, hate, and sorrow are almost too much for him. Jecht has a large tattoo on his chest, which also appears when he is in his aeon form; it also appears at the start of the game (above the words "Final Fantasy X Project"), and is on a chain worn by Tidus. Jecht is voiced by Gregg Berger.

Jenica (5)
Reina's and Faris's old nurse, she still watches over them when she can. She was the one who convinced Reina not to kill the last Dragon to save her mother's life.

Jenova (7)
[VILLAIN] The name of a malevolent force from outer space which crashed into Earth, causing a rupture which is still being healed. Cells were taken from her and SOLDIERs were imbued with them; Sephiroth was the result of an experiment based on her DNA.

Jessie (7)
AVALANCHE's computer expert, she designs everything from bombs to ID cards. She kind of has feelings for Cloud, but it doesn't really pan out due to her dying.

Jim (1)
A dwarf who's investigating the overworld.

Ji Meon & Te Odow (CC)
A pair of travelling Selkie merchants, Ji Meon is a trader and merchant, while Te Odow supports him as a money-budgeting wife. The two of them frequent every town in the game and tends to have the best prices.

Jimma (10)
One of those two damn annoying announcers in Luca.

Jiru (3)
An old man in Amur who holds the key to the sewers where Delilah lives.

Jobbos (11)
A Galkan living in Movalpolos, the capital city of the Moblins. He is seen as an outcast from the Galkans. The moblins threw him in jail for not telling them what he knew about Promathia, as they worship the Twilight God. Jobbos eventually told them the truth, that Promathia is their father, thus the light and twilight in all men. Suprisingly, the moblins accept this and let him go.

Joe (7)
The master chocobo racer, whom no one can ever beat.

Joe Hayakawa (FFU)
Ai and Yu's father, a geologist. He disappeared into the Inner World with his wife Marie, and his twin children search for him. As it turns out, he's being mind-controlled to work for Earl Tyrant, who uses his research abilities to further his plan to dominate absolutely everything.

Johnny (7)
Cloud's onetime buddy from Midgar. He looks like he stole his hairdo from Johnny in Chrono Trigger. He can't really make up his mind what he wants to do with his life.

Joker (11)
a super strong cardian built by the Ace Cardians under direction of Karaha-Baruha. Its life force was bound to Karaha-Baruha. When Karaha-Baruha finally disappeared during the battle of Odin's Gate, it deactivated, although it still maintained control of the cardians and used them to kidnap the Star Sybil.

Josef (2)
[HERO] A stalwart miner from Salamand knows the secret to obtaining the Goddess Bell, needed to enter Kas'ion Castle. His bravery proves so great that it is his own demise. His daughter Nellie lives with him in Salamand.

Julia Heartilly (8)
The beautiful piano player at the Galbadia Hotel is the distant object of affection of Laguna, who just falls over himself and gets embarrassing cramps whenever he tries to talk to her. He becomes her inspiration for finally writing her hit song, "Eyes On Me". She eventually marries General Caraway and becomes Rinoa's mother. She dies in a car crash at age 28, when Rinoa is only 5. (The song "Eyes On Me" is played in one of the nicest scenes in the game, a conversation between Squall and Rinoa: Laguna's and Julia's children. 8-))Julia is voiced by Faye Wong.

Jun (6j)
See Arvis.

Justinius (11)
Captain of Tavnazian knights. He reports that if Bahamut has arrived, the gates to paradise have indeed been opened. During the events of Chains of Promathia, he questions the reason for gods and goddesses.

Jyscal Guado, Maester (10/X-2)
The well-meaning leader of the Guado helped them embrace Yevon's teachings and went so far as to take a human as a wife. Unfortunately this ended up in the birth of Seymour, which was not good for Jyscal, because Seymour killed him to become maester himself.
[X-2] Jyscal shows up as an Unsent in the Via Infinito.

Kadowaki, Dr. (8)
The resident medical specialist in Balamb Garden used to be so good at cards she was named the Card King. She has no patience for Seifer's shenanigans, but she's good in a crisis.

Kaeli (MQ)
[HERO] A resident of Windia, she wields an axe. She cares deeply for her father, Captain Mac. She has the ability to speak to trees.

Kain (4), Cain (4j)
[HERO] Raised by the king of Baron with his childhood friend Cecil, Kain nevertheless forsook the Dark Sword for his father's Dragon Knight skills with the spear. The king looked down on him for this, but Kain felt he had to uphold his father's spirit. Kain unfortunately has a weak mind and is a prime target for Golbez to prey on. Kain switches allegiances no less than four times throughout the game. His private love for Rosa doesn't help much, either, seeing as she's Cecil's honey.

Kainazzo (4a)
See Cagnazzo (4).

Kam'Lanaut (11)
The younger of the two Zilart princes, despite appearances. He acts as the figurehead for Eald'narche's scheme. Like his brother, he slept frozen in tower of the Delkfutt reaction chamber, until many years later, Raogrimm reactivated the crystals. His true role unknown, he disguised himself as the Archduke of Jeuno years later. With this power, he rallied his troops and prepared the first and final offensive to the north against the Shadow Lord, during the crystal war. After the Shadow Lord's first defeat, he gained the final seals and magicite needed to resurrect the Shadow Lord, unbeknownst to the people of Vana'diel. Upon the Shadow Lord's resurrection, and the revelation that he was Raogrimm, Kam'lanaut used his Zilart powers to summon the ark angels to do away with people of Vana'diel, cleanse the world, and reactivate the plan to reach paradise. He used a fake tablet to bring lightbringer out into open and steal it during a rite of succession in San'doria. This is the sword he uses in battle. Upon his defeat in ROTZ, he asks his brother for help, who laughs.

Kamog (6)
See Kuku etc.

Kanbabrif (Tactics)
An aide to Prince Goltanna.

Karaha-Baruha (11)
The genius Minister of Opistery. Before the time of the Crystal War, he investigated summoning. He organized a plan to explore the ancient secrets of the Tarutaru in the Horotoro Ruins, and asked Zonpa-Zippa for control of the Ace Cardians to do this. Under his direction, he had the four Ace Cardians build Joker, a super strong Cardian, and bound his life force to it. While in the ruins, he saw Fenrir and received a vision of Windurst in ruin. He later built a secret Ministry of Animastery in the canals under Windurst. He and the Star Sybil, who was with him when he received his vision, hatched a plan to try and avert this premonition, althought Karaha-Baruha secretly made his own agenda to suck the life force out of Fenrir. He and Fenrir disappeared when this happened and was never seen again. Until much later, at the battle of Odin's Gate in Windurst in the middle of the Crystal War. He rode in on Fenrir, beat the Shadow Lord's forces back, then vanished forever. Today he is thought to be a great hero. Secretly, he is the pupeeteer siphoning the souls of avatars. He must be defeated to gain the Summoner's artifact armor.

Karst (11)
President of Bastok after the Crystal War. He rose to power after helping in the reconstruction of Bastok after a fire that nearly wiped out the town. He is responsible for taking the city from wood buildings to industry. When it was revealed that the Talekeeper of the Galak was back, he dispatched the Mythril Musketeers, fearing a rebellion.

Kary (1)
The Fiend of Fire. Note that she actually resembles Kali, the multi-armed Buddhan deity; the first documented instance of Engrish! She reappears in FF9 as the Chaos of Fire.

Katarin (6), Katrina (6j)
Duane's lover, who also ends up taking care of the children of Mobliz.

Kaze (FFU)
The victim of a tragic past, Kaze has been turned into a complete introvert. He barely speaks except when there's something he wants (he never replies to anyone). But he's not one to get close to - he holds unimaginable power; Oscar and Fungus both call him the "Unlimited", the one with the power to destroy the gods (hence the title of the series). He carries around two weapons; a regular red gun which can still destroy most things out there, and a Demon Gun attached to his arm. He has a strange relationship with it; he variously calls it his "heart" and his "life". It uses Soil (the crystals of those killed by Chaos) to combine three magical colored bullets into a shoukanjuu (Summoned Creature), which then decimates the enemy in various ways. Kaze's only goal (and the only thing he shows any emotion about) is to obliterate Shroi Kumo, his archenemy, who apparently headed the attack on his home world. Apparently their first battle created the dark tunnel to Tokyo, and ended up with Kaze being put to sleep for twelve years. Although Kaze generally ends up saving Ai, Yu, and Lisa from some monster, he most definitely doesn't actually care about them...with the possible exception of Lisa, whom I think reminds him of Aura, a woman in his past. He also has an uncanny ability to be where they are before they get there, even if it's technically impossible for him to do so. I believe he follows them around because Earl Tyrant is after them and Shroi Kumo works for Earl Tyrant. Oh: and he has a perfectly good eye under the patch(actually half a pair of sunglasses), a perfectly good arm under the gun, and is actually pretty scrawny under the cloak. Image is everything. 8p He also has a strange relationship with Moogle...

Kefka (6), Cefca Palazzo (6j)
[VILLAIN] Possibly the most popular character in the entire series, this guy's got a plethora of complexes and one-liners which put even the most aspiring mad dictator to shame. Some of those complexes involve wearing fluorescent clothes and feathers, laughing maniacally, running away from battles he can't win, and destroying the known world. His "self-help booklet" line is one of the only real classics in the history of RPGs.

Kelga Vlondett (5)
A werewolf from the Second World, Kelga was one of the Four Warriors of the Dawn. He has a suspicious nature, but he's very powerful and very brave.

Kimahri Ronso (10/X-2)
After a tussle with Biran broke his horn off, Kimahri left Mt. Gagazet in disgrace. Auron discovered him near Bevelle and told him to take Yuna to Besaid (a promise he made to Braska) just before Auron died. Kimahri complied, but Yuna begged him to stay with her and not to leave. He did, and eventually became her guardian.
Kimahri barely speaks (in fact, it takes about ten hours before he says a single word), and when he does talk it's in the typical Ronso third-person-Neanderthal-speak. He's stolid and usually has something surprising to say when he does talk. In battle Kimahri's kind of a blank slate: you can make him do anything you want, but he'll invariably be worse at it than anyone else in your party. Kimahri is voiced by John DiMaggio (same as Wakka).
[X-2] Kimahri is now the Ronso Elder. Lian and Ayde, two young Ronso, have run away from home. The Ronso youth (led by Garik) are itching to fight the Guado, and Kimahri has his hands full keeping them at bay. Eventually Yuna manages to knock some sense into Garik, though, and Kimahri gets his own statue when people finally realize his leadership potential.

Kinoc, Maester Wes (10/X-2)
Originally a fighter in the Yevonite's ranks, this ingratiating, double-crossing little man weaved his way up the ranks to become Maester of Djose. He looks quite comical with a machine gun in his hand, but of course ends up being double-crossed right back by Seymour. Voiced by Roger Jackson.
[X-2] Kinoc shows up as an Unsent in the Via Infinito.

Kirin (11)
A "god" manticore that appears when you use the seals of the other four "gods". He can summon weaker versions of the other "gods" to help him in battle.

Kiros Seagill (8)
[HERO] Laguna's traveling companion, this dark-skinned cool dude makes Laguna look like a total nerd. He can quietly dash Laguna's bumbling antics with one short comment. But their friendship spans countless decades. Kiros is thin, wiry, and deadly with two blades called Katal which are more like extensions of his hands than weapons.

Kisana (Anime)
Linaly's sea monster friend who appears once or twice throughout the series.

KluYa (4)
This character doesn't actually appear in the game. FuSoYa's brother, a Lunarian, traveled to earth, believing it to be a really good place despite all the Lunarians' protests. His children were Cecil and Golbez.

Knave (FFU)
The leader of the Comodin, a group rebelling against Earl Tyrant; a very Russian-looking swashbuckler, whose goal is to try to restore order and justice to the chaos carried by Earl Tyrant and his lackeys. Fungo, Sid, and Mireth work for him. He's actually quite a wimp, although he has the highest ideals.

Knocfelna (CC)
He is Princess Fiona's watcher and protector, but this heavily-armored Lilty spends most of the game being her search party. When she runs away, he and his loyal (and also heavily armored) dog are always right behind her, inquiring to the party as to her location. When she returns home to Alfitaria, Knocfelna resumes his position as her guardian.

Kohlo-Lakolo (11)
Tarutaru leader of star onion brigade. He seeks help for those who need it.

Kokkol (4)
The old blacksmith knows the secret to making Adamant equipment.

Koko (5)
A chocobo from the Second World and Boko's love interest. Identical in looks to Boko.

Koppe (1), Kope (1n)
A man in Onlak who saw a robot fall to earth.

Koru-Moru (11)
Tarutaru involved in the side quest for the Summoner's artifact armor.

Kotch (7)
Don Corneo's mohawked henchman, along with his buddy Scotch. He's tied up by Shinra officials and rescued by Cloud.

Kraken (1)
The Water Fiend, who resides in the Sunken Shrine. He comes back in FF9 as the Chaos of Water.

Krile Maia Baldesion (5)
Krile's a spunky girl with some nice magic power. Her grandpa is Galuf. She has the unique ability to talk to animals like Moogles and Dragons. After Galuf is killed by X-death, she inherits all his power and becomes a Crystal Warrior.

Kuja (9)
[VILLAIN] A Genome from Terra, who was born with a fierce will, amazing power, and a huge ego. Garland imbued him with a soul and sent him to Gaia to wreak havoc and cause wars using his Mist-powered Black Mages. However, Kuja disdains his origins (even hiding his tail) and aims to overthrow Garland and those who would stand against him. He first tries hijacking the eidolons, and when that fails he turns to Garland's Invincible airship and its wellspring of Gaia's souls. However, the shocker Garland throws him that Kuja will soon die, drives him over the edge and he resolves that nothing in the world should survive without him. Kuja has some of the crazed theatricality of Kefka and the debonaire charm of Sephiroth, but pays homage to neither.

Kuku, Kumama, Kupek, Kupan, Kupop, Kurin, Kuru, Kushin, Kushu, Kutan, Kamog (6);
Mogchi, Moglin, Mogpu, Mogshin, Mogpon, Mogtan, Mogul, Morl, Mugmug, Zumomog (6j)
Moogles who help Locke fight the Narshe guards.

Kuria (FFU)
An iridescent boy who's actually the heart of Omega. He curbs his innate destructive tendencies by wearing clothes made out of Flight Water, which he received from Bolbol. He hates himself for destroying everything he touches. Ai tries to bring him close, but an unfortunate incident ends up with his glove being torn off and an explosion occurring, separating him from Ai.

Kyume-Romeh (11)
Tarutaru reporter who overhears the triplets quest for their father. He is chased by Honoi-Gumoi to make sure the story doesn't get published.

Laguna Loire (8)
[HERO] Not what you'd really think of being hero type, actually. Laguna's more bent on journalism, telling the world about the horrors of violence, war, and alcoholism. Although he did a stint for the Galbadian army, he spent the rest of his life righting wrongs in his own shy way. His bungles and cock-ups are legendary. 8-) He doesn't like getting too close to battle; his gun does all the damage he needs. Events point to him being the father of Squall. No one could predict the final outcome of his life: being elected President of Esthar! His name comes from the famous sword-cum-spaceship Ragnarok (or is it the other way around?), which when spelled out in Japanese sounds like Ra-gu-na-rok.

Lalibo (5)
A dwarf tunneler who's reached the town of Mirage from underground.

Lani (9)
A well-proportioned bounty hunter hired by Queen Brahne to get Dagger's crystal shard from her. She teams up with Amarant to do the dirty deed, but that pairing doesn't last long. Lani chases them as far as Madain Sari, but is outsmarted and outgunned by Amarant and Zidane. She ends up staying with the moogles in Madain Sari while Gaia's crisis rages.

Lank (8)
One half of the Trabia Tech Squad, with Port.

Larg, Prince Bestrald/Bestrada (PSX) (Tactics)
Louveria's brother, who is the ultimate head of the Order of the Northern Sky, was appointed as the guardian for Prince Orinus. Accordingly, he claims the throne of Ivalice. In order to consummate his rulership, he orders Ovelia captured (with the aid of Queen Louveria, who wants her own son to eventually rule) and blames it on Goltanna. He's eventually killed by his own compatriot, Dycedarg.

Laura/Lola (6)
A girl from Maranda whose boyfriend died from his war wounds in Mobliz. The boyfriend sent her letters regularly, and when he died Cyan took over his job to keep Laura happy and hopeful.

Leblanc (X-2)
The overly shrill leader of the Leblanc Syndicate, a much less scrupulous sphere hunting group. With her goons Ormi and Logos, she gets in the Gullwings' hair whenever she can - although eventually they do end up working together. She goes all melty whenever anyone mentions her "Noojy-woojy" (barf). Although you might not think so judging from the way she treats her enemies, she's actually quite nice to her underlings, most of whom she took under her wing from homelessness and worse. Voiced by Masasa.

Leila (2), Layla (2j)
[HERO] A pirate queen who lures the heroes on her ship with a promise to take them to Deist; however, she sics her buddies on them halfway through. They forgive her and she joins them; her speed and tact is useful in battle. She also lends them her ship, which is even more useful. She's very shrewd and can see through many illusions, both normal and magical.

Lettie (Tactics), Lede (PSX)
An Assassin who aids Marquis Elmdore; later found out to be an Ultima Demon summoned by Zarela, Elmdore's Lucavi alterego.

Lenna (5j)
See Reina Charlotte Tycoon.

Lenna, Queen (Anime)
A direct descendant of her illustrious forbear, Queen Lenna looks and sounds like the inspiration for Queen Amidala of Star Wars fame - she even has the hair right. Her only job is to look pure and thoughtful while the good guys fight the bad guys. Hassan is her right hand man. Voiced by Barbara Goodson.

Lenne (X-2)
The most celebrated singer in Zanarkand a thousand years ago; she died tragically with her lover, Shuyin. However, her emotions and thoughts lived on in a dressphere, which Yuna inherited. Eventually Yuna uses the dressphere and Lenne's memories to confront the echoes of Shuyin in the Farplane and stop his plan to destroy Spira. Lenne is voiced by Cree Summer.

Leo, General (6)
[HERO] The good guy from the Empire, he sincerely wants to get the war over with with a minimum of bloodshed, and tries to negotiate peace with any enemies he gets. He'd succeed, too... that is, if Kefka didn't get in his way poisoning people. Kefka eventually interferes in a terminal way.

Leodarion (11)
Adopted Elvaan son of Mitsunari.

Leon (2), Lionheart (2j)
[HERO] Maria's lanky brother is the fourth and basically strongest of the four warriors. At the very beginning of the game, he's lost to the world, only to resurface as Paramecia's Dark Knight! After the spell on him is broken, he proves to be a valiant member of the team, but can never forgive himself for what he did while under Paramecia's control.

Leviathan (4)
The expert Summon returns as the king of the Phantom Beasts He won't join you until you have Ashura with you.Click here for Summon pictures

Lian (X-2)
A young Ronso who ran away from Mt. Gagazet to experience the world on his own, with his friend Ayde. He eventually returns to Gagazet to report his findings and show Elder Kimahri where his priorities should be. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Lich (1)
The Earth Fiend holes up in the Terra Cavern just waiting for some Heroes to munch. He reappears in FF9 as the Chaos of Earth.

Lion (11)
One of the three heroes. She is the (adopted) daughter of Gilgamesh, the pirate king of Norg. She acted as a scout for Aldo and Gilgamesh to gain knowledge on the kingdoms to aid in their smuggling. After the Crystal War, she used her skills to investigate rumors and activities of the beastmen. At the end of Rise of the Zilart, she sacrifices herself by throwing herself at the crystal in order to prevent Eald'narche from unleashing another Meltdown on Vana'diel.

Linaly (Anime)
[HERO] A young, blue-haired girl, Linaly is a direct descendant of Bartz. Although a very naive and wide-eyed youth, she nevertheless has as much bravery as her companion Prettz. This is either offset or enhanced (I haven't decided which) by the fact that her skirt is of negligble length, a fact which is taken advantage of when the Crystal of Wind decides to use her body as a summer home. She's a novice Summoner, but can't do anything besides Chocobos. Her elderly grandfather, who starts the whole anime off, communicates to her via her Ying-Yang earring. Voiced by Sherry Lynn.

Lionheart (2j)
See Leon (2).

Lisa Pacifist (FFU)
A rather interesting character. Lisa jumped on the subway to the Demon World along with the Hayakawa twins. She's an "agent" sent to find the Hayakawas as well, though she doesn't reveal this till the very end of the series. In the meantime, Ai believes she's looking for her boyfriend in the Inner World. In any case, unlike Kaze, Lisa consents to travel with the twins and shows a genuine affection for them. Lisa controls a unique power called Kigenjutsu (Defender of Life), which allows her to harness the energy of nature, and she uses it to great effect whenever she can, usually to protect Ai and Yu... being careful not to overuse it, because doing so would result in her death, just like her mother did. However, she's of no use against Count's Deathlords or their stronger creatures, so Kaze usually has to step in.

Llednar Twen (TA)
His name is "Mewt Randell" backwards, and he's really just an aspect of Mewt created by the being calling herself Queen Remedi. In particular, the aspect that enjoys hacking and slashing and generally hurting things. Remedi gives him a "Fortune" Law that prevents anyone from harming him, but eventually Marche, Cid, and Ezel join forces to create an Antilaw to remove it, letting Marche go in for the kill.

Locke Cole (6), Lock Cole (6j)
[HERO] He prefers "treasure hunter" over "thief", but he doesn't do too much hunting, unless it's in other people's pockets and drawers. Featuring a bandanna and heroic streak, Locke always comes to the rescue when someone's in trouble - if he's not being seasick, that is. He has pretty good morals for a thief, and a strong sense of purpose. His carefree demeanor hides an old pain - that of his girlfriend Rachel's death by accident at his hands.

Logos (X-2)
Leblanc's straight and narrow right-hand man; a whiz with guns, an embarrassing habit of taking sphere videos of pretty ladies, and completely useless in a fight. Voiced by Scott Bullock.

Lone Wolf (5, 6)
A thief with a wolf's head, he'll do anything he can to mess you up. Never be nice to him because he just can't be nice back.

Lou Lupus (FFU)
An unassuming-looking young girl who refers to herself in the third person, Ru hides a secret (though not very long) ability to turn into a werewolf when she looks at herself in the mirror (at which time she can scream a bolt of energy at people). After Kaze saves her from Omega (albeit unintentionally... I think), she develops a huge crush on him, flying in the face of all logic, and vows to search after him through the Inner World. She eventually gets a cape made of Flight Water, which lets her fly around. At the very end, her love for Kaze finally breaks through to him...

Louverance (11)
Knight of Mistalle who plays a minor role in Chains of Promathia. There are actually two Louverances. The man the player knows as Louverance is Atarefaunt, a former brigand who is using his alias to threaten Count Tuelomme, who sent bounty hunters after him. The real Louverance pursues the fake one to clear his name.

Lowell Bridges (9)
An unbelivably haughty and somehow popular theater actor living in Lindblum. He ends up in Ruby's theater in Alexandria, but makes everyone want to kill him with his incessive blathering about himself.
Luca (4)
The daughter of Giott is the only female dwarf in the entire series. She holds the key to the Sealed Gate. Also, she has a nice collection of dolls which are controlled by Golbez to steal the dwarf's Crystal.

Lucil (10/X-2)
The captain of the rather superfluous Chocobo Knights. Voiced by Candi Milo.
[X-2] Lucil is now Nooj's right-hand woman in the Youth League.

Lucius (11)
The president's aide. He is trying to decide the next leader of the Mythril Musketeers.

Lucrecia (7)
Sephiroth's biological mother fell for Hojo while they were working at the Cetra project. (Jeez, who'd have thought?) She was forcefully injected with Jenova cells to cause Sephiroth's birth. Because of that, she becomes partially immortal. She can't stand the pain, and leaves to a secret cave inside a waterfall to waste away, yearning for her son back.

Ludovich Baert (T)
The token head of Baert Trading Company. The company is supposedly involved in many aboveboard industries centered in the Port City of Warjilis, but in reality controls quite a few shady rackets like opium smuggling and the slave trade. After failing to get the Taurus Stone from Besrudio, Ludovichwas executed by Cardinal Draclau.

Lugae (4)
The mad scientist who aids Rubicant does some pretty hideous things to Edge's parents. His creation Balnaba is a Frankensteinien pseudo-masterpiece.

Lukin (1), Lukahn (1n)
The head of the Circle of Sages was the one who prophecied the coming of the Light Warriors.

Lulu (10/X-2)
Lulu has apparently made a business of being a guardian for summoners; Yuna's her third pilgrimage, the first being Lady Ginnem, who died, and the second being Father Zuke, who quit. She grew up in Besaid Island (though she seems extremely out of place with the islanders). She was romantically involved with Wakka's brother, Chappu, and after his death became fairly glum; she now rarely smiles. She takes a long time to get used to Tidus because of his resemblance to Chappu. Apparently after FFX ends she becomes pregnant, but we don't know from who. *^_^*
Lulu has a jaded view of the world; she doesn't try to stop people from doing what they want to do, and they leave her the hell alone. She's very knowledgable and is usually the person who explains everything to Tidus. She shares Wakka's optimism in the Yevon church, but her world-weary approach means she's not quite as broken when she sees the truth. In battle, Lulu's the main Black Mage and attacks with cute widdle dolls. Lulu is voiced by Paula Tiso.
[X-2] Lulu marries Wakka, and she's pregnant for the majority of the game (although not visibly so, mainly due to programmer laziness). Eventually she gives birth to a son, Vidina.

Lungo-Nango (11)
A Tarutaru beastmaster. He led an army to defeat the Elvaan tribes of San'doria, and created the title of Warlock Warlord. Following his victories, Windurst parliament accused him of insubordination and he disappeared from the public eye.

Luzzu (10)
A hardened veteran of the Crusaders, Luzzu heads the Besaid regiment, with Gatta as his sidekick. Although he comes off as a serious, hard worker, it's actually quite the facade - his motto is keep your head down, always say "sir", and nobody bothers you much. ^^; However, his sense of duty is impeccable, and he falls in battle with Sin during Operation Mi'ihen. (You can stop this from happening by convincing Gatta to fight in the front lines; then Gatta will die and Luzzu will survive and return to Besaid.) He was the one who convinced Chappu to join the Crusaders; Wakka mostly forgave him for it, though it took a lot of work. Voiced by John DeMita.

Ma Dincht (8)
Zell's matronly mother who always keeps his room neat just in case he decides to come back.

Maat (11)
An old hume, private trainer of the Archduke of Jeuno (Kam'lanaut). Considered the perfect fighter, since he is a master of all jobs and skills. He challenges adventurers with difficult quests.

Madonna (6), Madaline (6j)
The human who falls into the Esper world eventually falls for Maduin as well. Their child is Terra, but Madaline is killed by Gestahl and Terra is taken from her when he invades the Esper world.

Madoushi (FFU)
By all rights his name should be Red Mist, but the credits just say Madoushi (Sorceror). He's Shroi Kumo's brother. Consumed by sibling rivalry gone awry, he always wanted to test his brother and see who was stronger... so much so that even after he died, his will lived on in his soul sword. After being revived by Oscar, he challenges Shroi Kumo one final time, only to be cut down for good.

Maduin (6)
An Esper from their world, he falls for Madonna when she breaks in by accident. He was Terra's father, but he turned himself into Magicite to help the cause of the Returners.

Maechen (10/X-2)
A scholar who follows Tidus around, offering pearls of wisdom on basically everything. His trademark phrase which he ends off all his tirades: "And that, as they say, is that." Voiced by Dwight Schultz.
[X-2] It's revealed that Maechen is yet another Unsent, who originally lived a thousand years ago in Zanarkand. Shaking Yuna's hand jogs his failing memory when he realizes that he had shaked Lenne's hand long ago, and he finally goes to rest.

Mag (4j)
See Cindy (4).

Marach Galthena(Tactics), Malak Galthana (PSX)
He and his sister Rapha were brought up by Barrington. After hearing that Barrington burned an entire village down, Rapha ran away; Marach, still grateful to his adoptive father despite his flaws, chases after her. He eventually fights back, but is struck down by Barrington. A Holy Stone brings him back, however.

Marche Radiuju (TA)
[HERO] The similarity between Marche and Ramza from FFT is more than just visual. They both share the same clear vision when everyone else around them is muddled. In the city of St. Ivalice, Marche is the new kid on the block, whose father left his mother to care for him and his invalid brother, Doned. However, when St. Ivalice turns into the country of Ivalice, Marche joins Montblanc's clan and begins crusading to bring the real world back. However, he's up against the wills of Mewt, Ritz, Doned, and even himself to some degree.

Marcus (9)
Blank's older brother and a member of Tantalus. Like Blank, he uses swords and can steal from enemies. He has a gruff personality, but a noble heart, and never abandons his friends. He temporarily joins up with Steiner and Dagger to search for the Supersoft to cure his brother from petrification.

Marie Hayakawa (FFU)
Joe's wife, also a geologist, who disappeared with him into the Inner World; her children Ai and Yu search for them with Lisa's help. Her situation is identical to Joe's.

Maria (2)
[HERO] Leon's sister is the token pure-hearted nice girl of the team.

Maria (6)
The opera diva is a dead ringer for Celes, but she never appears in real life in the game, only in picture frames or conversation.

Marlene (7)
Barrett's super-cute adopted kid (Dyne's daughter), she tends the Seventh Heaven bar when Tifa's out. She's very with it and likes being involved in all the gossip.

Marnela (X-2)
The "grandmother" of the Cactuar Nation and the ambassador to the Al Bhed and humans. Using Benzo as her translator, she charges Yuna with collecting the ten Cactuar guardians to come back and protect the Nation from an ancient fiend. She can hold her own against fiends, though! Eventually she gets burned down, but a new Marnela (just a baby now) is slated to take her place.

Maroda (10/X-2)
A serious-looking man, Isaaru's brother and his guardian. Yes, his brother. Yes, I know Isaaru is white and Maroda has dark skin. Get over it. It's RPG world. Voiced by Robbie Ryst.
[X-2] Maroda is one of the high-ranking Youth Leaguers, and specializes in spying on New Yevon.

The Human Totema.

Mathilde (11)
Pseudonym of Emeline.

Martine (8)
The head of Galbadia Garden was unceremoniously dumped when Edea took over. He retired and moved to Fisherman's Horizon, where he's known to play a brutal game of cards with the ones he confiscated from the Garden.

Mash (6j)
See Sabin Rene Figaro.

Matoya (1)
A witch who keeps special herbs and needs a crystal ball to see.

Matron (6)
An old woman in Figaro Castle who recounts Edgar's and Sabin's tale. Perhaps their former nurse?

Matron (8)
See Edea Kramer.

Mayer (11)
The first president of Bastok. He stowed away on a ship to Bastok lands during the gold rush. This is where he gained the nickname "Ironman Mayer" for his tireless mining. He fought against the San'dorian army after his wife was killed and became a hero for a brilliant strategem. As a leader he formed trading policies and diplomatic relations with other nations, making Bastok a crossroads of the world. He was assassinated after nine years of rule by a Galkan youth.

Meh Gat (CC)
An aging Selkie who, along with Bal Dat and Artemecion, forms the team of the Striped Brigands, who rob and plunder unsuspecting crystal caravans. While Meh Gat doesn't seem to have his heart in all the robbing and plundering, he's loyal to Bal Dat, even if he's often asleep at the wrong time during their bungled missions. He's a brave fellow, and Bal Dat takes it hard when Meh Gat dies to save him.

Meliadoul Tengille (Tactics)/Meliadoul Tingel (PSX)
[VILLAIN/HERO] Folmarv's daughter and Isilud's sister. She's originally a Templar and fights Ramza to revenge the death of her brother and fellow Templar Isilud, but her father's strange behavior, coupled with the transformation of Marquis Elmdore, assails her with doubts about whether her father's really alive, or merely a shade of a Lucavi demon. She joins Ramza to find out the truth.

Mene (9)
The moogle who runs the Chocobo Hot and Cold game, and who wants to get into the Chocobo Paradise someday. Too bad it's only for chocobos...

Mewt Randell
A rather soppy kid, who hangs on to the teddy bear his mother gave him before she died. Neither he nor his father Cid have really come to terms with it, but being bullied at school doesn't help either. Marche's dreams form the basic structure of Ivalice when it's created, and he's installed as the prince; his mother (or something that looks quite like her) comes back from the dead to watch over him. He's pretty stubborn, but eventually he does come around to realize that no matter how nice the dream is, it's not the real world.

Mhag (11)
Real name of Shikaree Z.

Mid Previa (FF5, Anime)
An energetic young man who follows in the mechanical-engineering footsteps of his grandfather Cid. He helps Cid remember what his purpose is, and he serves as his grandpa's foil. He's almost as smart when it comes to machines, too. Mid returns in the anime as a spirit - after Ra Devil needlessly killed him while stealing Cid's brain, Mid hides away in the Wind Crystal until he should become useful, which is during the scope of the anime. He sounds like he's on helium and is a lot smaller than he should be. He's also lost his glasses somew Being a ghost, he can't do much but give advice and banter angrily with Prettz. Voiced by Julia DeMita.

Mi'ihen (10/X-2)
The original creator of the Crusaders, who has an entire road named after him! Yay!

Mika, Grand Maester (10/X-2)
He's older than he looks - in fact, he's dead. Yet another Unsent. He's the head of the church of Yevon, and quite odd... he subscribes to the spiral of death involving the Final Summoning, but only because he truly believes that there's no way to actually defeat Sin. He's fanatically opposed to anyone trying to pierce the dead beliefs of the church, however, and it takes a huge overthrow (i.e. Yuna) to make him Send himself.
[X-2] Mika shows up as an Unsent in the Via Infinito. Guess he wasn't really Sent after all.

Mikoto (9)
The only Genome, besides Zidane and Kuja, who was given a soul by Garland. Unlike them, she has no fire in her voice or mood; the best she can do is free choice, but even in that department she is loyal to Garland and the leaders of Terra. Zidane shows her a whole other option, though, and she's initially overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Mildaurion, Cardinal (11)
The alias of Eshan'tarl. She taught that in order to enter paradise, one must abandon all truth. She stopped the Sacrarium from completing its task of bringing Altana to the world. She attempted to heal the land by uniting the crystals where the gods sleep.

Milon (4), Scarmiglion (4a)
The Emperor/Fiend of Earth looks like a walking corpse. He attacks Cecil twice during his journey on Mt. Ordeals. His name comes from Dante's Inferno, an ancient work.

Milleuda Folles (Tactics), Miluda Folles (PSX)
Wiegraf's sister proved her battle prowess in the Knights of Death and now is a Fencer in the Corpse Brigade. She was killed in a needless battle at the Lenalian Plateau.

Mina (6j)
See Elayne.

Mindy (4), Rag (4j)
One of the three Magus Sisters in Valvalis's Castle, she's the small one. Also appears in 10 as a summon.

Mindu (2), Minh (2j)
A powerful sorcerer who works for Princess/Queen Hilda. He also tags along with the heroes for a bit to get some Mithril out of the Semitt Falls. He's the only one who can unlock the seal around the strongest magic spell ever, Ultima... but it's too much for even him.

Mireth (FFU)
Apparently the second-in-command of the Comodin. Her voice is deeper than usual for a woman, and she's quite a tomboy. She's a dead shot with blowdarts, and has a *really* weird taste in food (we're talking reptiles here). An encounter with a froggy Sid results in an embarrassing kiss which makes her giggle like a schoolgirl whenever she talks to him afterwards.

Mitsunari (11)
Master of locks. Created the box Ryoma wants. Deceased.

Moblins (11)
Cousins of goblins. They live underground, in the capital city of Movalpolos, and worship Promathia.

Mog (6)
[HERO] The lovable Moogle has become almost an FF trademark. We don't know much about him besides his cool dances and the fact that he shows up when least expected.

Mog (9)
Eiko's little moogle friend can shrink and hide in her bag to protect her. Mog is actually an eidolon named Madeen who allows Eiko to call him after a shocking experience with Kuja...

Mog (CC)
Mog is your moogle party member when you play Crystal Chronicles single-player. He's the one who'll carry your chalice when you can't do it yourself, though he gets tired easily. He also likes to cast spells to help you out, depending on what color he's been painted. Apparently, moogles like to have their fur painted (and sheared). He may or may not be a crossover character from FFIX or FFVI.

Mogchi, Moglin, Mogpu, Mogshin, Mogpon, Mogtan, Mogul, Morl, Mugmug (6j)
See Kuku etc.

Moogle (FFU)
An "emissary of the Soil", he apparently knew Kaze in his previous life (and is one of the only things Kaze actually remembers). His little boingy bobble has funky powers - it can protect from evil waves, for one thing, and can repair or enhance the Demon Gun. He can also fly around all over the place. His face and attire resemble a mini-Kaze in many ways. ^^; As you might expect, everything he says ends in "-kupo" (emphasis on "po"). He claims his given name is Kupo-Kupo. 8p

Moonwalk (3)
A dwarf who walks backwards and guards the Dwarf Cave treasure room.

Monberaux, Doctor (11)
Elvaan. Childhood friend of Wolfgang. He plays a minor role in the events of Chains of Promathia.

A kind moogle who befriends a befuddled Marche when he first lands in Ivalice. He acts as Marche's guide through the game, and has a soft spot for his brother Nono.

Morrid (9)
An old man who lives in the Observatory Mountain, and who loves coffee. Grandfather of Slai, the girl from the bar/pharmacy.

Muchavatte (11)
Current Papsque of San'doria.

Mukki (7)
A bizarre character who shows up in hot tubs and surfing. He has a mustache and a good physique.

Mustadio Bunanza (Tactics)/Mustadio Bunansa (PSX)
[HERO] An intelligent young engineer who lives in the Clockwork City of Goug with his father Besrudio. After Besrudio found a Holy Stone and was chased by the Baert Trading Company, Mustadio chanced upon Ramza's band of soldiers and pleaded with them to save his father.

Myrna (7)
Barrett's wife, who died in the North Corel fire.

Nag'Molada (11)
The chief envoy from Jeuno. He wears Zilart clothing and a strange eyepiece. He was a Kuluu 10,000 years ago, and longed to become a Zilart. Through the meltdown he was forced into the future. He is the key player in the events of Chains of Promathia. His plot is to find and kill Selh'tus, the mysterious dark boy, and kill him so that Promathia might be unchained. When this happened, he asked Promathia for the secret of creation and the Twilight God absorbed him.

Naji (11)
A male hume, one of the Mythril Musketeers. Grandson of Phara. He competes with Ayame and Iron Eater to be leader. There are rumors in Vana'diel that he has feelings for Ayame. His role is liason between the senators and townsfolk.

Namingway (4)
An enigmatic character who can rename your party members. There's a cave on the Moon, the Hummingway Home, which has an entire population of Namingways.

Nana Mihgo (11)
A Tarutaru cat burglar. She stole the book of magic, unaware of what it was, and sold it to Ajido-Marujido. Her antics are known throughout the world.

Nanaki (7)
See Red XIII.

Necron (9)
[VILLAIN] The original destroyer, who's convinced that all life desires nothingness. His convictions become complete after viewing Kuja's demented actions. Zidane manages to dispel his beliefs by sending back to wherever the hell he came from.

Neil Fleming (TSW)
A smart-mouthed, high-pitched wisecracker; the technical guy in the Deep Eyes military squad led by Gray. He's a whiz with machinery of all kinds; his prowess extends from electronic repairs to piloting complex vehicles. His whininess belays his competence in a pinch.

Nellie (2)
Josef's daughter is captured with Pavel and sent to work in the mithril mine in Semitt Falls. She's overjoyed to be rescued by them, but later is devastated by the news of her father's death in the Snow Cave.

Nelic (1), Nerrick (1n)
The dwarf builder who makes a canal with TNT.

Nhadala (X-2)
The head surveyor of the Machine Faction expedition into the Bikanel Desert; she gets all the headaches when dealing with fiends, cactuars, and machina blowups. She also has an annoying tendency to assume Yuna will help with absolutely everything (not like Yuna ever refuses). Voiced by Daisy Tormé.

Nida (8)
The only person who managed to pass the SeeD field test with Squall, Zell and Selphie, Nida takes control of the Balamb Garden rudder after its flight capabilities are discovered.

Nina (3)
The adoptive mother of the four Heroes lives patiently in Ur, waiting for her "sons" to return.

Noah, Archmage (3)
The precursor of all magic had three students: Dorga, whom he gave the power of magic to; Unne, to whom he gave the Dream World; and Zande, to whom he gave life as a human. Not much else is known about him.

Montblanc's little brother is a genius when it comes to making stuff. He has an airship which he uses to ferry merchandise back and forth - but only if you've got a Game Link.

Nooj, Meyvn (X-2)
A former member of the Crimson Squad and the current leader of the Youth League, where he's constantly fighting with his former buddy Baralai. He's a Deathseeker, someone who continually welcomes death if it claims him. A war wound leaves him limping on a (rather funky) cane. Shuyin inhabits his body for a long time, until he gets sick of him and goes after Baralai. Nooj apparently has a romance going on with Leblanc, unlikely as it may seem. Nooj is voiced by George Newbern.

NORG (8)
A fat and rich Shumi reminiscent of Jabba the Hutt, he was the one who financed SeeD. However, his cowardice caused him to want to do anything to appease the new sorceress, so he decided to give her Cid's head on a platter. Squall didn't like that idea too much.

Norma (MQ)
Otto's daughter, who gets trapped in Pazuzu's Tower when the Rainbrow Bridge breaks.

O'aka XXIII (10/X-2)
A merchant with a Cockney accent and a backpack who trails around Yuna. At first it seems he's just out to make a quick buck (although if you donate to his cause his prices will be lowered), but it seems he's generally looking out for Yuna - although not enough to give her stuff for free. He's actually captured by the church and imprisoned for helping her, and his brother Wantz takes over the family business. Voiced by Dwight Shultz.
[X-2] O'aka buys up Rin's travel agency near Macalania Temple, but when the temple falls into the lake, the shop goes belly-up. His Al Bhed creditors chase after him, but he's finally rescued by Yuna. He reopens his shop with her contributions, and finds Wantz come back home. After a bit of a fight, the two brothers open up shop together.

Odin (4)
The true king of Baron was killed by Cagnazzo. However, his spirit still lurks in one of the towers, and he allows Rydia to summon him if Cecil can defeat his spirit.Click here for Summon pictures

Odine, Dr. (8)
An extremely idiosyncratic personage, he has a scientific mind like a broken mirror - brilliant, but fractured. He tends to have absolutely no feelings for anything besides his research. His dress is ridiculous, looking sort of like a clown with that huge striped collar. He is a famous researcher of magical artifacts, and has taken a special interest in the sorceresses. He was the one who invented Junctioning and discovered GFs, and who extracted Ellone's powers into a machine. His lab is in Esthar City.

Oggbi (11)
An aging alcoholic Galkan monk. Former teacher of Cornelia (I). He is involved in the side quest for the Monk's artifact armor.

Ohalland (10/X-2)
The high summoner of Kilika, long dead by now. Although in this game that doesn't seem to mean much. He was originally a star blitzball player.

Orran Durai (Tactics),Olan Durai (PSX)
Orlandeau's adopted son is a magician and an astronomer. He's very brave and quite curious, the combination of which gets him wrongly dumped into the Zeltennia Castle dungeon by Delita for knowing too much. He later published the Durai Writings, which was soon confiscated by the Murond Glabados Church, but brought to light 400 years later by Alazlam, who narrates the game.

Ondoria Atkascha, King (Tactics)/Omdolia Atkascha, King (PSX)
The ruler of Ivalice is a weak-willed man and completely unfit to rule. All the real decisions are carried out by his wife, Louveria. He's the son of King Denamunda II. After his second son died, he adopted Ovelia, his much younger sister, as his daughter. However, a third son, Orinus, was born to him from Louveria, which upset the entire political spectrum. After Ondoria's death, the War of the Lions was begun between Larg, Orinus's guardian, and Goltanna, a cousin of Louveria.

Omega (10)
A member of the Yevonites who rebelled against the church, 700 years ago. He was imprisoned in the Omega Ruins and eventually turned into a fiend, the Omega Weapon.

Omega (FFU)
Named after the ultimate optional boss fight in FF5 and 8, this boss is no longer optional! A devouring creature apparently made of antimatter... its mere existence destroys things. It was torn into pieces which were spread around the Inner World, but it's still alive! It can exist in crystal form when it's inert, or in rather more interesting forms, such as Kuria. The power source for Elizabeth, the subway, was a piece of Omega.

Orinus Atkascha, Prince (Tactics)/Orinas Atkascha, Prince (PSX)
The infant son of Queen Louveria and King Ondoria stirs up a caldron of chaos when he's born. Princess Ovelia, his adopted sister and actually his aunt, is kidnapped and many assassinations take place in the many-pronged fight for the throne of Ivalice.

Orlandeau, Cidolfus/Orlandu, Cidolfas (PSX) (Tactics)
Also known as "Thunder God Cid", he leads the Order of the Southern Sky and has done so since the Fifty Year War. An extremely powerful swordsman who has mastered all of the available sword techniques. He was framed by Delita for Goltanna's assassination and joins Ramza in his battle against Delita and the Church's Zodiac Braves.

Ormi (X-2)
The fat guy who hangs around with Leblanc, goes "bwahahahah" a lot, and hits the Gullwings with a shield. He and Logos both have crushes on Leblanc, but she's only got eyes for Nooj. Voiced by "Sarge".

Oscar (FFU)
Apparently the most intelligent of the four Guardians. Oscar resembles a jester with no arms (he's quite bendy though). Actually, he does have arms, but they're usually absorbed into his body. His face is covered by a white mask. The only time I've seen him confront Kaze he used a complicated machine as his Monster-Of-The-Day. I've never seen him surprised by *anything*.

Otto (MQ)
The bespectacled professor who created the Rainbow Bridge. His daughter is Norma.

Ovelia Atkascha, Princess (Tactics)
Brought up by King Ondoria and Queen Louveria, Ovelia is actually Ondoria's sister (by a different mother) and the true daughter of King Denamunda. She stays in safety at Orbonne Monastery as long as she can; Larg's troops (masquerading as Goltanna's), led by Delita, effect her kidnapping. She's a pure soul who knows many powerful healing spells.

Owain (6)
Cyan's son was murdered by Kefka along with the rest of Doma. Cyan vows revenge for the loss of his family and joins the Returners.

Owen (3)
One of the ancient scholars of magic created the Floating Continent. The magical tower which keeps it running he called the Tower of Owen (there's humility for you). He placed his son Desh as the caretaker of the tower.

Owzer (6)
A rich man who collects art and lives in Jidoor. A haunted painting makes his life a living hell for a while.

Pacce (10/X-2)
Isaaru's second guardian and brother, even though he can't be more than seven years old. Maybe he can guard him from really small fiends. Voiced by Candi Milo.
[X-2] The leader of the Kinderguardians, a small-time sphere hunting group that sometimes blunders into situations way past their abilities, like the Via Infinito. Still, they pack a nice punch for such runts.

Paine (X-2)
Paine is the third Gullwing - the strong, silent type, who doesn't like to talk (even though, as Yuna notes, she gets all the best lines). She was originally a sphere recorder with the Crimson Squad, but after they broke up she went to find her own path, which eventually led to the Gullwings. Yuna and Rikku soften her up a bit eventually. Paine is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.

Palmer (7)
The sniveling, rotund head of the Space Department keeps out of the picture as much as possible. Apparently he likes lard with his tea and enjoys making juvenile faces at people he's fighting.

Palom (4)
[HERO] A potty-mouthed ten-year-old Black Wizard. Palom goes out of his way to try to offend everyone he can, or so it seems to his twin sister Porom. He's just as brave as her, however, and almost as wise, much as she hates to admit it.

Paramecia (2), Paramekia (2j)
[VILLAIN] Ah yes, the evil of evils, head of the super-evil empire. At first it seems like he wants to rule the world, but no! Of course he'll eventually want to destroy it. He signed a pact with Satan to allow him to come back after he's killed.

Pavel (2), Paul (2j)
A ninja who can sneak in and out of anywhere, Pavel helps the team a few times throughout their journey, in thanks for rescuing him from the mithril mine of Semitt Falls. He never does any fighting, however.

Pazuzu (MQ)
A giant bird-man who steals the Wind Crystal.

Perih Vashai (11)
A Mithra chieftaness and former Sinhunter. She gave up the use of her eyes to see better. She retaliated against the cardinal.

Phara (11)
An old woman in the Bastok mines. She is involved in the side quest for the Warrior's artifact armor.

Pheimociel (11)
A Jeuno guard.

Phoebe (MQ)
[HERO] A brave young girl who comes from Aquaria and uses the Bow Of Grace to attack. She endures her grandpa Spencer as well as she can. She's the final helper on Ben's journey.

Phoenix (11)
One of the avatars, the bird of resurrection. It lives in Tenzen's sword and gives Tenzen a vision of when the Zilart battled avatars.

Phunbaba (6)
The monster who terrorizes Mobliz in the World of Ruin.

Piejue, Prince (11)
San'dorian prince, son of King Destin. He heads the temple forces, and studied under the Papsque. He is known as a talker, and doesn't take action.

Piet (8)
The bald director of the Lunar Base. He oversees the Adel project.

Pist Shaz XI (FFU)
Look up "slimy bastard" in the dictionary and you'll find his portrait. Quite literally. A freaky fish-man with a mouth in the back of his head, he rides around in a souped-up '50s car with a *pool* in the middle of it. Incorrigibly arrogant, boastful, and unfortunately more intelligent than the other three Deathlords living in Gaudium. He relies on speed and the analyzing of previously obtained data to actually plan out his fights other than just going in there and hitting people with monsters like Herba or Fungus. His first encounter with Kaze began with the keen observation that it takes him about a minute and a half to actually fire his gun. 8p Talk about breaking down the fourth wall! He's also got a showbiz streak in him, and is the mastermind behind the giant Ocean Puzzle. He has an incredibly annoying laugh ("shashasha!").

Pochepoke (FFU)
A little creature Ai calls "scarily cute". She came across it when visiting Fabra's oyster-like home. Fabra ended up giving it to her as a pet. All it is is a big mouth with sharp teeth and a moustache. It has the power to spit out almost anything Ai asks it to, but it can also eat anything as well! Ai ends up covering it up with masking tape unless she needs it for something. 8p

Porom (4)
[HERO] A ten-year-old White Wizard, she was taken under the wing of the Mysidia Elder for her great skills. A very proper and polite child, she is forever trying to endure the antics of her twin brother Palom. Despite their goings-on, she's very wise and very brave when it comes down to it.

Port (8)
One half of the Trabia Tech Squad, with Lank.

Povall (11)
A Galkan boy deemed the new Talekeeper. His claims were later disproved by Iron Eater.

Prettz (Anime)
[HERO] Prettz is an absolute numbskull. His instant and only reaction to anything which bothers him is humorous aggression; aided by his constant companions - a samurai sword and spiked bombs which pull a strawberry before blowing up - it allows for some almost dangerous moments. He has a fixation for Linaly, of course without admitting it. However, his daredevil foolhardiness gets him and his friends out of several jams which normal people would blanch at even contemplating. He also rides a motorbike to help him get around. Voiced by Matt K. Miller.

Priscilla (7)
A feisty little girl who lives in Junon. She has a special friend called Mr. Dolphin. Heard enough?

Prishe (11)
Leader of the Tavnazian safehold. Known as the "Abhorrent One", she is known for being brutally honest, but has unequalled intelligence. Childhood friend of Ulmia, although she remains a child-like figure. She explains that a darkness is plaguing the land, and is the central hero in Chains of Promathia. She was discovered to be the Keeper of the Apocalypse, through which Promathia may be reborn. When undergoing this rite, a freak accident prevented its completion, causing her immortality and embedded the dark magicite in her chest. She wears an amulet that, unbeknownst to anyone, is one of the amulets the Zilart made the Kuluu wear to control them, given to her by the Cardinal. Her child-life figure is later revealed to be the result of her immortality, brought on by the Star of Tavnazia, which was later found to be the Eye of Altana, through which the Zilart King could know the thoughts of the Kuluu. After Promathia was defeated, her mortality returned.

Promathia (11)
Also known as the Lord of Chaos. Another god, possibly on par with Altana, who bound in chains for some reason. There are two possible origins - 1) At the time of Vana'diel's creation, He created the ark angels, which represent darkest attributes of the five races. He also created beastmen to challenge the people of Vana'diel, to make sure they would never open the path to the gods. He cursed the ancients (assumably the Zilart) and thusly, the people of Vana'diel, for attempting to open the gates of paradise. This curse is the emptiness inside them, and their division amongst each other. Ancient lore and several prominent figures in Chains of Promathia say the only way Vana'diel people can rid themselves of curse is to forget about the curse. 2) When the Emptiness, the absolute manifestation of death, threatened His life, Altana took the Mother Crystal and split it into five parts. This changed the realm of the gods to Vana'diel. He was chained in the city of Al'taieu. To complete his reign, Promathia seeks his own resurrection and death, in which every sould in Vana'diel will return to Him when he dies. He uses black magicite to kill members of Northland Expedition. Through the efforts (some conscious and purposeful, some not) of those in the present day (during the Chains of Promathia storyline), He is resurrected. The person most responsible for this is Nag'molada who wished the knowledge of the truth of creation. Promathia absorbed his life essence and rose to finalize his dominion, when through the efforts of Prishe, Ulmia, Sehl'teus, and others, He was defeated.

Puck (9)
The Crown Prince of Burmecia ran off years ago to fend for himself, becoming a real rat-boy. When we first see him he prowls the alleys of Alexandria, and enlists Vivi to catch a glimpse of the play being staged. We don't see much of him, and neither does his father the king, although he wishes it were otherwise.

Pukutak (X-2)
The tiny flautist of the Macalania musical troupe, who talks only in rhymes. Voiced by Grey Delisle.

PuPu (8)
A cute widdle alien what has lost his way and got stuck on earth. The end result of a convoluted UFO quest which results in either you giving him Elixirs and him giving you his PuPu Card, or you killing him and getting a neat item instead. 8-)

Quale (9)
Quina's master and pupil of Quan. He becomes angry at Quan, who disdains the ancient gourmand techniques for radical ideas, including being able to *think* tastes.

Quan (9)
A Qu, the master of Quale. He was the one who adopted Vivi when he found him outside his cave near Treno. Vivi began to teach him that merely eating everything perhaps wasn't the best way to become a true gourmand...

Cuchulainn (Tactics)/Queklain (PSX)
The Impure is the Zodiac Brave assosciated with Cardinal Draclau.

Quina Quen (9)
[HERO] An unlikely hero if there ever was one. Quina has a huge, lolling tongue, a cook's hat and apron, and an indeterminate gender. S/he, like most Qu, lives for food and tags along with Zidane to learn of new and interesting cuisine (by the order of his/her master, Quale). Like most Qu, s/he talks in pidgin English. S/he can learn blue magic from the enemies s/he eats during battle. His/her all-time favorite food, however, is frogs. S/he uses forks during battle. (O_o)

Quistis Trepe (8)
[HERO] Precocious is the word that comes to mind when dealing with this tall redhead. Quistis rose quickly in the ranks of SeeD to become an instructor, but was demoted from her status after allegations of being lacking leadership qualities - basically, she couldn't control Seifer. She's still just as determined as ever. And that whip of hers packs a nice punch. She also grew up in the Kramers' orphanage with the rest of the gang. She was adopted, but had problems with her new home, and ended up in Balamb Garden at the age of 10.

Rabntah (11)
After learning of the Northland expedition, which included representatives from Bastok and San'doria, Windurst demanded they be included too. Rabntah was the Mithra who was asked to accompany the group. She was later found mysteriously murdered, as were all other members of the Northland expedition.

Rachel (6)
Locke's former love was almost ready to marry him when a blunder by him caused her to fall to her death. He's never forgiven himself, and he searches the world for something to bring her back.

Ra Devil (Anime)
[VILLAIN] The most illogical and brainless villain since Chaos, Ra Devil's motives, origins, and plans are completely unknown. He looks like a half-robot, half-skeleton, with one red eye. He steals Cid's brain away in hopes of finding the secrets of the four Crystals; when he finally does, 200 years later, he collects them all and transforms into Deathgyunos, who's basically just a lot bigger than Ra Devil. However, apparently even that form can't stand a few laser beams, chocobos, and a good samurai sword swipe. Voiced by Michael Sorich.

Rapha Galthena (Tactics), Rafa Galthana (PSX)
[HERO] In the Fifty Year War, she and her brother Marach were members of the elite assassination team called "Kamyuja". Her parents were killed by the Black Plague; she was brought up by Barrington. However, she rebelled against him when she discovered the atrocities he committed (the burning of a village was the last straw).

Rag (4j)
See Mindy (4).

Rahal (11)
Leader of royal knights, known for his adherance to military code. Involved in the side quest for the Dragoon's artifact armor.

Raibaht (11)
Cid's Galkan assistant.

Raijin (8)
Honest, you almost feel horrible fighting this guy! The fact that he can kick your butt with his staff doesn't matter. This dark-skinned, feel-good posse member hangs around with Fujin and Seifer; they make up the Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committee. He has a tendency to talk cool, ya know? And be nice to people. But his friends don't like that too much, so he gets kicked in the shins a lot. But he follows them 'cause they're a posse, ya know?

Raine Loire (8)
Laguna's secret love, he seldom revealed the fact that she married him once she passed away. A very conscientious woman and an ideal mother, her loss affected both Laguna and Ellone profoundly. Evidence points to her being Squall's mother.

Rainemard (11)
A trapped spirit. Ally of General Curilla.

Raigegue, King (11)
One of the two rulers at the time of San'doria's fall. Brother of Prince Fellenant. He was militaristic, and formed the Royal Knights.

Ralse (6)
The name of Draco's enemy in the opera scene.

Raogrimm (11)
A Talekeeper of the Galka who accompanied Ulrich and Cornelia on the Northland expedition. He was also a member of the Mythril Musketeers (Bastok army), but in name only, as he detested the way beastmen were treated by the group. While on the Northland expedition, he was unexpectedly attacked by his ally Ulrich over his relationship with Cornelia. As she died in his arms, he let out a roar, and that was the last anyone heard of him. Wandering around lost, he found and tapped into the power of the crystals, thus awkening Eald'narche and Kam'lanaut, the Zilart princes. They made him become the Shadow Lord and used him to continue their plan to enter paradise.

Ramuh (6)
The Esper of Thunder makes an appearance in 6 as a wise old man. He recounts the story of Terra to Locke and company, and urges them to free the other Espers, before turning into Magicite himself. See Summons for more info.

Ramza Beoulve (Tactics)
[HERO] The youngest son of Barbaneth, he comes from a different mother than Zalbaag and Dycedarg. He's very close with his sister Alma. He's the hero of the game, who travels from place to place righting as many wrongs as he can. After the apparent death of his close friend Delita at Ziekden Fortress, he changes his last name to Ruglia and joins Gaffgarion's mercenary troupe, in the hopes of starting a new life. By and large, he's ignored by historians and by the Murond Glabados Church, who try to hush up the shameful behavior they exhibited in trying to resurrect St. Ajora. His final destiny, along with Alma's, is murky at best.

Red XIII (7)
[HERO] A canine with red fur, a dark expression, Native American-type ornaments, a tattoo on his side saying XIII, and one eye. Red XIII, although in reality a young lad of about 15 by his race's timeline, acts very mysterious and doesn't say much. He knows a lot more than he lets on, about everything. His father was Seto, defender of the Cosmo Canyon; his grandfather is Bugenhagen. His real name is Nanaki; Red XIII was what Hojo called him when he grabbed him for biological research.

Reeve (7)
The only normal guy working for Shinra, he heads the Urban Development Section. Gotta love his goatee! He's the one who's secretly controlling Cait Sith from Midgar. He's got a good head on his shoulders, even if his loyalties are a bit confused to begin with.

Reina Charlotte Tycoon (5)
[HERO] The princess of Tycoon has an adventurous spirit, but her kindness and devotion is unsurpassed by any. Her self-sacrifice is literal; she'll even go as far as to hurt herself physically to help others, even animals like the Dragons. Her father is King Tycoon and her sister, she later finds out, is Faris. She has been chosen as one of the Crystal Warriors.

Reis Duelar (Tactics)/Reis Dular (PSX)
[HERO] Beowulf's love was the subject of jealous Priest Bremondt's hatred. He turned her into a Holy Dragon and imprisoned her in the lowest area of the Mining Town of Gollund. However, she was rescued by Beowulf and was cured of her transformation in Nelveska Temple.

Relm Arrowny (6)
[HERO] The lovable granddaughter of Strago, she's got a magical touch with a paintbrush: the paintings come alive! She has a mischievous tendency to always get into the thick of things, even when she ends up being in way too much danger for it to be worth it. Evidence points to her being Shadow's daughter; she's the only one who can stand his dog, Interceptor.

Queen Remedi
[VILLAIN] Mewt's mother died before the game starts, but his desire for her creates someone who looks very much like her. In reality, this creature is Li Grim (aka Le Grimoire), the personification of the dreams of those in Ivalice. Once she's finally defeated, Ivalice reverts back to the real world. She's not really villainous, more like an overprotective mother who wants to spoil her child.

Reno (7)
The head of the Turks after Tseng passed on, he's got an attitude a mile thick. He enjoys a good drink and never does anything beyond what his job requires.

Reuben (MQ)
[HERO] Hailing from Fireburg and wielding a Morning Star, he's a solid companion who unfortunately has a frail metabolism - a fall down a rope bridge wounds him badly. His father is Arion.

Richard (2j)
See Gareth (2).

Rikku (10/X-2)
Rikku is the daughter of Cid, leader of the Al Bhed, which makes her first cousins with Yuna (or, as she insists on calling her, "Yunie"). She helps her dad out with his salvage operations and on one of them, searching for the legendary airship, she meets Tidus. She agrees with her father's insistance that the summoners' pilgrimages are bad, but when she tries to capture Yuna, she's thwarted by the five other guardians. After a short talk, though, she allows herself to accompany Yuna and accept her decision about her own life.
Rikku is the token high-pitched-hyper-teenager type. She's very idealistic and a bit ditzy, but she can keep a cool head, except in the presence of lightning, which she has an irrational phobia about due to a childhood trauma. In battle she can't do much damage, but she's versatile otherwise, being able to dismantle robotic enemies, steal items, and use special items in battle. Rikku is voiced by Tara Strong.
[X-2] Wearing even less than before (and sounding even dumber), Rikku now exists almost exclusively for comic relief. She's the one who got Yuna started on the whole sphere hunting thing, though. One thing of note is that she cured her fear of lightning by camping out in the Thunder Plains for a whole week.

Rin (10/X-2)
A long-haired Al Bhed, who has set up Travel Agencies all over Spira in an effort to sell people things. He's always completely calm about everything and sees any crisis as an opportunity to make more money... although he never keeps any of it, to tell the truth: he uses it as part of a fund to rebuild the Al Bhed Home. He actively inquires into Tidus's bungling attempts to learn Al Bhed (or not so bungling, depending on how many Primers you've found). Voiced by Tom Kenny.
[X-2] Branching into entertainment, Rin uses the coins found in the Bikanel Desert to start a new fad: Sphere Break. He's still keeping his hand in with the machina around Mi'ihen Highroad, though, and you might just find out that he's sabotaging them himself due to the reports of Mako - err... "planet energy" that could replace machina as the mode du jour of technology.

Rinoa Heartilly (8)
[HERO] A vivacious, rebellious young girl whose luxuriant looks and defiant attitude eventually attract Squall to her. Her parents are General Caraway of Galbadia and Julia, a piano player, who dies before the game is set. Her faithful dog, Angelo, takes better care of her than most pets do. Her life gets even more complicated when she becomes a sorceress and vulnerable to Ultimecia's mind manipulation. She wears a blue dress with two stylized angel's wings drawn on the back.

Ritz Malheur
A spunky girl in Marche's class, who's beside herself with joy when the fantasy world of Ivalice appears. In particular, she loves not having to dye her hair; in reality, her hair's white. She befriends a viera clan run by Shara, and travels around doing missions and generally having a good time. While still friendly with Marche, she doesn't appreciate his trying to turn the real world back. However, he eventually convinces her to let him do it. After the game ends (at which point it's not entirely clear if Marche succeeded or not) Ritz can join Marche's clan.

Rochefogne (11)
A mysterious elvaan who was later revealed to be the brother of the deceased Queen Destin. During the battle of Tavnazia, he was the one charged with carrying Lightbringer as he and the royal family fled in the tunnels. This was the actual cause of the separation of Tavnazia from the main continent. He wound up unconscious on the shores and spent the remainder of his life looking for it. After it was found again, he left San'doria in search of redemption.

Loffrey Wodring (Tactics)/Rofel Wodring (PSX)
A Templar and Folmarv's right-hand man. He's the one who formed the alliance with Dycedarg. He's also an accomplished sorceror and opened the gate to Murond Death City.

Roland & Malayde (CC)
An aging Clavat couple who are the Elders of Tipa. Roland is the one who performs the ceremony to regenerate the crystal's energy with Myrrh. The couple seems to be well-informed of events that go on around the world as they always see the party off at the start of each new year with an anecdote for what to keep an eye on this time. Tipa is the default name given to the party's hometown.

Rolfwood (CC)
The Lilty leader of the caravan from Marr's Pass. They seem a bit less personable than the Lilties from Alfitaria. There are only three of them in the caravan, and they claim to be the best blacksmiths and warriors in the world. Rolfwood lets the party know that town Lilties from Marr's Pass and city Lilties from Alfitaria don't get along very well. The other members of the caravan are named: Leuts Royle (this is the talkative one), and Lyne Dott.

Rosa (4)
[HERO] Cecil's lover lives in Baron Town with her mother. She became a White Wizard to be able to help protect others, her real wish in life. She has a very good heart, and her longing for Cecil after he disappears causes her to fall ill with sunstroke after blindly searching for him.

Rouge (Anime)
[VILLAIN/HERO] A scantily-clad kleptomaniac, Rouge heads a band of leather-clad pirates (funnily, she's the only skinny one), riding around in a pink monstrosity of an airship and accosting travelers. Fueled by an urge to own anything shiny, she even holds the new legendary heroes captive while she tries to coax the Wind Crystal out of them. Eventually Queen Reina pays her off and she cooperates with the good guys - for a while. Although at first ignoring Valkas's inept advances, she eventually falls for him as well. Voiced by K.T. Vogt.

Rubicant (4)
The Emperor/Fiend of Fire is an honorable man - he always heals you before you fight him. He rules the Tower Of Babel; Lugae is his dubiously sane right-hand man. His name comes from Dante's Inferno, an ancient work.

Ruby (9)
The only female member of Tantalus places more emphasis on the theater than the thievery aspect. She eventually leaves to start her own mini-theater in Alexandria. She was slated to play the part of Cornelia in the play "I Want To Be Your Canary" before being upstaged by Dagger. She talks with a southern twang, but somehow manages to speak Victorian English in the play.

Rude (7)
The baldheaded, silent member of the Turks, he just goes along with whatever Reno tells him. He's a very solid guy and takes everything in stride. He enjoys a good gambling night. Cool shades.

Rufus (7)
The cool-hair white-coat vice-president of Shinra Inc. becomes president by default when Sephiroth croaks his old man. Although he isn't taken to hysterical laughter, he nevertheless doesn't care too much for people other than himself. When forced to work together with Cloud, he's at least civil about it.

Louveria Atkascha, Queen (Tactics)/ Ruvelia Atkascha, Queen (PSX)
King Ondoria's wife is the real leader of Ivalice, as Ondoria is unfit to rule. She calls the shots. When Ondoria dies, she decides that her own son, Orinus, should eventually rule; she supports her brother Larg's claim to the throne in the hopes that when Larg passes on, Orinus will take over. She goes so far as to kidnap Ovelia, Ondoria's adopted daughter and true sister, to make sure she never makes it to the throne. Her plan is thwarted, however.

Ryan Whittaker (TSW)
Can anyone say Barret? Or Mr. T? Ryan actually seems to be the gentlest member of Gray's Deep Eyes squad, and the one who seems to understand Aki and Sid the most. His courage is unfaltering even in the worst of circumstances.
Rydia (4)
[HERO] A summoner from the town of Mist, Rydia's mother dies when her Phantom Beast, a white dragon, is inadvertently killed by Kain and Cecil. Rydia, a small child, doesn't trust Cecil but falls ill thanks to an overblown Tita Summon she uses in self-defense. After Cecil saves her from some soldiers, she joins him. She's later swallowed by Leviathan, who raises her in the Land of Summons. Since time travels differently there, by the time she rejoins Cecil, she's fully grown.

Ryoma (11)
A bigwig of Norg. Involved in the side quest for the Ninja's artifact armor, and wants a box.

Sabin Rene Figaro (6), Mash (6j)
[HERO] When his father, the king of Figaro, died, Sabin ran away to become a martial artist. He studied under the great Duncan for ten years, becoming quite a powerhouse. Driven by his hatred for the Empire, he longs for the day when he can pay them back. Sabin has a tendency to rampage through a situation and not think about the consequences. He also has a large appetite.

Sagi (FFU)
A young boy with HUGE puppy-dog eyes found by Lisa in one of Oscar's crazy contraptions. Sagi spends his time laying a guilt trip the size of Mississippi on Lisa. O_o As it turns out, he's the embodiment of a sagisou (egret orchid) whom Lisa confided in as a child. How it got to the Inner World and got turned into a human? Please don't ask. These sort of things just happen in anime. 8p

Salamander Coral (9j)
See Amarant Coral.

Salsa (5a)
See Faris Scherwiz (Salsa is the bad translation of "Salsa").

Sandy (4), Dog (4j)
One of the Magus Sisters in Valvalis's Castle, she's the tall one. Also appears in 10 as a summon.

Sara, Princess (1), Sarah (1p)
Quintessential plot element, captured by evil knight Garland.

Sara, Princess (3)
A spunky girl who happens to be the assistant ruler of Sassoon Castle. She's also the only one who can end Jinn's curse (which turns people into two-dimensional ghosts) by using a Mithril Ring and her castle's holy spring.

Sarda (1)
A sage who gives you a rod to break a plate blocking a staircase in Lich's cave.

Sarina (3)
Desh's love pines away for him in Canaan as he gallivants everywhere besides where she is.

Sarisa Tycoon (5j)
See Salsa Tycoon / Faris Scherwiz.

Salsa Tycoon (5)
See Faris Scherwiz.

Scarlet (7)
The sexy boss of the weapons department knows her stuff - she's got better aim than her entire force put together. She does tend to laugh at a lot of nothing, but she's caught the maniac syndrome like too many other heads of things. When push comes to shove, she doesn't do much that's worth anything.

Scarmiglion (4j)
See Milon (4).

Scotch (7)
Head henchman of Don Corneo, with his friend Kotch.

Scott (2)
The elder brother of Scott and prince of Kas'ion. He was to declare his undying love for Princess Hilda of Fynn, but an attack by the Paramecia Empire fatally wounded him. His love is carried on by his brother, though.

Seifer Almasy (8)
[VILLAIN] The unruly and unpredictable antagonist of Squall. Seifer sports a long trench coat, very short orange hair, a scar from a training battle with Squall, and a chip on his shoulder a mile wide. He has a tendency to do whatever he wants, despite any illogic it entails. He also has a propensity towards violence, which might be why he's head of the Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committe, with Fujin and Raijin. He's the only other person in the world of 8 who wields a gunblade. He attended the Kramers' orphanage as a child as well.

Seiryu (11)
A "god" wyvern that appears when you trade the Gem of the East and a Springstone.

Selh'Tus (11)
He is the mysterious boy everyone is seeking in Chains of Promathia. He is linked to the emptiness spreading through Vana'diel. He is the boy who made a pact with Bahamut many years ago to wage war on the Zilart. He is the real Keeper of the Apocalypse, and thus, Nag'molada needs to kill him to realize his dreams. He assists Prishe with his spear to kill Promathia.

Selphie Tilmitt (8)
[HERO] A spunky girl who never seems to run out of cutsey things to say at any given time, and who has an overbearingly naive view of the world, Selphie's always there when people need cheering up, even if they don't want it. A transfer student from Trabia Garden who found her niche in the Garden Festival committee. She doesn't look it, but she's deadly with nunchaku. She attended the Kramers' orphanage as a child.

Semih Lafihna (11)
Mithra head of the Star Sybil's guards, she is considered the right hand of the Star Sybil. She captured Ajido-Marujido after his secret meeting with Yagudo. Later discovered the nature of Karaha-Baruha's current state, that part of his life force was in Joker, but a larger part was in Fenrir, and that the mysterious figure shown to Ajido-Marujido was the Fenrir/Karuha-Baruha combination.

Sephiroth (7)
[VILLAIN] The ultra-powerful genealogical son of Jenova (biological son of Hojo and Lucrecia), this guy has some major problems. His "mother" is a planet-devouring entity, his true father is a medical psychopath, and he's got enough firepower to down a few solar systems. Guess what happens when he meets up with our heroes? It's a shame, really - if he'd never met his real mother, he might have been quite a nice guy.

Seto (7)
Red XIII's father and defender of Cosmo Canyon from the Gi tribe. He took their poison arrows and turned to stone, but still watches over the canyon. He let everyone believe he was a coward, but in truth he was the real hero.

Setzer Gabbiani (6)
[HERO] A high-flying gambler who's always in for a challenge, Setzer ends up helping the Returners almost by default. He's very cool and calm, but hides a tragic past: the only other airship in the world was owned by his girlfriend Daryl, who tried going too close to the sun and crashed. He's been brooding and vague ever since, and drowns his woes in gambling (he has an entire casino aboard his airship).

Seymour Guado, Maester (10/X-2)
[VILLAIN] In my opinion, the most annoyingly superfluous person in any RPG. He became the maester of the Guado by killing his father, Lord Jyscal, and amazingly, no one seems to care. (At least at first... his servant Tromell eventually regrets his glossing over of the fact.) Born the son of a Guado and a human, the resulting childhood problems had his mother turn herself into a fayth and therefore an Aeon (named Anima) in order to give him more power. (Maybe try to spend more time with him instead of killing yourself, eh?) Seymour likes the power, though, and eventually his demented mind decides that everybody in Spira is suffering too much, so let's just kill 'em all! He decides to become Sin. Oof. Yuna and co. actually kill him in their first fight, but Seymour doesn't let himself be Sent. He actually tries to marry Yuna several times (gross!) and somehow manages to get generic RPG-Villain Big Bad Bodies during subsequent battles until he's finally Sent inside Sin. Seymour is voiced by Alex Fernandez.

Shadow (6)
[HERO] A mysterious assassin who nevertheless seems to like helping out the Returners, provided they have enough cash. His semi-rabid dog Interceptor is always with him, but not too many people can get close to the mutt... besides Relm, who thinks he's a cute puppy. Evidence points to Shadow, a.k.a. Clyde, being Relm's father...

Shadow Lord (11)
The lord of the beastmen. From an obsidian throne in Xarcabard, he gathered the alliance of most of the beastmen races and attacked the three nations. This began the Crystal War. He was defeated by the shadow knight, Zeid, although Volker took the credit. Through a conspiracy between the beastmen and the Archduke of Jeuno, the Shadow Lord was reborn. After his second defeat by Zeid, the Shadow Lord was revealed to be Raogrimm. It was found that he gave his soul to the dark forces of Vana'diel if he could have revenge for Cornelia. Raogrimm found the Zilart princes in Delkfutt Tower and granted his wish, changing him unwillingly into the Shadow Lord. Angry at being used by Kam'lanaut, he sacrificed himself to save his friend Zeid as he and the other heroes fled the castle. After the fight, he found himself in Dynamis, the dream world, where he finds the other members of the Northland expedition. They pledge to stay with him and he is finally reunited with Cornelia. However, Raogrimm will not be free of Shadow Lord's control until Vana'diel is united and the hatred is gone.

Shantotto, Professor (11)
Wacky professor of the Tarutaru. She is known for his role in the Ajido-Marujido situation and helped Apururu clear her brother's name. Known for making fun of people, having an outrageous laughter and attitude. Some consider her a "super" mage, but she has a tendency not to be able to control her own magic. Many people have different reactions to her.

A viera whose clan befriends Ritz in Ivalice. Although she seems sophistocated and suave, she's actually a bit of a baby when it comes to bugs. After Marche saves her from some antlion larva (after the game's over), she joins his clan.

Shelinda (10/X-2)
A squeaky-voiced cleric of the Yevonites. She also follows around Tidus and Yuna, affirming her undying faith for Yevon. Eventually even she is shaken, though. She ends up being the captain of the guards in Bevelle due to nobody else wanting to do it. Voiced by Sherry Lynn.
[X-2] Still working for anybody who orders her around, Shelinda is now a reporter for the (apparently) only sphere station on Spira, which is centered around Luca.

Shera (7)
Cid's faithful helper tried a little too hard and earned his neverending wrath for making him destroy his dream of space travel to save her life. After that, she lives to serve him; taking all the verbal abuse he dishes out in an effort to atone for her botch-up. She eventually proves her self-worth, however, when her fears for the launch prove correct after all.

Shikaree Z (11)
Mithra who attacks Prishe. Ally of Cardinal Mildaurion. She fights alongside the heroes of Chains of Promathia, then retires from the Sinhunters.

Shinra, President (7)
President Shinra's a real SOB. He basically rules Midgar through his money and manipulation of the news; he's sucking the life energy out of the planet; and he wants all the good guys dead. He gets his, though - a nice big sword stuck in him ten hours into the game. His son Rufus takes over, and he's not much better.

Shinra (X-2)
The genius Al Bhed inventor who tags around with the Gullwings, Shinra is nevertheless "just a kid". He can get on your nerves, though, especially when he beats you senseless in Sphere Break. It's just conjecture whether he's related to the Shinra of FF7, but a scene near the end of the game does seem to confirm that. Voiced by Pamela Adlon.

Shroi Kumo (FFU)
Kaze's epic archenemy, the Demon Swordsman... although he seems to have a reluctance to actually fight Kaze, mainly, I think, because he knows they're really on the same side. He's also very reticent, but I think it's for different reasons... Kaze really just doesn't care about people, but Shroi Kumo seems just to be too burdened to say anything. I think he's a basically good man, but he works for Earl Tyrant because he's been overpowered... and possibly because he doesn't have anything else to live for, his world having been eaten by Chaos. His attacks all look similar: he uses bottles of mist to summon a white dragon, using names of music (etude, quartet, symphony, etc.). The shade of his brother Madoushi ends up being killed by him, and he begins to be disillusioned with Earl Tyrant, even after being made a Deathlord of Gaudium. He starts to surreptitiously help the Comodin and Ai/Yu/Lisa and eventually comes out in the open, sacrificing himself to defeat Earl Tyrant.

Shuyin (X-2)
The villain of the piece. Shuyin was a citizen of Bevelle, who fell in love with Lenne of Zanarkand during the war a thousand years ago. He tried to use Vegnagun to save Lenne from his own side, but both he and her were shot dead before he could reach it. However, his anger and hate were so strong that they lived on (in a cave below the Mushroom Rock Road), and he drove anyone who entered mad. However, the Crimson Squad survived his attack; he responded by "possessing" Nooj. In the ensuing years he manipulated his way up until he found his way into Baralai, and through him, into the Farplane where Vegnagun lay in wait. However, Yuna, channeling Lenne through her dressphere, confronted him and finally got him and Lenne to rest.
Shuyin is identical to Tidus (and is voiced by the same actor, James Arnold Taylor). It's just conjecture, but I believe Tidus was a "dream" of someone who was once a real person in Zanarkand. Perhaps the "dream" was a bit nicer than the reality, which is that Shuyin, who Tidus was based on, was not a very nice man at all.

Sid, Professor (TSW)
The man who made bio-etheric energy possible, and then made it his goal in life, Sid is a gentle man dedicated to getting rid of the Phantoms with the minimal possible damage to the Earth itself. He has a great fondness for his assistant Aki, and a respect for the pain she goes through. He is deeply insightful into many things in life, and is seldom wrong. When he is, though, he admits it genially without a shred of ego.

Siegfried (6)
The pompous swordsman who thinks he's all that, he's really nothing more than a thief who lets other people do the work. However, once you meet him in the Coliseum, he's apparently honed his skills to perfection. According to him, the one who dogged you until then was an impostor.

Simon Penn-Lachish (Tactics), Simon Pen Rakshu (PSX)
The head of Orbonne Monastery used to be a Pagan Examiner for the Glabados Church, but one incident had him resign from that job. He secretly researched the Germonik Scriptures; the Knights Templar killed him for that.

Sin (10/X-2)
On the one hand, Sin is a giant water-bound demon who attacks everything and anything, and whose toxin causes weakness and amnesia. On a second hand, Sin is the living armor of Yu Yevon, made from the Final Aeon of a summoner. On the third hand, Sin is the fayth who became the Final Aeon... in this case, Jecht. His multiple personalities make him a very hard thing to gauge. Apparently he fights mindlessly, which is probably all the more painful for Jecht who has to watch it all.

Smilebringer (11)
a figure of the starlight celebration. He/she brought gifts to good boys and girls on holidays, and may have been a goblin.

Smith (1)
The dwarf blacksmith who makes Xcalibur if you give him Adamant. See Kokkol from 4.

Sol Racht (CC)
A brave and noble Lilty warrior who leads the caravan from Alfitaria. While he's a nice enough guy, he seems pretty prejudiced that only Lilties can handle themselves in a battle, and will give the party healing items whenever there aren't any Lilties around. His primary quest is to find and subdue the Black Knight, though his team finds time to collect Myrrh, too.

Somosan (FFU)
A giant mermaid... her voice first sounds like she's almost crying, but she gets nastier. 8p She's one of the challenges inside the Ocean Puzzle; her riddles are designed to have no answer and confuse the players, sinking them closer into Chaos... but Lisa, with Kaze's help, finally pierces her illusion.

Spencer (MQ)
An eccentric old man and Phoebe's grandfather. He lives alone in a waterway beneath her house. He sometimes goes out adventuring on a whim.

Squall Leonhart (8)
[HERO] The reclusive, antisocial hero of 8. Squall sports brown hair and a facial scar from a tussle with Seifer. An orphan, we later find out that he attended the Kramer orphanage. His parents, it is vaguely alluded to, are Laguna and Raine, which would make Ellone his adopted sister. (He called her "Sis" in the orphanage either way). During his escapades as a SeeD, he slowly falls for his first employer, Rinoa. His weapon of choice is a gunblade - not the most realistic of weapons, but definitely one of the coolest. He was supposedly called Squall because he was supposed to remind you of a passing storm, something that doesn't get very close up. "Leonhart" is supposedly reused from Leon, one of the heros from 2, although it's also a reference to his symbol, Griever.

St. Ajora Glabados (Tactics)
A Jesus-like character who lived 1200 years before the game takes place. He lived in Bervenia Free City, in Lesalia; raised in Milodos. The then-church, Fara, began to feel some antipathy towards him (which was returned) when he began to prophesize about a new kingdom taking hold. He was executed by the Holy Empire of Yudora at the Golgollada Gallows, but soon afterwards, the Fara Church capital was submerged in the sea by a seemingly natural phenomenon and disappeared. Many people took this to be a miracle and the Glabados Church was formed. (The true Ajora was a spy who seeded rebellion; the Yudora Empire executed him partly for those crimes.) St. Ajora never really died; he struck a pact with the Zodiac Braves allowing him to come back to life if the Holy Stones were brought to Murond Death City. When that finally happens, he turns into the Lucavi, Ultima.

Steiner, Adelbert (9)
[HERO] Dagger's unbelievably loyal knight (head of the Knights of Pluto), he sticks by her side through thick and thin. However, his idea of what's good for her doesn't always agree with her idea. Zidane's good-natured intervention drives him crazy, and it takes him an inordinate amount of time to admit that Zidane's more than just a thief and a criminal. As some of his beliefs come crashing down during the story, his resolve begins to weaken. A side point of that is his hidden and growing feelings for Beatrix.

Stella (5)
Drogan's wife and Bartz'z mother, she endured her husband's journeys as much as she could. She fell ill when Bartz was young and died soon after; Drogan lost the will to live and followed her in the same year.

Stella, Queen (9)
A duck (?) living in Treno, who collects rare Stellazio. She pays good money for them, too.

Stiltzkin (9)
A moogle with tiger stripes and a bunch of scrolls in a backpack. He travels from place to place, selling rare items in value-packs.

Stiltzkin (CC)
A moogle who travels the world in search of the answers behind the miasma... and his own existance. Stiltzkin wonders, "If moogles can remain unaffected by the miasma like monsters, then does that mean that moogles are monsters?" His search takes him through the whole world and he ends up in Mag Mell, investigating the strange occurrences there. He's also a good teacher for battle, and the party can make use of his wisdom. Stiltzkin is almost certainly a crossover character, with the same name, clothing, design, and characteristics as the Stiltzkin that appears in Final Fantasy IX.

Strago Magus (6), Stragus (6j)
[HERO] A codgy old sorceror who lives in a town of magicians and tries to hide his powers from the world. He nevertheless joins up when a series of events near his hometown throw him into the thick of things. He can talk your ear off, but his knowledge of things magical is unsurpassed. Relm is his granddaughter and lives with him in Thamasa.

Sueleen (11)
Guard friend of Prishe.

Suzaku (11)
A "god" bird that appears when you trade the Gem of the South and a Summerstone.

Syldra (5j)
See Hydra (5).

Taca (3)
The world's greatest blacksmith lives in Kazus. He can affix a battering-ram device to Cid's Airship to make it destroy the boulder leading to the rest of the world. Of course, the airship explodes after that... doesn't it make ya just cry?

Taro (X-2)
One of Pacce's Kinderguardians. Voiced by Kath Soucie.

Tellah (4)
[HERO] An old Sage who knows every magic there is to know... besides the ultimate Black Magic, Meteor. He's a hotheaded geezer who seldom thinks before rushing into things. His daughter Anna runs off with Edward, causing Tellah to angrily search after her. Finding out she was killed by Golbez sends him on a rage-filled quest to find Meteor and use it against him, even if it kills Tellah in the doing.

Tenzen (11)
A samurai from an unknown empire who comes to Vana'diel to do what he can to stop the emptiness and Promathia. He discovers his sword is the Phoenix flame, which shakes to warn of danger. He receives a vision of the fight between the Zilart and the avatars. Near the end he mistakenly fights against those seeking to destroy Promathia, thinking it will end the world. After Promathia is defeated, he apologizes for his actions and returns to his empire.

Terra Branford (6a), Tina Branford (6j)
[HERO] The sad-faced, blue-haired heroine of 6 starts out with amnesia and it doesn't get much better after that. The daughter of an Esper and a human, she's inexorably trapped in her destiny to save the Espers from being turned into so much glowing rock. Her youth and memory loss mean that she has a lot of harsh lessons to learn along the way.

Teta Hyral (Tactics) (PSX)
See Tietra Heiral.
T.G. Cid (Tactics)
See Orlandeau, Cidolfus.

Thorn (9)
One of Brahne's two unspeakably annoying jester sidekicks, who later side with Kuja when he beats Brahne. They're the ones who cast the eidolon-sucking spell with Dagger and (later) Eiko. Like all RPG twins, they join to make a two-headed boss. Thorn is the red-colored one who mangles his sentences.

Tiamat (1)
The Wind Fiend, who lives in the Flying Fortress atop the Tower of Mirage. He reappears in FF9 as the Chaos of Wind.

Tidus (10/X-2)
[HERO] The son of Jecht (whom he abhors and always tries to surpass, in blitzball and everything else), Tidus is thrust from the dreamworld Zanarkand into Spira when Sin visits it. About 98% of the game is seen from Tidus's point of view; in fact, he narrates his own thoughts frequently as well. Tidus is an optimistic, good-natured young man with high ideals, but he's quite human and a bit of a crybaby, as it appears. Although his main goal is to return to Zanarkand, he soon finds that he cares deeply for his new friends, especially Yuna. The news that Yuna won't survive her pilgrimage hits him particularly hard. During most of the game Tidus feels like an outsider, not knowing anything about his surroundings, but eventually he gains leadership qualities and becomes a real get-goer. As for what happens to him once the fayth stop their dream... it's left completely up to conjecture. Tidus is voiced by James Arnold Taylor; young Tidus (flashbacks) is voiced by Cree Summer.
[X-2] Tidus hangs out in the Farplane. If you get the Good ending, the fayths somehow manage to bring him back from the "sort of dead" to meet Yuna in the waters near Besaid. And they live happily ever after.

Tietra Heiral (Tactics)
Delita's sister came from a poor family but was taken in by the Beoulve family. She attends the Aristocratic School in Eagrose with Alma, but she's ridiculed because of her status. She was abducted, supposedly for involvement with Larg's assassination, but really just as a hostage so that Gragoroth could escape Eagrose Castle. She was killed by Argath in Ziekden Fortress.

Tifa Lockheart (7)
[HERO] The buxom barkeep of Seventh Heaven has a heart of gold. She always tries to put a silver lining in things. When push comes to shove, however, she's deadly with her fists. Her goal in life is really to help other people. She has become, at least in the online community, the de facto sex symbol for Final Fantasy.

Tina Branford (6j)
See Terra Branford.

Titan (1)
A squarish, blue-skinned guy who eats rubies. See Summons for more info.

Tobli (X-2)
This hyperactive midget entertainment manager has high aspirations for putting on his shows (and generally manages to meet them). He relies on a Spira-wide network of Hypello to advertise his stuff, and oddly enough, it works. Obviously Yuna's appeal helps a great deal to sell his venues. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Topapa (3)
The head elder of Ur is also the Heroes' adoptive father. He acknowledges their destiny and shoves them on their way. (Honestly, what else is he supposed to do?)

Tosuka-Parika (11)
Part of Minstery of Opistery. The Chebukki triplets thought he was their father, but this was disproved.

Tot, Dr. (9)
Dagger's tutor from when she was a child now resides in Treno. He has a comical look (nerdy, as Eiko accurately pegs him) and an educated viewpoint, and he is devoted to the princess. He's a wellspring of knowledge of all kinds.

Trema (X-2)
The founder of New Yevon, he aims to destroy people's pasts so they would look to the future. He's also the hardest enemy in the game, shuttered away in the bottom floor of the Via Infinito with all the other insane bosses. Trema is voiced by David Rasner (same as Brother).

Trion, Prince (11)
San'dorian prince, son of King Destin. He is involved in the side quest for red mage artifact armor, and orders you to go to crawlers nest. As a ruler, he is seen as overly aggressive, and not a good leader.

Tristam (MQ)
[HERO] A cocky adventurer who uses ninja stars to attack; he always shows up when you least expect it and leaves at around the same time. He has a good heart but usually his greed wins.

Tromell Guado (10/X-2)
The sycophantic retainer of Seymour, he follows everything Seymour does blindly - and not so blindly, destroying evidence of Seymour's patricide. He's a bit infuriating in his firm belief that Tidus is the Bad Guy, but eventually he regrets his deeds nonetheless. In fact, towards the end of the game he spends his entire time in the Farplane, apologizing. Voiced by Corey Burton.
[X-2] Tromell and the other Guado hide out in Macalania Forest, depressed and saddened by their deeds. However, the other mystical Macalania residents save him with their music, and he accepts the responsibility of leading the Guado, returning them to Guadosalam and restoring relations with the Ronso.

Tseng (7)
The head of the Turks is super-cool; he's the only guy you never fight. He does kidnap Aeris, but she's still sad when he dies: he's one of the only people she knew since childhood, even if he was chasing her for scientific experiments the whole time. Who did him in? Sephiroth, of course. What a question.

Tukuku (11)
The star sybil at dawn of the age of magic. She was blessed with powerful magic at a young age. When she was chosen to be the next Star Sybil, no one attended her rite of ascension. The magic power the Tarutaru had just gained plunged them into conflicts amongst each other. Tukuku appeared at a battle site and cast a powerful spell, making both sides pay attention. After three days and nights of negotiations, she united her people under the Federation of Windurst. Unfortunately, she died shortly after.

Tycoon, Alexander Highwind (5)
The king of Tycoon had to choose between killing the last living Dragon and letting his life die; he chose the sorry death of his wife, and his daughter Reina had a very hard time forgiving him. Faris is also his daughter, lost at birth. King Tycoon has a very strange relationship with Bartz and company; it's unclear whether he's originally from the Second World, or just a resident of the First World with great magical power.

Tzee Xicu the Magnificent (11)
Supreme Priestess of the Yagudo. She appears in the higher parts of the Castle Oztroja. She can use summons and their "Astral Flows" (their most powerful abilities).

Ulmia (11)
Granddaughter of Despachiaire. Childhood friend and caretaker of Prishe. She carries a torch for the Tavnazian choir, which she was initially rejected from. Now she is seen as one of the most beautiful singers of Tavnazia, and is the last living member of the choir. While searching for the missing Prishe, she travels the world, meeting characters like Aldo and Tenzen.

Ulrich (11)
An elite hume musketeer who was sent on a mission to explore the Northlands. The female monk Cornelia was sent with. Ulrich was angered over the hume woman's affection for a Galka named Raogrimm and not himself. Once in the north, he split the party, taking only Raogrimm with him, plotting to kill him. Neither of them noticed Cornelia follow them. Ulrich engaged Raogrimm in combat, and when Ulrich thrust the final blow, Cornelia jumped in front, taking the blade into herself instead. Ulrich walked away with Raogrimm mourning over her. He later returned to the rest of the party and explained Raogrimm and Cornelia fell off a cliff and were killed. He was later found mysteriously murdered, as were all other members of the Northland expedition.

Ultima (Tactics)
[VILLAIN] The Bloody Angel, this is the Lucavi form of St. Ajora.

The Nu Mou Totema.

Ultimecia, Sorceress (8)
[VILLAIN] We don't hear much about this very evil person except the fact that she wants to destroy the universe. Truth is, she was kind of tacked on as an afterthought - we don't even get to meet her until it's time to kill her. She does have a weird accent. She takes over Edea and Rinoa in the course of the game while trying to accomplish her goals.

Ultros (6)
[VILLAIN] This guy's almost as screwed up as Kefka. A purple octopus with an attitude, he interferes in nasty ways throughout the game, once turning up with his fiery buddy Chupon as well. After seeing the world explode, he ends up working as a secretary. How's that for poetic justice?

Umaro (6)
A large yeti whose vocabulary falls somewhere in the double digits, he's very big, very strong, and very slow. Apparently his race has an inbred subservience to moogles. Go figure.

Underhill (1)
The caravan master who bottles fairies for a living and sells them for ridiculous prices.

Unne, Dr. (1)
A professor who's studying Leifinish.

Unne (3)
One of the three students of Archmage Noah, she controls the Dream World. Unfortunately, that means she's asleep, and only Noah's Lute can wake her. She has great powers for good, like Dorga, and help the Heroes out even after she dies. She has a parrot who talks.

Valkas (Anime)
[HERO] A bumbling general of the Tycoon air force, Valkas leads the Iron Wing airship. His tendency to get worked up about absolutely everything makes for some very awkward moments, especially when he suddenly finds himself in love with Rouge, who happens to be his captor at the time. Fairly agressive (made worse by the fact that he's almost a giant), he's nevertheless fiercely loyal to Queen Reina and eventually works for the greater good. He wears what looks like jeweler's lenses done in black and his uniform is way too tight. Voiced by John DeMita.

Valowa, King (Tactics)
The king of Ordalia who fought the Fifty Year War with Ivalice. He took over after his father, King Diwanu, died. His successor was Prince Lanard.

Valvalis (4)
The Emperor/Fiend of Wind, she lives in her floating tower (which looks a lot like the Tower of Babel). She's the one who keeps Rosa captive during the game. Her name comes from Dante's Inferno, an ancient work.

Vargas (6)
Duncan's son and Mr. Jealousy. He thought Sabin was Duncan's intended successor, and so he makes the biggest (and last) mistake of his life in challenging Sabin to a death duel.

Belias (Tactics), Velius(PSX)
The Gigas is the Zodiac Brave assosciated with Wiegraf.

Verena (11)
The other sister of Aldo. She has the unique abilty to communicate with animals and beastmen, especially goblins. In Rise of the Zilart, she disappeared. Later, we find her being used by Eald'narche in activating the Delkfutt reactor. After the events of Rise of the Zilart, she receives a vision that Lion may be alive.

Vicks (6)
See Biggs (6).

Vidina (X-2)
Wakka's and Lulu's baby son, born near the end of the game.

Vijortal Caphieux (11)
A royal knight loyal to King Raigegue and vehemently anti-bastok. Raigegue told him to join the temple knights to uncover his brother's plot, then assassinate him. However, Caphieux turned against his king and saved Fellenant, but was mortally wounded in the process.

Vincent Valentine (7)
[HERO] A former Turk, he fell in love with Lucrecia while working with Dr. Gast and Hojo. He kept his feelings to himself, seeing her feelings for Hojo instead of him. However, when Hojo took her baby for the Jenova experiment, Vincent confronted Hojo and lost; his punishment was to be transformed into an undead. One of his hands is metallic gold; he wears a red cape and can transform into other monsters during battle. He uses a shotgun to attack normally. Perhaps because of his predicament, he's very quiet and only tags along to get rid of Sephiroth.

Vivi Ornitier (9), VIVI (9j)
[HERO] One of Kuja's Black Mages, who "malfunctioned" and began to think for himself. He was adopted by Quan, a Qu living near Treno, and fell in with Zidane completely by accident. He's still a child, both in size and outlook, and the constant doubts and soul-searching he entertains seem somehow out-of-place. His plight never fails to touch anyone, though, even the hard-knocking Zidane. His black magic can be devastating in battle.

Volker (11)
Nephew of Ulrich, leader of the Mythril Musketeers. He led the final attack on Xarcabard in the airship "First Ship" and stormed the Castle Zvahl with five heroes of the five races. He is known to the people as the hero that defeated the Shadow Lord. However, Zeid struck the final blow, and Volker took the credit. Later, he was dispatched to watch over the situation in Bastok concerning the return of the Talekeeper. When he received a letter from Zeid revealing the shameful truth about Ulrich and Cornelia, he returned to the castle and fought Zeid to a standstill. They parted ways and he returned to Bastok to find no ill will beared towards him.

Vukki-Chebukku (11)
Father of chebukku triplets.

Wakka (10/X-2)
Yuna's childhood friend, Wakka resolved to become a guardian full-time after the death of his brother Chappu. When he meets Tidus, he's astounded by his similarity to Chappu and approves of Yuna's decision to enlist him as another guardian. Formerly the captain of the Besaid Aurochs, his blitzball got a bit rusty after Chappu died and he found himself unable to concentrate; he's still quite a good player, though. A fierce believer in Yevon's teachings, he's incredulous as he slowly perceives the church's hypocrisy.
Wakka is laid-back and cool; a neat Hawaiian accent accompanies his statements. He's also devout, though, which sometimes sounds a bit weird. He has a good sense of humor and sometimes likes to horse around. In battle, Wakka's blitzball throws are great against flying enemies, and he can cause status problems as well. Wakka is voiced by John DiMaggio (same as Kimahri).
[X-2] Rikku claims he's pudgier, but he looks exactly the same. Oh well. Having married Lulu, Wakka is now going nuts worried about what he needs to do to be a father. At one point he searches for a sphere of his parents, whom he never met, to find out what parenting is all about; but he fails. Beclem, a war buddy of Chappu, is disappointed in Wakka's wimpiness and knocks heads with him a few times. In the end, Beclem gives Wakka a sphere of Chappu, who asks why he couldn't just be a brother instead of a surrogate father. Wakka realizes that he can't always make up molds for him to fit into, and decides to go along with his gut feeling (excuse the pun).

Wantz (10/X-2)
O'aka's similarly Cockneyed brother takes over the business when O'aka is unceremoniously imprisoned for helping Yuna. Originally he was the FFX equivalent of a photographer, grabbing sphere shots of the party at inopportune times; but when duty calls, he answers. Voiced by Tom Kenny.
[X-2] After being effectively booted out of the family business by O'aka, he shows up two years later at the Macalania branch and, after some arguing, helps with the new shop.

War Cloud (11)
A.K.A. Zeid, a friend and aid to Raogrimm.

Ward Zabac (8)
[HERO] The third member of Laguna's posse, Ward walks heavily and speaks very little - in fact, nothing at all, after he loses his voice in a battle with Esthar soldiers. However, you can always tell what he's thinking by the expression on his face. He can still do heavy damage with his anchor-like spear, though.

Watts (8)
Kind of a cheesy gopher working for Rinoa, his job is gathering information and getting chased by people.

Wedge (6)
Another generic soldier for the Empire who gets wasted by Tritoch.

Wedge (7)
The roundish third member of AVALANCHE, he's the fireworks/explosives specialist. He's also the most vulnerable-sounding of the bunch.

Wedge (8)
Private Wedge of Galbadia at your service. A loserly little dude who always follows instructions and is just there for comic relief.

Werei (11)
A friend of Gumbah, who was apparently lost on his Journey of Rebirth. He wrote a letter telling Gumbah that he was the new Talekeeper. He succeeded in being reborn, but had no memories of his friend.

Wiegraf Folles (Tactics)
The former leader of the Knights of Death and current leader of the Corpse Brigade. He became a Templar during the War of the Lions and eventually communed with Belias, a Lucavi demon. He was killed by Ramza in Riovanes Castle.

Wolfgang (11)
Hume general of the Duchy Army. He is sent to investigate the shattering of crystals at the crags. Also dispatched to attack Bahamut's wyrms. Childhood friend of Dr. Monberaux.

Construct 7 (Tactics), Worker 7-new (PSX)
An identical clone to Construct 8, Construct 7-new has been guarding the Nelveska Temple (which used to be some sort of research center) even though all the residents have long been deceased. Once Ramza manages to destroy it, he receives the Cancer Stone which made it run.

Construct 8 (Tactics), Worker 8 (PSX)
[HERO] An Steel Giant long ago disused, Besrudio found it in the Goug mines. It requires the Cancer Holy Stone to operate, and once Ramza puts it in, it joins Ramza's party. (It claims that Ramza is its master.)

X-death (5)
[VILLAIN] Originally a malevolent tree born from the Great Forest of Moore, X-death lives to nullify. His ultimate scheme is to suck everything in the world into a power called the "Void" (or "Mu") and then disappear himself. Why? Who the hell knows? He makes a cool villain, though. His sidekick (at least until he exiles him) is Gilgamesh.

Xu (8)
Xu's Quistis's friend and another SeeD instructor. She's also great at the Triple Triad card game. She's always there for ya in a crisis. (If we're following the Chinese pronunciation, it should be pronounced "shoe".)

Yaibal (X-2)
A naive and principled member of the Youth League, who tends to get overexcited. Voiced by Scott Menville.

Yang (4)
[HERO] The head Monk at Fabul, Yang is a pure-hearted and valiant warrior. His loving wife is quite patient as he gallivants around saving the world. He is attacked by Leviathan at one point; the next Cecil sees of him, he's under Golbez's control. He snaps out of it quickly. After a very brave and very stupid move which destroys the Tower of Babel, Yang is taken by the Sylphs to recover.

Yenke Ronso (10)
One of Kimahri's stupid taunters; he basically hangs around Biran and jeers at Kimahri. He's bigger but slower than his counterpart.

Yomi (11)
Dead wife of Ensetsu.

Yoran-Oran (11)
A Tarutaru villager. The Chebukki triplets thought he was their father, but this was disproved. He has been to Tavnazia once to examine an artifact.

Yuffie Kisaragi (7)
[HERO] Although born in the traditional Japanese-type town of Wutai, Yuffie's a twerpy, Clueless kind of kid who just happens to be a ninja. She has a spot of kleptomania when it comes to materia, and she'll steal even from friends. She's very disappointed in her father Godo's way of running Wutai; that's why she ran away. Her Pinwheels are pretty deadly in battle; she's stronger than she looks!

Yu Hayakawa (FFU)
Ai's more thoughtful twin brother, the kind of person who likes little animals. In fact, he befriends a rather hyperactive chocobo early on (whom he names Chobi), and wears one of its feathers, upon which time he realizes he can read Chobi's thoughts a bit. He tends to be a bit less annoying than his "big sister", and sometimes gets discouraged during their quest to find their parents.

Yu Yevon (10/X-2)
The very first summoner. Yevon had the ability to actually inhabit the Aeons he summoned, and he transformed a particularly powerful one into Sin, a living armor doubling as a demon of terrible destruction. Bevelle's armies were blown away by Sin, though Sin's creation also caused the destruction of Zanarkand. The people of Zanarkand were turned into fayths, who kept Zanarkand alive through their dream. Yevon's daughter Yunalesca began the "spiral of death" with the first Final Summoning. Spira was so scared of Yevon that they constructed an entire church dedicated to his "teachings", which include laws against machina. Yevon remains in Sin throughout the spiral of death, continually summoning the dream of the fayth: Zanarkand.

Yuna (10/X-2)
The daughter of High Summoner Braska and an Al Bhed (the sister of Cid) (which accounts for her having one green eye and one blue), Yuna was brought up in Besaid Island. She's childhood friends with Lulu, Wakka, and Chappu (at least until Chappu was killed). She's always had the good of Spira in mind, and resolved to become a Summoner as soon as she could, not caring about the consequences. She's priveleged with no less than six guardians before her pilgrimage is up. After Sin is defeated, she becomes something of an ad hoc leader in Spira.
As Auron puts it, Yuna's "serious to a fault"; though she does laugh and cavort at times, you always get the feeling she's just doing it as a diversion from her pilgrimage, which is never far from her mind. She's quite strong-willed, though, and once she decides to do something, no matter what the consequences, it gets done. She's rather private as well, and doesn't always tell her friends everything on her mind. In battle, she's the sole summoner and acts as a White Mage as well. Yuna is voiced by Hedy Burress.
[X-2] Yuna's undergone a massive personality change, probably due to the newfound lack of purpose in her life. She's now a carefree sphere hunter, a member (and de facto leader, notwithstanding Brother's protests) of the Gullwings. Her wardrobe funds seem to have been depleted, though. She now packs two guns and kicks ass. She runs around Spira searching for Tidus, who she thinks she saw in an ancient sphere. Eventually, after finding out about Vegnagun, and hearing about the fiend attacks around Spira, she abandons her sphere hunting for a line of work closer to her heart - helping out people who need it. Still kicking ass along the way, though.

Yunalesca (10/X-2)
The daughter of Yu Yevon was the first Summoner. Her husband Zaon was the first Final Aeon, as well... however, Yunalesca never died. She stayed on in the destroyed Zanarkand to complete the rite of the Final Summoning for all the other Summoners that came after. She's very powerful, and only Yuna (who was named after her) and her entire retinue of guardians was able to finally do Yunalesca in. Voiced by Julia Fletcher.
[X-2] Yunalesca appears as an Unsent in Via Infinito.

Yura (6)
He used to be the gatekeeper in Esperville; after Terra called the Espers out, he led the remnants to a magical place near Thamasa. He was willing to come to peace terms with humans, but Kefka once again strikes and Yura becomes nothing more than Magicite.

Yve'Noile (11)
Gatekeeper of the dawn maidens. She conspired with Graviton to bring about the destruction of the Zilart. Her "afterlife" allows her to exist immortally, and she continues to assist/interfere with important events. She helped Zeid find the Curelean crystal, the event which starts the Chains of Promathia storyline, and shows herself to Eald'narche in his final hours, telling him that his efforts are futile.

Zack (7)
Cloud's alterego of a sort. He was the real SOLDIER; Cloud just THOUGHT he was one. A confused Cloud took over his job, so to speak, and his persona, after Zack was killed by Shinra soldiers. His parents live in Gongaga.

Za'Dha Adamantking (11)
King of the Quadav. He rests in the inner part of Beadeaux, the Qulun Dome. He is a white mage and can use "benediction" to recover all his HP.

Zalbaag Beoulve (Tactics), Zalbag Beoulve (PSX)
A Holy Knight of Eagrose, Zalbaag is Barbaneth' second son. A pure-hearted warrior, he leads the Order of the Northern Sky. Even when faced with the horrific treachery of his brother Dycedarg(which he naively refuses to believe until confronted with concrete evidence), he upholds truth and goodness.

Zalmour Lucianada (Tactics), Zalmo Rusnada (PSX)
A Pagan Examiner of the Church, whose job it is to hunt out heretics. He chases after Ramza for a while. He was defeated at Zeltennia Castle.

Zanar (10)
The announcer in Zanarkand way back at the start of the game; a huge Jecht fan.

Zande (3)
[VILLAIN] Archmage Noah's third student was given life as a human, but it wasn't enough. Using his powers for evil, he summoned the Cloud of Darkness to give him power, but the plan naturally backfired. Zande took up residence at the top of the Sylx Tower, waiting for... something, I guess. The Cloud still remains a threat even after Zande is defeated.

Zangan (7)
The old martial arts master, who also taught Tifa. He helps out in the Nibelheim fire, but isn't seen after that. He cared for Tifa while she was in a coma from Sephiroth's sword.

Zaon (10/X-2)
Yunalesca's husband became the first Final Aeon and the first Sin way back when. Nobody really knows anything about him other than that.
[X-2] Zaon appears as an Unsent in Via Infinito.

Zarela (Tactics)
The Dark Angel, Zarela is the Lucavi assosciated with Elmdore.

Zeid (11)
A Galkan dark knight. As a dark knight, he wanders the land, holding no allegiance to anyone but himself, and plays a significant role in most of the events that shape the current state of Vana'diel. He was a former Mythril Musketeer, but left for unknown reasons. His position is yet to be filled. The first time he fought the Shadow Lord and won, he was known as War Cloud. He faced the Shadow Lord again upon his resurrection and defeated him. When he revealed to Volker the truth about Ulrich and Cornelia, the two of them fought to a standstill in the tallest tower of Castle Zvahl. They parted ways, neither opponent claiming victory. In Rise of the Zilart, he strikes final blow unto Eald'narche. He later instigated the events of the Chains of Promathia storyline when he went on a quest to retrieve multicolored crystals from ancient Zilart headstones. This would form a seal in the ruins of Galkan homelands to grant access to all domains of the Zilart. With Yve'noile's help, he managed to unlock the powers of curelean crystal.

Zell Dincht (8)
[HERO] Now here's someone whose mouth always goes before his brain. So full of energy he's sometimes slightly crazed, this youthful martial arts master somehow fails to endear himself to anyone around him besides for an unnamed pigtailed girl. His enormous affinity for the Balamb Garden hot dogs is only coupled with the complete inability to get any due to their demand. A resident of Balamb (he lives there with his mother, who actually adopted him), he joined the Garden at 13 but still, it seems, hasn't attained maturity. He attended the Kramers' orphanage as a child.

Zemus/Zeromus (4)
[VILLAIN] The true power behind Golbez's evil, Zemus was a Lunarian who wishes to destroy Earth and its inhabitants. He sleeps underground, only being able to control things through his powerful mind. His true power comes from Zeromus, the embodiment of his hate and anger.

Zenero (9)
One of the three Nero brothers, members of Tantalus. He has a kind of dog-head and claw grips, and apparently says everything with an exclamation mark.

Zeza Matias Surgate (5)
One of the four Warriors of Dawn, Zeza is an expert swordsman who bears a slight likeness to Odin. He is a selfless man and dedicated to righting wrongs etc. He dislikes being called "king".

Zidane Tribal (9)
[HERO] Zidane is a Genome from Terra (with a tail), who was imbued with a soul by Garland and sent to Gaia in case Kuja failed. Unlike Kuja, however, Zidane has a good heart. He ended up being adopted by Baku and becoming a member of the Tantalus troupe. The thing first on his mind in any situation is wooing the opposite sex. Although he falls for Dagger as soon as he sees her (then again, he does that for any girl), it takes her a little longer to accept him. He uses knives and thief swords in battle, and can steal from enemies.

Zilart King (11)
Name unknown. He created the amulets worn by Kuluu to monitor their thoughts and force them into slavery.

Zok (5)
An old man who lives in Tule, he was the one who built Torna Canal; he has the key to it. He's known Reina since she was a child and admonishes Bartz to watch over her.

Zone (8)
The third piece of Rinoa's rebel faction, the Forest Owls, who tends to get major stomachaches whenever real action has to happen. He also has an affinity for girlie mags.

Zonpa-Zippa (11)
Tarutaru responsible for creating the cardians. When he found the many Cardians difficult to manage, he created four "Ace" cardians. With this innovation, he became a hero of Tarutaru. Before start of crystal war, he was kidnapped in a plot by the Ace Cardians to resurrect Joker.

Zorn (9)
One of Brahne's two unspeakably annoying jester sidekicks, who later side with Kuja when he beats Brahne. They're the ones who cast the eidolon-sucking spell with Dagger and (later) Eiko. Like all RPG twins, they join to make a two-headed boss. Zorn is the blue-colored one who speaks in normal sentences.

Zuke, Father (10)
One of Lulu's previous pilgrimages had her follow Father Zuke; he quit, though, and ended up in the Calm Lands. He doesn't have much to do with the current story. Voiced by Andre Sojliuzzo.

Zumomog (6j)
See Kuku etc.




Eternal Warrior #9 VALIANT COMICS 1993 Book of Geomancer picture

Eternal Warrior #9 VALIANT COMICS 1993 Book of Geomancer





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ETERNAL WARRIOR #9 - 1993 Valiant Comics 1st Book of Geomancer


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